Wednesday, July 18, 2012

VIDEO | Cloaked Demon Stands in Dining Room Doorway

Using the sepia color filter on my cellphone, I was able to capture the faint outlines of a cloaked demon of an unknown kind (it looks centurion, but without the horns, scales, fangs and musculature), standing at the threshold of the dining room door, at 650 South Fifth Street, in San Jose, California (also known as Heaven's Gate Recovery Homes).

The above is a four-frame animation, showing just the part in the original video in which the demon—or a portion of the demon—is shown; however, the complete video can be downloaded from MediaFire [832 KB].

The demon is first visible at the 13 seconds mark, and appears to be staring towards a window, which is positioned directly across the dining room from the doorway in which he standing.
A still frame from the video, showing an unknown demon standing in a doorway (original)
Unfortunately, the demon is only shown in four frames, and only one which is clear enough to see it.
The same still frame as above, with the Curves filter applied in GIMP to add detail to its face
I guess that, instead of sitting at the dining room table and recording it, I decided to get up, walk through it and go to another part of the house for another reason.
NOTE | You cannot feel yourself walking through a cloaked demon unless they want you to, which is rare.

TECHNOLOGY | How to build a demon detector with your cellphone

Cogent thought: if a particular type of object emits interference  that that messes up the images a camera takes in a certain and specific way, couldn't you use your camera, then, to detect such objects in, say, people's pockets without having to fish through them?

Both my cellphone and my iSight camera distort video (and audio) in very specific ways when they are operated near a demonic entity or during high periods of demonic activity, which include frame-jumping during playback, oversaturated demons, blurry or sharpened outlines of demons. They also both record chroma (or color noise), which, unlike the energy or radiation emitted by demons, is visible to the naked eye, but still could be used as an indicator of demonic activity in that its appearance is unique to such. Audio files play back white, pink or brown noise that sounds different from that of nearby machinery, wind, etc. Sometimes, though, the difference is minute to the human ear, depending on what else might be generating such noise at the time the audio recording was made.

Most people have not used high-end video editing software, but Final Cut Pro, for example, measures values of many types of properties of video and audio files on a granular level (i.e., to a degree that are imperceptible to humans). These properties are typically only useful to broadcasters, who must measure obscure properties of such files in order to ascertain playback quality on the variety of television or audio equipment the files may be broadcast to.
Final Cut Pro X videos scopes documentation
In an application such as the one I propose, however, these measuring tools could be used to find a "difference" between the values of properties of audio and video files that were made around demonic activity and an average made from a wide sample of a/v files that were not.

This, by the way, is how most fingerprint readers work that don't store an image of your fingerprint in a database (this is particular important for security; however, in law enforcement, images are required). When you register as a user of fingerprint recognition software that does not store images of your fingerprints, such as DigitalPersona's entire fingerprint recognition hardware and software product line, you are usually asked to register the same fingerprints multiple times. An algorithm is applied to all of the images of a given fingerprint in order to create a unique and reproducible hash. The hash value is stored in a fingerprint reader database, and is later compared to the hash value returned by the same algorithm the next time you touch the fingerprint sensor in order to use it (after having registered with it, of course). Here, a similar-in-concept algorithm could be applied to samples of values generated by various properties of demonic and non-demonic A/V files to make reproducible and reliable comparisons mathematically between the two kinds of files.

This is also how some spam filters work. A specially developed algorithm is applied to a set of e-mails identified by the recipients as spam. The algorithm uses the e-mail metadata and content of spam messages to identify a common mathematical pattern among them. Since most e-mail is easily discernible between spam and work-related messages, for example, the pattern generated by this algorithm should be vastly different between the two, as well. The only difference between algorithms for detecting fingerprints and spam messages is that spam-messaging trends evolve over time, particularly, when technology-savvy marketers learn how to skirt detection by these algorithms. So, algorithms used for spam detection must be continuously applied to all incoming messages defined as spam by recipients, and the pattern must also be continuously updated on all end-user workstations, so that new spam can be recognized as such before reaching an end-user's mailbox. Collecting and reporting new spam is arduous, in that a company making spam-filtering software must either hire employees to search for spam and add it to a database accessible by the detection algorithm, or end-users who use their spam-filtering product must have an easy (or, preferably, transparent) way of reporting spam.
NOTE | Some companies ship their software as an e-mail software plug-in, which watches a customer's spam folder for messages added by them. When the plug-in detects that a new spam message has been identified by the end-user, the message is sent by the plug-in to the software company for use by the detection algorithm. The new pattern is then silently sent to all other customers of the spam-filtering plug-in, so that only the reporting user had to take the time to mark a message as spam, while all other users (a number in the millions, like Yahoo! Mail) will not have to if they receive the same—or similar—spam message.

If a median set of values could be determined from A/V files made of demonic activity and from files that weren't—and the difference was theoretically possible to detect with some degree of reliability, you could use your cellphone to make a real-life demon detector.

I think there are some people who know what I'm saying here. Where are all the nerds that always used to gravitate around me? I bet they could figure this one out, as it wouldn't be too hard, I don't think. After all, two of the leading biometric security and spam-filtering software companies use algorithms developed by a single college student each.

Voices Demons leading obstruction of justice agenda

Now that several major important court dates are rapidly approaching, the Voices Demons, in conjunction with the entire cadre of other demonic entities and their human counterparts, are doing and trying everything they can to make sure I either miss those dates or show up unprepared.

They try it every time something big is coming up in the district court, where a large swath of people used by them in 2006 through 2008 are either defendants or witnesses to the allegations made in several  federal civil suits.

On December 15th, 2008, they were unsuccessful—at first—so, the night before an important case management conference in case no. C 08-01354, they resorted to physical assault at the hands of four San Jose police officers, two of which, four months later, were suspended for the same thing to another person.
Police shot a TASER at point-blank range as I exited my apartment, causing it to shatter a rib, as well as embed (or burn) itself into the rib itself; the charge for resisting arrest was dropped, but a suit for brutality is still pending
I was arrested on false charges—all of which were beaten in court—but spent over two-and-a-half years in the county jail, preparing to fight an arson case, in which it was alleged that I lit seven newspapers on fire, and which came up a month after I was already incarcerated. I was eventually released on August 3rd, 2011; but, in order to go home, I had to plead nolo contendere (no contest) to fires that caused almost imperceptible damage to the newspapers themselves, and absolutely no damage to any structure. Restitution to the "victims" was $0.

Had I not plead out, I could have received a 17 1/2 year sentence; also, I might still be there had I not plead out, as no defense was prepared by any of the 14 attorneys assigned to me over the course of those years, and I doubt they were given the option of doing so at any time.

So, as the dates for these important court hearings approach—one in the cop brutality case resulting from the assault mentioned above on September 3rd; the other, the suit that was the motivation of that night's assault at the beginning of August—they will undoubtedly be busy planning all kinds of things.

Right now, they're just annoying.

PHOTOS | Tree-shaping trend grows more sophisticated

Demons increase their artistic ability exponentially. If they were fashioning a stick-man out of twigs the first, they were building burning man the next. In other words, the actual representation of an object that they create may not change much, but the size and scope do.

Case in point: a week or so ago, in Demon in tree manipulates branches to form letter 'J', I posted a video that showed the arrangement of tree branches and leaves such that it formed the letter 'J'—perfectly, and from exactly where I happened to sit down (where I never sat before), ahead of time. Also, I could have chosen three other places to sit outside and, had I chosen one of them, I would not have seen the "J" in the tree.

Then, only a week or so later, they topped themselves with a complex representation of a demon's face, also using tree branches, as shown in Giant demon faces make usual appearance during demonic attack.

But, although the graphical representation was much more complex, there is only one location you can be on the train platform relative to the demon's face, so not much forethought had to go into determining where to assemble the demon's face. Still, it had to know I'd be on the light rail on that day and get off on that stop (where I never got off before).

Two days ago, they rose above even that by creating yet other complex (3-D) representations of their faces out of tree branches, but which can only be seen if the video camera is being swung while walking, and can only be seen in still frames, and change to other faces as you walk closer and closer to the trees outlining the faces. And, to top it all of, as you walk closer to it, it becomes more resolute—and actually appears to turn its head towards you.

For reference, here is what the scene looks like when the camera is not in motion:
There appears to be nothing out of the ordinary in this tree when the camera is stationary
And, here are still frames from the video, made while the camera was in motion, specifically, being swung back and forth in my hand while I walked:
In the middle, there appears to be two bright-white overlapping faces; the one
that is the most impressively rendered is the face on the upper left
This demon head closely resembles the one shown in the video Spectre of Death, Camouflaged and in the post Spectre of Death blends with shadow and window shade, phases out in walkway (Image 1 of 3)
The demon head shown above actually rotates towards you as you walk closer, and increases in detail (Image 2 of 3) 

The same demon head as the previous two images, but now facing me directly after having walked closer (Image 1 of 3)
All of these require foreknowledge of my use of a camera, and, in the case where I was swinging my camera in my arm as I walked, how I would use my camera.
NOTE | A male voices demon just said, "You're a fucking tweaker! That's not how it works; but, it makes us sound good, so keep it all in. It's done with magic, and it is [employed] to intimidate and make problems for your psyche." (The Voices Demons are mad today; their relevance to people has slipped to almost nil, since some people recently found out that, really, no one person is more advantaged or disadvantaged with them in your life—particularly, if you contradict or disobey them. I figure that they overstayed their welcome, lost their luster accordingly, and that the constant oddball demands and pushy, nosy, intrusive and rude lifestyle became too much for many. Once people started saying, "No," to things the Voices Demons considered vital, it hit the fan, so to speak. "We don't get told 'no'," is constantly iterated by them.

VIDEO | Demon caught on video in a cubbie that's inches from bed

If you were laying in my bed last night and looked straight up into the cubbie mere inches away, you would have been greeted with the sickening smile from the bone-white, black-shrouded face of this demon:
The original still frame from a video showing a smiling demon in the cubbie next to my bed 
Because he was standing behind me the whole time, I didn't even see him until I watched the video; still, I knew to point my camera in that direction due to tell-tale signs of demonic activity, or, technically, hyperdimensional portal activity, in and around the closet; those signs included chroma-filled air, slowly bending and undulating shelves and walls, and the tightening and slackening of the fabric of the clothes inside. There were also the fleeting shadows of fast-moving, cloaked demons, darting in and out of my peripheral vision. Finally, pinpoints of red and yellow light, which are similar to that from laser pointers, were appearing on the walls and flooring, which are hyperdimensional portals—or doorways—opening to and from demonic realms or other locations within ours.
NOTE | A perfect example of the cloaked shadow of a demon flitting from one hyperdimensional portal to another is shown in Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor. As you can see, I didn't really seem to notice it as it runs in front of me, at least not until it entered my peripheral vision. Demons exiting a portal are invariably cloaked in this way, particularly, hobgoblin demons, and are generally not visible when looking at them directly; however, they can be seen out of the side of your eye as the light passing through and reflecting off the demon is amplified by the recursive effect the shape of the cornea has on light. An explanation for a digital camera's ability to sometimes see such a demon is proffered in Invisible demons detectable by radiation emission and The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained.
The still frame above was selected from a different video clip, which has been removed from my laptop and cellphone (read more on this type of behavior in TECHNOLOGY | Info + tips on file quality and integrity of demonic activity on video); however, I found the following clip, which also shows the demon:
Apparently, it was overlooked by the guilty party, probably because it was neither assumed nor apparent that I would have made multiple videos of the same thing.

For better viewing of this demon, this same still frame was post-processed using an image-editing application:
The same still frame shown above, but with Auto Levels applied with Preview (Mac OS X)
A video of this demon was made using both sepia (above) and full color (below) modes, each, to demonstrate the increased visibility of blended demons that sepia color mode offers by comparison:
The demon in the cubbie cannot be seen properly by the naked eye; however, the chroma, or, the red, greenish-yellow and blue snow, slowly circulating in the air, can also be seen with the naked eye, but the particles look much smaller, and are more concentrated (they also make a sound, like a gentle, constant breeze that neither winds up or dies down
As seen by the stills, recording using sepia color mode shows more realistic positioning of the objects comprising the demon along the z-axis (front-to-back); specifically, in the sepia-colored still frame, the white face of the demon appears recessed behind its hood, and the shadow the hood casts over its face appears accurately rendered; however, in the full-color version, only the face is there, and there is no shading to imply the depth necessary to show its head connecting to its neck.

PHOTOS | New hobgoblin demon photographed

In What a hobgoblin demon looks like, I showed my collection of photos of hobgoblin demons, which, as therein also described, are black-cloaked, white-masked (or so it appears) demons, standing three to four feet tall, and usually only captured by a fast-moving video camera as the camera lens passes over their position—and only then, when the hobgoblin demon is blended (or possessed of) an object that may slightly resembles its body shape or striping (white on top, but black in back; black from the neck down). That's a lot of variables that have to be present in order to capture a segment of video that has a hobgoblin demon that can be seen in the still frames.

Last night, I was able to capture quite a few still frames of a new hobgoblin demon, which is by far the highest quality set I have so far. You can see a lot more detail; in fact, the mask even appears glossy in a few of them. And, unlike the other photographed hobgoblin demons, in which there are multiple photos of the same demon, this one changes expression and turns its head slightly several times:

NOTE | As usual with these types of demons, I never saw this demon face-to-face; for all I know, it—and the others—are a hoax.
As of 07/18/2012, I'm convinced that it has happened enough times to for this maxim: these demons almost always precede demons that similar looking, but predominately disposed to violence and aggression, as shown and described in Jawa-like demons with glowing red eyes needle shoulder, trap muscles:

This demon's image is over saturated (the black and blue colors are too vibrant to appear natural), which is probably due to some sort of radiation, which either emanates from the demon itself or by its recent use of a hyperdimensional portal (or doorway, per the Voices Demons), and which affects the camera in such a way that is known to cause imaging anomalies

Demon-designed video transition disguises cuts

It appears as a vertical line that wipes from left to right across the video, which is transparent, except for the subtle shift in position between objects on either side of the line.

When I first noticed it, I saw that everything on the left side of the video started to raise up just a few inches, starting from the very edge, and making its way progressively to the right, until everything in the picture was on even keel.

What most likely happened in that transition was the cutting of material that showed a demonic entity slithering off a closet shelf and into the folds of hanging clothes because this transition is what I saw instead of that when I went back to see the entity again.

It was so subtle and fast, that I almost didn't notice it, which means I may have missed it in all the now dozens upon dozens of times I've seen things on video once, but not a second time as they were apparently erased.

I just assumed they cut out frames (and, sometimes, they may); but, I guess a more sophisticated, subtle and sometimes more appropriate way is the way I just saw, as long as the picture doesn't move too much, what's being cut out doesn't take up much screen real estate, and the duration that the part of the video that is being cut out isn't too long.

All guesses.