Friday, October 30, 2015

AIDS | Former PACE Clinic doctor bars me from Stanford Positive Care Clinic

As if they had a right and were in-the-right. A stupefying maneuver today by Dr. Edward Brooks, former physician at PACE Clinic, now working at Stanford Positive Care Clinic, told his receptionist that my only other option for essential treatment and care for my terminal illness was cut off, and that no explanation was forthcoming. In sum, I would not be accepted as a patient there, either:

I immediately called my attorney, Denise Miller, who, apparently, took the day off to try on her Halloween costume, and left a message; a follow-up e-mail was also sent:
Stanford Positive Care Clinic had never indicated before that there was a problem with attending their clinic for treatment until today, and that without proffering a reason
This precludes treatment of any kind for me for a condition that has seriously worsened since the time PACE Clinic inexplicably shuttered its doors to me, after having agreed in a court of law to allow me to obtain services there.

More later, once delays and excuses start coming forward from my advocates, and once I've prepared and filed what I consider to be a legal option for remedy—all by myself, of course.

UPDATE | Letter from Stanford cites abusive, aggressive phone call as reason for ban
People will say and try anything these days to get their way. It's astonishing how intensely the Bay Area fights its battles, even when they're evil and in-the-wrong. Hell has a future, after all, as far as I'm concerned.

Here's a certified letter I received today, November 9th, 2015, from Stanford, which spells out the "reason" for the ban from its Positive Care Clinic:

My attorney, who is handling this case [see AIDS | PACE-case attorney clarifies objectives, direction], was notified accordingly:
Please see the attached letter, which I just now received via certified mail.
I honestly have no idea what they are talking about; I'm not "aware" of anything. There was never any untoward conversation between me and a staff member, ever. I called for an appointment, never received a call back, so I called again. The receptionist was real pissy about the "accusation" that she was not doing her job, but I simply said I wasn't worried about any of that, and that I just wanted an appointment.
That's when she informed me that Dr. Brooks said I couldn't be a patient there, but that he wouldn't state the reason. I think they made this up after the fact to cover the PACE-Brooks connection.
Regardless, when you speak with them, try to get as many details as you can about the "abusive" and "aggressive" aspects of the phone conversation. I'm real sure this has to do with PACE—not anything I might have said over the phone.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

PREVIEW | AIDS | District supervisor to act against VMC-PACE obstinacy

Although slow-going—and, so far, unproductive—I'm still encouraged by the fact that, unlike the past, I have people who at least purport to be on my side interested in things like the denial of essential medical treatment for my terminal condition.
Morning view from my room at Regional Medical Center (contrast to VMC = Demon Death Trap)
There's Joseph Nazarian, who is representing my cause against Dr. Crapo, as described in these posts:
As you'll see from these posts, the substantive and meaningful portions of my claim against Dr. Crapo were spearheaded and executed by me; whereas, Mr. Nazarian has yet to complete the simple task of resubmitting a claim with a more specific date to Santa Clara County lawyers to avoid another denial. Still, I'm confident that as the claim advances, he'll prove useful, even if only through the use of his letterhead in correspondence and name in court documents (serious people hire attorneys is the message I so longed to send scumbags like those in this county for quite some time).
Twilight as seen from my room at Regional Medical Center (contrast to VMC = Demon Death Trap)
Then, there's Denise Miller, who is representing me in the enforcement of a peaceable contact order issued by a court, authorizing me to patron the PACE Clinic; when issued, both parties (me and PACE) acknowledged that the clinic is my only option for treatment, and that, provided contact was peaceful and orderly, I would be allowed to pursue treatment:
Still, PACE is refusing to see me, and I'm not hopeful they'll change their minds anytime soon. The recent update to the first post shows that absolutely no affirmative action has been taken in a fairly cut-and-dry case; the post in its entirety demonstrates a disturbing lack of attention to detail, bordering on senile-like confusion (but, then again, PACE and the Law Foundation are paid from the same coffers, and none of this is unfamiliar to me at all; next, it'll be constant delays that are invariably someone else's fault besides the attorneys, and which last until some calamity occurs which draws me away from pushing things forward).

Like with the first, I've done all the legwork myself—all of it—even getting my insurance provider to grant options for medical treatment:
My room at Regional Medical Center (not VMC), where I hope to receive definitive treatment for a common intestinal infection that usually takes only four weeks to treat—not four months, as per VMC [see VMC = Demon Death Trap]
The third person to (possibly) get involved isn't an attorney, but was recommended by one, but is District Supervisor, Cindy Chavez. Initially, I scoffed at taking Holden Green's advice, but am glad now that whatever reservations I may have had were overridden by desperation. Although I have yet to see any results—or even speak with Ms. Chavez directly—I'm encouraged by how well staff at the District Supervisors' offices keep track of follow-up dates, and am floored by their willingness to take on every task within their power to do. Minus the phone calls, here's the correspondence between me and District I Supervisor Mike Wasserman's Policy Analyst, who epitomizes the ideal American work ethic and job responsibility:

This exchange of e-mails is encouraging on another note, as well; I haven't once had to initiate a follow-up, whereas, as of early this week, I'm still hounding the same attorney with the same issue, which is now nearly a month old:
You called? They called? The plan? It's almost Thursday...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

PREVIEW | AIDS | Second lawyer retained in VMC debacle

So, this blog has turned into a demoniac's personal soap opera for readers now, you ask? No, all the medical-care drama posted to this blog as of late [see AIDS | Second claim against VMC served on county] is relevant to the subject of demons and the paranormal. Sorry if it doesn't meet your standards for entertainment, but, if you were in my shoes (and, in a way, you very much are), you'd feel remiss not to mention what you know about how demons and the like work in this world, as I am so doing now.
NOTE | If you'd followed this blog since the beginning, you would have read about the threats related to the very situation I face with respect to my health and medical care, which have been repeatedly and constantly issued by demons, and which have been recounted in various posts. Very much demon-related, this is.
Just this once, though, I will acknowledge anyone who might say, "What's all this to do with the paranormal?" The answer: everything, and way more than I ever wanted it to. I'm with such persons when it comes to a love of a good-and-scary movie, and even more so when I stumble upon an old Victorian that reminds me of them, which are many in San Jose; I want my paranormal stories and encounters to be historic, romantic, nuanced, sophisticated, upscale and at arm's length, just like anyone else.

But, that's not how demons and ghosts really get down to business. Ever. It's not their get-down. The thriller scene most paranormal enthusiasts are looking for (the old cemetery, the now-shuttered haunted asylum/hospital, etc.) are just props in the collective imagination.

What may be even more disappointing to those seeking a healthy but manageable fright by tales from the crypt is that any solution to a demon-borne problem is usually quite pragmatic, having little or nothing to do with an artfully edited and narrated epic A&E docu-drama. A lot of times, it involves a foray through the justice system—quite boring for most people.

The most recent situation, as described in my post to a lawyer-search website (below), requires just that:
Enforcing a peaceful contact court order (conditional restraining order)
Due to low-income insurance provider restrictions, I have only one option to receive treatment and care for my terminal illness, namely, the PACE Clinic. A judge ordered that I could be treated at the aforesaid clinic, provided contact was made in a peaceful manner. 
Even still, for the past year, PACE has been ignoring the order, even though they verbally agreed to it in court before it was made; and, it has been refusing treatment, even though my condition has progressed from stable to serious during that time.
Can this order be enforced somehow?
David G. Clark 
There are too few facts for me to give you an intelligible answer for your particular circumstances. 
As a general general rule, however, court orders are enforceable through contempt citations. To enforce a court order you must show 1) the court order is a valid order, 2) the Respondent knew about the order, 3) the Respondent was capable of complying with the order, and 4) the Respondent intentionally violated the order. 
The few facts you do state leave open the possibility for a variety of claims independent of contempt. The statute of limitations limits the time in which you can bring a complaint. If you do not file a claim within the period of time allowed, you may lose the right to bring an otherwise meritorious claim. You are therefore encouraged to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.
James Alan Bush 
Although you've passed on this one, I'll fill in any gaps I perceive, just so you know. First, PACE is a satellite clinic of VMC; it provides treatment for infectious diseases, such as HIV. They are the only provider of such, and no doctor at any other VMC clinic or hospital will provide treatment in lieu of PACE. PACE is not my sole option for treatment for just this reason, though; my health insurance only covers treatment at VMC, including PACE. I have no coverage anywhere else. However, even if I did, there are no other such clinics in my area. The nearest is Palo Alto (somewhat doable); next is UCSF Berkeley (completely untenable). It's PACE Clinic or nothing, and the judge knew that, which is why he ordered contact, if peaceable. Some have said that I can't use the order to kick PACE's door down and make them treat me; but, they are literally my only option for treatment of a disease that will result in near-term death if left untreated. The judge acknowledged this fact when the order was made, and confirmed it with the PACE representative at the hearing. He also either implied or stated explicitly (can't remember exactly how it was conveyed) that he fully expected me to go to PACE, and that PACE, by agreeing to the terms of a peaceful contact order, expected me to go there, as well. But, as they continue to deny referrals made by other doctors, clearly they have changed their minds. I don't know what could have been done at the hearing differently if I had anticipated that PACE would renege (or if anything), but something NOW need to be done, or else my condition will diminish to a point of no return. I'm not sure that it hasn't already. 
David G. Clark 
Still too little information to go on. Generally, most counties have a local form for emergency temporary orders to be heard ex parte. To prevail on an emergency temporary order you must show irreparable harm if the court does not act. To obtain injunction relief such as a court order requiring medical treatment you must also show in your motion that the balance of equities (fairness) favors the moving party, money damages are insufficient, and public policy favors the injunction. Ex parte matters are normally heard within 24 to 48 hours. The temporary order is normally reviewed on the courts regular law and motion calendar. Your best bet is to find a local lawyer in whom you can confide the entire circumstances and who can act on your behalf. 
James Alan Bush 
Thanks, I am familiar with ex parte motions; but, I'm pretty sure I covered everything I know about the situation. I'm wondering what else I'd need to show in my papers besides what I've said. I guess that would be based on the answer filed by the defendant; I could use their papers to see what I may have failed to assert in my filing, and the amend the original motion or file a response (?).
This is probably the most useful information and help I've received regarding the issue. I asked other attorneys if the ex parte motion route was available to me, and they waffled. None of them had even thought of it, and, to-date, even routes they do think of that make sense to take are avoided, as shown in this exchange of e-mails between me and an attorney for the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, Denise Miller, who, instead of taking direct action, continues to send forms that lead nowhere:

Incompetent combined with cowardly—what the Devil wants every human to be—makes the Bay Area of Northern California his home away from home. The saddest part of all that, though, is that a simple project (or case) management plan would fix everything, in that it would state the goal and objectives, list each deliverable and their respective due date, and assign each task to the appropriate persons. Nothing would go unfinished or ignored that way, like that fact that it's simply treatment I need, not paperwork that takes weeks to process. It's a phone call to the clinic with the order in-hand that would solve the problem; not paperwork that takes weeks to process. This isn't about something that can wait; it's about something that can't wait.
A featured case study from Health Legal Services at the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, which I doubt is the norm
So far, we've only identified two prongs of the Devil's three-pronged pitchfork, namely, the PACE Clinic's unlawful refusal to treat a terminal condition and an attorney's unwillingness to take the basic, obvious steps to remedy the problem.

The third prong is my insurance provider's inability to decide which would benefit me least—either a denial of coverage for alternative services or a granting of it:

[need to rescan]

Since they couldn't figure that out, they sent two letters on the same day stating both. If history is to repeat itself, whichever seems most disadvantageous to me at the time I try to get treatment or make a claim that I was wrongfully denied it, will determine which one is "valid."

Update: Confusion reigns
Here's a letter saying I've been re-enrolled in the very plan I opted out of two weeks ago, as if I am to be excited about that (I fought to get away from Anthem, and less than two weeks after having won that fight, they gleefully announce I'm back on their plan...ugh!):

Coming up: an ex parte motion written by me...
The old adage that, if you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself still holds true; hence, my trek to the law library to start an ex parte motion to enforce an order that will provide access to the sole provider of treatment for my terminal illness.

Delay without affirmative action
Can anyone say "conflict of interest?" Absurd delays and flimsy excuses abound when one county-funded agency (Law Foundation) goes head-to-head with another (PACE), purporting to be on your side:

Why would you be on my side when you get paid from the same coffers? Duh, you wouldn't, which is the only thing that explains what borders on—as I said—senility.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

HOME | Defensive remedies for demonic injury in the bedroom

You will probably not be too impressed with what you read in this post unless you have the problem I do, i.e., targeting of the body by an infestation of demonic entities, which, individually, may result in a barely perceptible injury, but which cumulatively results in no small amount of damage.

In all likelihood, that probably is your problem, too; but, not to the degree as some in this world, and perhaps not for purposes beyond the general culling of the human population.

But, if, like me, you are literally being tortured day-by-day by such entities as sucker demons and the like—and are being told so as it happens—and the cumulative effects of said torture are resulting in stiffness in joints, severe bone loss, and arthritis, you've got nothing to lose by spending a few minutes reviewing these defensive strategies.
NOTE | Even if you don't consider yourself a victim of demonic activity, keep in mind that vermin crawl through open portals all the time [see VIDEO | Glowing, scorpion/vole-like demonic entity climbs, leaps off backyard fence]. You could be inadvertently affected, even in the absence of some nefarious demon plot.
The tips provided in this post for protecting yourself are not just some goofball ideas, a fact you can verify in just one day. If you have the problem they intend to treat, you'll notice results almost immediately. Then, you'll find that I'm no slouch under fire when it comes to development of defensive (and offensive) maneuvers within the demon problem.

By the way, these remedies are particularly suited for nighttime use, and in the bedroom—when and where most demonic injuries are sustained.

Oil and plastic
The bane of every cloaked sucker demon's existence—at least those that intend to touch you—is oil: mineral oil and petrolatum, to be specific; second to that is plastic:
Mineral oil and petrolatum-based products (especially, the ultra-rich, like Eucerin) when applied to skin wrapped in plastic provide adequate protection against cloaked demons intent on hurting you
Combine the two, and you have an impenetrable barrier for incoming enemy fire, and an electric grounding of sorts that prevents those that have already embedded themselves in your body from decloaking, and therefore doing physical harm.
NOTE | This may explain why those considered mentally ill, and who claim to be possessed or afflicted by demons (i.e., a demoniac), wrap themselves in plastic sheeting [see UPDATE | Demons, their people continue to exploit, cause suffering via open portals].
Since the hands, feet and head are the most commonly targeted areas of the body, you will need plastic wrap and latex (not non-latex) gloves. Moreover, you should mix tea tree oil with mineral oil, especially when wrapping your feet (stinky!).

If you are experiencing pain in your feet or hands due to sucker demon infestation, the pain should immediately subside (and not return) as soon as you implement this remedy.

Sonic de-possession of bedding, clothing (including, and especially, shoes and socks)
The next step is removing the infestation from your bedding [see VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons] and clothing, which is where sucker demons congregate, waiting to make their move. Before taking this step, however, you should evaluate why your home is considered a safe haven for demons. The reason is almost always clutter [see Demonic Feng Shui; see also Strangest things, places demons possess]. Make all possible corrections based on the information presented in those two posts before moving forward.

Sonic de-possession employs the use of a constant, loud and obnoxious noise in the vicinity of the possessed material. You can download the noise I use for your own laptop, which is quite effective, or create one of your own. You can also purchase window alarms, and place them with the clothing and the bedding.

My personal setup consists of a plastic bin purchased from Wal-Mart, which I fill with as many possessed objects as I can fit along with my laptop:
The squashed white faces of several demonic mainstays are evident to those made familiar (center); another all-white demon presses his face and hands against the side (left)Same image (left), cropped and enlargedAn orgy of evil, right in a storage bin in my room
By placing my blaring laptop in the bin and closing the lid, I expose the noise to the problem, while keeping the occupants of the house (including me and Scratchen) sane; and, by leaving the noise to play until the battery is exhausted, I ensure that my socks are free from attackers.

Hot iron
Less bizarre and more feasible than blasting your sheets and clothes with loud noises is using a hot iron on sheets, socks, underwear, t-shirts, pillow cases, mattresses and even carpet:
A really hot iron, passed lightly and quickly over the surface of bedding, carpet and nighttime wear (including socks and undergarments) can reduce or eliminate unwanted demonic entities
You don't actually have to iron for presentation; just lightly and quickly pass an ultra-hot iron over the surface of bedding (mattress, sheets, pillows [see VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons], pillow cases, carpets, rugs), nighttime wear (socks and underwear included) should be sufficient to eliminate some or all of the demonic pests shown in such posts as:

Why pillows? Long-time readers should already know the answer to this question, and new readers will learn it well enough based on this old photo:
Talk about sleeping with the enemy...
Demons are, in fact, in everything and everywhere; but, many do not like extreme heat. So, use that to your advantage for a better night's sleep.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

VMC = Demon Death Trap

Sometimes, when interest in my blog wanes, I wonder (as I have, like, eight times now on this blog): How could people not be interested in learning all they can about the unseen evil that wrecks their lives (demons)? After all, there's clearly so much to learn from a blog that provides a starting point to acquiring vital knowledge no one throughout time has ever been afforded.
Most hate mail like this occurs not only during peak interest, but also at or near the New or First Quarter Moons, the phases historically noted for mass hobgoblin-demon attacks—a notoriously sadistic and cruel species known for surgical mutilation. Note that power blockades do very little at first to diminish demonic power—that's determined by the planetary hour; but, it does prevent the demonic agenda from moving forward
Today, I think I may have found at least one solid answer: They're too busy fending off the evil they can see (humans). Even though I have somehow managed to maintain a healthy, active interest in both avenues from which evil comes, demons and humans do have a tendency to overshadow each other's efforts to a degree that may make you want to forget about one over the other:
The peak is from a larger-than-normal interest in the issues presented in this post, which also foreshadow the usual receipt of hate mail from demon people; their situation is not only adversely impacted by exposure, but so also is their ability to do anything about it, due in part to the power blockade
The following recent and ongoing experience may suggest why others may be inclined to attend to just one, too:

For your reference, the court order referred to by me in the video is provided below. The history behind it is this: In April 2014, a county judge ordered the PACE Clinic to allow peaceful contact with employees at its clinic, based in part on the circumstances of the case (listed on second page), but also because it was understood that the PACE Clinic is the only option for treatment of HIV/AIDS per my managed health insurance plan. Even still, PACE Clinic is refusing each and every referral it receives, and neither the clinic nor VMC is providing any means of alternative treatment.

This is a court snap-out, which the clerk files with a case to reflect orders by the presiding judge in a given hearing. A little more than halfway down the page on the left side, "Peaceful Contact," is indicated, and an arrow is drawn towards the word, "victim." Next to that, "No contact," is crossed out.

This is unusual in situations where someone has been declared a victim; however, the judge wrote on page 2 his reasons for an exemption, and he orally cited another reason in open court (specifically, that PACE Clinic is my only option). Counsel for the victim agreed to the conditions of the contact agreement in court, but has since barred me from attending their clinic.

The Ben-Gay-anus affair
A few days ago, a VMC doctor, who had refused to order even one dose of an anti-diarrhea medication after having been admitted to VMC for acute C. Diff., ordered a nurse to apply the equivalent of prescription-strength Ben-Gay on an anus torn in at least two places by nearly a dozen bowel movements per day:
Instead of Lidocaine or other appropriate ointment for relieving pain from damaged rectal tissue, and doctor ordered, and a nurse applied, the equivalent of prescription-strength Ben-Gay to a highly inflamed (and possibly infected) anus
WARNING | The following post contains an image intended to illustrate the extent of a medical condition involving the human anus and rectum; in no way, shape or form should its use be construed as provided for any other purpose (e.g., prurient, sexual, etc.). Even still, it may not be appropriate for all audiences. Accordingly, viewers must be at least 18 years old, and consent to viewing such images.
Imagine the pain that is causing to someone who already could not squelch his own screams while using the toilet:
Three hemorrhoids and multiple tears in my anus—to which a doctor ordered and a nurse administered Ben-Gay—make even diarrhea excruciatingly painful; also of note: the inflammation and pain occurred after my arrival to VMC—not prior
I must have clenched my teeth too hard from the constant 'noggin crunches and pain during bowel movements while here that I finally cracked a molar:
A lower molar (second from the back) cracked in two; a full dental examination was just conducted less than a week ago, including X-rays and cleaning, when no problems were discovered
NOTE | 'Noggin crunches cause short-term memory loss, so sometimes, you don't know you're clenching during an assault employing them; moreover, I don't know what "masturbate his cerebellum" means exactly, but that may also have an affect on memory.
Imagine the confusion that is causing to someone who had just been prescribed Lidocaine ointment by another doctor on the shift prior, and who never requested a substitute—at least not one that adds burning-Hell hot to burning-Hell hot!

Another experience: Burning pain or jail?
In spite of over a dozen demands to be transferred to another hospital, I still sit inside an isolation unit at VMC, pondering the very first thing that happened when I got out of the car upon arriving at the emergency room here.

On that night, less than two steps from the car, I was stopped by a deputy asking if I was the patient that had "escaped" the hospital earlier that day. Of course, I was not, but he still ran my name to make sure.

I speculate that getting up and jetting might result in yet another arbitrary and false arrest, the most recent of which was documented in False arrest, incarceration leads to 17th solved murder.

Still trying to leave, while being dehydrated
After being told by a nurse that I couldn't have an IV drip anymore, even though the doctor had an order for one on file, I amplified my request for transfer by calling 911 (Paramedics) for an emergency transfer to O'Connor Hospital.
NOTE | They never showed up.
Basically, the nurse said my drip went too fast, and that I was out of a liter of local pharmacy-compounded saltwater far sooner than she expected. She went further to say that the machine that dispenses the contents of the bag must be broken, and was sent for repair. When I inquired about a replacement, she said that was "our only one in the whole hospital for you."

The nurse supervisor on duty clarified for the nurse who tried that on me that, if there is a doctor's order for an IV, you institute an IV—not punishment by dehydration for suspecting that a patient fiddled with the titration (that is actually what she admitted to, more or less):
A temperature of 100.7° was recorded within an hour of the cessation of hydrating IV fluids, a direct and consistent result of my inability to retain sufficient fluids due to nearly a dozen bowel movements per day
I immediately dialed 911, hoping for a quick exit from the sheer stupidity and patronizing attitude of the heathen filth standing at my bedside, and, for awhile, I thought EMTs were actually on the way to facilitate the transfer.

Sleep deprivation
This isn't obvious to anyone I know, but sleep deprivation in the form of frequent, scheduled interrupted sleep is a demonic torture mainstay. No other tactic is more heavily employed by demons and their people, and that goes double at VMC.
NOTE | In the hospital industry, they call this the "midnight raid."
During sleeping hours, I am awakened every hour, on the hour, just as I am at home; however, instead of something supernatural being the cause, it's a nurse at 11 PM, announcing their presence. Then it's a nurse at 12 AM for medication. Then it's a nurse at 1 AM for vitals. Then it's a nurse at 2 AM to ask about urination and bowel movements. Then it's a nurse at 3 AM for medication. Then it's a nurse at 4 AM for blood tests. Then it's a nurse at 5 AM for vitals. Then it's a nurse at 6 AM to replace the liners in the soiled linens dispenser. Then it's breakfast at 7 AM. Then it's a doctor at 8 AM for morning rounds. The rest of the day, you're constantly calling for your meals, fresh linens, towels, housekeeping, begging for release, wiping Ben-Gay off your anus, etc.; but, nothing like every hour.

Still at VMC...
Still at VMC two days later, with no means of transportation to another hospital (Long refused to drive me to another hospital), I just discovered that the antibiotic I've been given every 12 hours was ordered for every 6 hours. In other words, I've been getting half a dose a day, and that at the lowest dose, even though this illness is four-months in the running:
Doctors prescribed the minimum dose of Vancomycin, while nurses have been administering it only half of the prescribed number of times; consequently, there have been no improvements in my condition at all
I continue to ask for transfer, am told that it will happen, but then it never does. I will likely simply get up, and walk over to O'Connor myself. Who would be stupid enough to just sit here?

Other patient reviews match story
I'll post more as the situation warrants (I could do that now, but the point has been made). In the meantime, search for VMC on this blog for a glimpse at its sketchy history.

You can also read these recent Yelp! reviews of VMC's treatment of other patients, some of which mirror my situation exactly:

From rock r. on 12/30/2014:
awful place. I went there with my son becaue he had just lost his job and was feeling depressed. The intake receptionist asked him some questions and next thing he was escourted to a locked room and they would not tell us what was was going on. It took us a full day to get him out of there. At the end of the night he was finally discharged without anything. What a nightmare this experience was. Horrible, incompetent people
who treat anyone who says they feel sad like a crazy and are ready to lock you up.
This was a truly a nightmare. I have called the director of admitions office at the hospital severl times and left a message and they never called me back.
From Cecilia N. on 1/31/2015:
I received a parking citation for parking in the visitor spot for over 3 hours. In reality, I actually parked in the parking spot for 2 hours and 15 minutes and went to get some lunch for an hour and come back and parked at the same spot for another 2 hours and 45 minutes. I parked in the same spot because it was the only spot that was open left and it is the farthest away from the hospital entrance. (And I park far from the entrance because I am capable of walking and am considerate of other people who have trouble walking) This caused the police officer/sheriff to think that I parked in the same parking spot for over 3 hours but in reality, I did not. If I had known that the police officer was going to assume I parked in the same spot for 3 hours, I would have parked in a different spot. But I am considerate and did not want to park in a different spot that is closer to the hospital entrance while those who have trouble walking need that closer parking spot more than me. I am a very responsible driver and ever since I received my license, I have never received any sort of parking, speeding, or driving ticket/citation. I am very careful in obeying the parking and driving laws/rules/obligations. 1 star because of the parking citation.
NOTE | Something similar happened to Long, twice in the past year, but involving the improper wearing of a seatbelt while sitting in a parked car; both citations were dismissed.
From Vanessa B. on 1/6/2015:
Worst experiences ever! Every staff member is extremely rude and lazy as f***.. They're horrible at their job as well as the doctors. Lab results take forever/get lost. This is the shittiest place do yourself a favor and just go somewhere else. Went to ingrid bossen (obgyn) for a yearly check up. She forgot to even do a breast exam. Staff is rude and never calls back. Most unprofessional place i've ever experienced for a medical facility.
NOTE | I don't know about lost test results, but I know something about falsified results and test dates [see AIDS | Dr. Crapo lies, gets caught in same].
From Trena C. on 3/5/2015:
I would give zero stars if I could. I came here to pick someone off for his last radiation treatment due to cancer. he was super weak and ill, he requested a wheelchair. and they did not bring him one because they didn't have any available as we were told. while exiting, I literally saw 5 wheelchairs by the front door !?!?! horrible service. ugh.
NOTE | After having just written the same thing (above) about an IV dispenser/monitor unit...
From Laly R. on 4/2/2015:
Worst Hospital in the Bay Area period! I don't even know where to start.. This hospital tried billing me for coming into the ER I was waiting almost 6 hours and still had not been seen so I just decided to leave. I had came in vomiting and had a bad tummy ache.. So I just left and a few months later I get a bill?! A bill for what I didn't get seen by any doctor I didn't get treated with any medicine?! So why do they want to Bill me for over 1,000 dollars!? Even my insurance said they have the must UNPROFESSIONAL BILLING.. That they have never seen a bill be done so unprofessional! That shoud really tell you a lot.. Stay away from this hospital seriously! So ghetto looking been under construction for over 3 years! And it looks the same! No progress! O'Conner is Definitely a  better hospital! Sucks I have to even give this damn place a star! If I didn't have to I wouldn't AT ALL!
NOTE | Read Hospital bill from Hell (literally) on this blog.
From Minh N. on 9/26/2014:
This review is for the woman who picks up phone calls in patient account services. Not only is she incompetent and likes to pass the responsibility to another completely unrelated department whenever you call in with a legitimate question, she will hang up on you if you're holding the phone for your supervisor to talk to her about the problem at hand. Classy.

NOTE | See the video at the top of this post for an idea of what this women is talking about.
From Angie L. on 6/3/2015:
On Monday the June 25,/2015 my dad was transferred by ambulance to valley medical with suspected heart failure. Reasoning was valley medical has a cardio department to treat him. He was never seen by the cardio department, they would not give his daily prescribed meds, he complained he could after 30 minutes or longer comparing he could not breath they gave him a breathing treatment. They had no heart monitors hooked up to him. The last doctors that seen him named Joyce Ho and Tim Chang told me and my family that my dads heart is fine and he is suffering from anxiety. They lowered his oxygen to 2 and said he no longer needs to be in the observation department (1 step down from ICU) and moved into another department room. Within 20 minutes my fathered coded and was lifeless dead. My dad could have died home in the same manner. Me and my family  believed that he was in a hospital and would get any treatment and care to admit to at least try to save his life. The doctors did almost nothing to preserve his 58 year old life. I and my family had right words after my dad died. Timmy Chang stated my dad needed no heart doc care .. It was his copd lung disorder that was my dads problem. Timmy stated that my dads enxziems came down and showed no signs of heart distress concern for a cardio doc.
So with a patient that was a smoker,over weight, copd, fluid on lungs and heart, enxziems and blood levels shown he had a heart attack or was in the verge of one, extreme difficulty breathing ...JOYCE HO MD. Based his case on ANIXIETY AND LOWERS HIS Co2. My dad died June 27,2015 without a doctors care to help him have a fighting chance. If you have a family member that is going to valley medical for some of the same reasons and would like to talk you can reach me direct at (408)767-9774 Angela
Ps TIMMY CHANG MD double talked a lot of lies he said they ordered my dads co2 to come up to 8.. I said when did you have the time to do so... You went right into a meeting before you ordered it dorm to 2 and my dad was dead within 20 minutes after wile you were in your meeting. TIMMY CHANG WAS LEFT WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN IN A LIE AND JOYCE HO MD who had say over my dads life is a dermatologist... A dermatologists called the decisions for my dads heart failure conditions on its just ANXIETY.
NOTE | Read AIDS | Dr. Crapo lies, gets caught in same.
From Melinda T. on 1/3/2015:
First of all, I created a yelp just to review this place. My mom went to the emergency room because she had severe stomach pains and we had to spend 8 hours in jail, and by jail I mean the waiting room. The emergency room was tremendously slow, rooms get taken by other people, slow service at the laboratory, employees just casually chatting with each other instead of taking in patients. I felt like I was in a car dealer but worse. There was literally no real food for visitors to purchase, so if you really need to come here I would suggest bringing your phone charger, food and entertainment! I absolutely hate this hospital, I would rather go to Kaiser Permanente any time over this, but this was the only one that accepted Medicare.
The only good part about this hospital was when a janitor gave me a Webcol wipe to cleanse my phone from the ground while it was charging.
This hospital sucks ass period.
Search for Valley Medical Center on Yelp! for more consumer reviews like these.

Your signature on the form or jail?
A form I was forced to sign while police officers waited outside my hospital room, which self-releases me from VMC hospital, and which, by inference and implication, I would be arrested for not signing:

This is after four days of their refusal to transfer me to another hospital, and after four days of lying about their progress in doing so (it took me 15 minutes on the phone to get my insurance switched to "straight" Medi-Cal, which covers costs at any hospital; VMC insisted that this was not a possibility, and went about looking for options to make me pay for services—even when they could have made an emergency referral, which would have covered costs no matter what insurance plan).

Oh, my current temperature: a 100.2° fever.

Christian support
After posting this...
Finally, brethren, pray for us...that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith. 
...I got this...
I quoted the scripture above, and less than half a day later, this response from what is tantamount to a group of complete (but oh-so-welcome) strangers

...and this:
Since starting this post two days ago, an outpouring of support and prayers from Christians on Facebook,
which continues even now, flooded my Notifications
And, this from my preacher:

I was ejected into the streets after VMC refused access to the paramedics team I called via 911, who I had asked to transport me to a different hospital; I intend to use everything I have to raise awareness of VMC's ties to demons, and the means in which it uses to help the "aging" (aka dying) process for people demons don't like

Ghost hunters & exorcists: liars or fools?

Just like so many self-proclaimed paranormal experts, I recently undertook my own "quest into the unknown," seeking to determine whether charlatans that claim to investigate ghosts and exorcise demons actually turn into giant serpents behind closed doors and cuddle up inside Lord Voldemort's lap, being the sick evil they appear to be otherwise. They're that sleazy to me, particularly after my history of dealings with them, which suggests that I might actually see just that.

Over the past several years, I've given every paranormal investigator/researcher in the world (over 1,000) an opportunity to weigh in with what each and every one of us have by now had personal encounters, namely, demons, and to demonstrate their knowledge of same. All I can say after those attempts is this: what an embarrassment and disgrace to humanity they are, acting as if they are only people alive on Earth that have had no contact with demons at all! Maybe they are not lying; but, that leaves only one explanation: demons skipped over just them as a kind of joke.

Since the time of the various posts that still haunt and humiliate them, I've given up on finding an honest and informed paranormal expert, instead concluding that if there is a such a thing as help, an expert or a researcher, I'm it (if not in actuality, then by comparison).
NOTE | Of course, in all fairness, I'm the only one I know of in the world with the home field advantage, as it!
Despite having abandoned the ignorant to their ignorance, I occasionally solicit encounters like this one on LinkedIn, which occurred about a month ago, just to remind myself of the sheer idiocy out there:
Being able to demonstrate at all times, in all places, in all ways, and to all persons the presence and reality of demons assures my credibility and marks the distinction between me and all those posing as experts or experienced when they are, in fact, clearly not.

Monday, October 5, 2015

AIDS | Second claim against VMC served on county

Alternative titles for this post: "'Binding and rebuking' a demon means suing its ass" and "Hi! I'm an idiot; I can't even pay a doctor to give me medicine."

Today, a second claim was served on the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors for the County of Santa Clara for the continued failure and refusal by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and PACE Clinic to treat a terminal condition (HIV/AIDS), which demands immediate treatment for a condition that has severely worsened in the past six months of deprivation:

Denial of medication necessary to combat the disease was an intent stated years ago by demons and their people, who have since repeatedly used their demonic weapons to target my lymph nodes (immunity) and intestines (nutrient absorption).

When not doing that, others are just generally being snotty and obstinate, as shown by this video of Dr. Kambham:


Saturday, October 3, 2015

TECHNOLOGY | Calculating global variance and standard deviation with Core Image

This is a tip that can be categorized with all the posts on this blog pertaining to Chroma, as well as any other post related to processing digital media intended to decloak the cloaked. Obviously, it's intended for software programmers; but, is also useful to anyone who is not, in that it shows such persons what they need to aim for given what they're facing.

This post also attempts to correct mistakes in other posts, which purport to calculate and employ variance and standard deviation—and which may do so correctly on a local basis—but which do not do so on a global basis. The results of the mistakes were not uninteresting to be sure; but, they misrepresent the meaning and purpose of the measurements, and generally make me look like I've got demons flying in and out of my butt all day, and, accordingly, am not putting as much concentration into my work as is required.

Most image-processing work of import and consequence, e.g., exposure fusion, etc., requires the calculation of an image's global variance and standard deviation.
The formula for calculating standard deviation (or variance, without square root)
Like the global average (or mean), these two calculations factor into many of the formulas employed by some of the most common image filters, such as the Gaussian function, yet most programmers and researchers and educators are either too lazy and too ignorant to supply anything but an arbitrary value in place of the 𝛔 symbol used in a given formula instead of calculating the true value:
Astoundingly, even the world's leading scholarly publication on exposure fusion suggests an arbitrary value for the standard deviation variable of the Gaussian curve function
The reason for this inexcusable sloppiness is probably difficulty and the limits of available technology. While Core Image supplies a stock filter for calculating the image mean (the first step in calculating the other two), it does not provide any for either variance or standard deviation. What frustrates and stymies most Core Image programmers in their attempt to calculate these two image measurements is sigma, which is found in nearly every commonly used formula related to image processing:
That's because there's no stock Core Image filter for summing every pixel in an image, which means that custom coding is required on the part of a programmer, specifically, code that reads each pixel value into an array, and then performs a sum using each. That's not too difficult once you learn how, but no matter how efficient the code or fast the processor, but it slows application performance to a crawl.
NOTE | Somehow, Apple managed to achieve this with its stock mean filter with only a 25%-50% decrease in overall performance; unfortunately, it's a mystery as to how.
But, with a little creativity and kludging, there is a way to calculate these two measurements without resorting to custom per-pixel summation code. Here's an overview of the image-processing pipeline that obtains these two measurements, illustrated with Quartz Composer (Xcode implementations available upon request):

An overview of the image-processing pipeline for calculating variance and standard deviation with Quartz Composer [download from MediaFire]
As shown above, the first step is to calculate the image mean, which is easily done using the CIAreaAverage filter provided in Core Image by Apple. The second step is to pass the output of the CIAreaAverage filter and the source image to a custom Core Image filter that subtracts the mean from each pixel in the source image, and then squares the difference:
A custom Core Image filter that subtracts the mean from each pixel in the source image, and then squares the difference
The third step is to calculate the mean of the output of the custom Core Image filter using the CIAreaAverage filter again, which not only sums the value of each pixel in the image, but divides the sum by the number of pixels. To obtain the standard deviation, a second custom Core Image filter calculates the square root of each pixel from the output, which, by the way, is also the variance:
A second custom Core Image filter that calculates the square root of each pixel in the source image, which, in this case, is the variance of the image
It looks easy and simple; but, based on the plethora of questions on how to do this, which are answered by the most unusable of answers (as found on sites like, it must not be for many.
NOTE | To implement this procedure in an iOS app, you must be using iOS 9, as CISampler is not available in earlier versions; without CISampler, only one image can be passed to a custom Core Image filter (OpenGL ES).