Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blog search term data shows no end to Googlers' obsession with penis, drugs

According to WordPress, these are the top search terms used by people searching for either me or answers to their demon-related questions that return the WordPress version of my blog:
The stats belong to 2015, yet show that most peoples' minds have yet to belong to 2013
These terms attest to the bizarre, unexplainable, and yet clearly extensive and successful effort on the part of the Voices Demons to convince a world-wide populace that, somehow, their demon problem relates to drugs and my penis, which is not only evident in the most recent search term data, but by the equally bizarre actions of total strangers I encounter. For example:

A demon person at VMC Urgent Care takes a break from launching demonic weapons at me in order to pretend to masturbate in front of my camera, unbeknownst to me at the time
This is a still frame taken from a video used for testing an iPhone filter, and is a perfect and total demonstration of an aspect of the Voices Demons' anger management ritual mentioned in Video reveals hundreds of demons, demon people participating in ritual acts of torture.

I find public behavior like this quite disturbing, in that it always follows or accompanies or precedes physical violence at the hands of demons and their people; but, demons and their people are scary—I get that (perhaps better than most).

Regardless, they are (and have been) a fact that must be faced, for which I am bolstered and made resilient by, for example, my continued progress on a demon-decloaking image filtering app (see images, below). This project provides balance and control, and portends a more productive, sensical future (gives hope):

A nightspot as viewed through the regular iPhone video camera settingsThe same shot with histogram equalization and contrast stretching applied to the incoming video from the iPhone camera using my new app
A screenshot of the preview screen from the OpenCV 3.0 version of my iPhone camera app while using it in the darkAnother screenshot of the same preview screen after activating histogram equalization in the same room, under the same lighting conditions (dark)
Take a look at these top search terms used to find content on my blog in 2015, so far, to see where people's minds are/were while a plague of deviates barraged our world with death and decay:

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