Friday, June 3, 2016


This gallery is an extension of a previous one called, Spun; like its predecessor, it shows images of vortices swirling open, but unlike its predecessor, it shows demons actually emerging from them.

The most significant difference is the level of detail in these images versus those in the first gallery, which was accomplished by increasing my camera's exposure while recording the phenomenon. Doing so increases the length of time the camera's aperture is open while acquiring an image. This leads to especially blurry images when panning while recording video, but that is actually beneficial (and necessary) for capturing any kind of detail of demonic activity. A digital camera held by a steady hand allows the light reflected from cloaked objects to be overwhelmed by natural light; to capture demonic entities, you must pan the camera across the subject. For reasons explained elsewhere on this blog, doing so captures images with much sharper detail than objects reflecting natural light.

Images shown in the first gallery were captured using a normal exposure time; not only that, but the camera was held relatively parallel to the horizon; however, for the second round of images, not only was the exposure time increased, but the camera was rotated by hand while recording the vortices.

Although some may argue that's cheating, the results handily rebut any such dispute:

A vortex opens next to my desk, temporarily mutilating the wire towel-rack next to itLike a whirling tornado, the vortex grinds a path towards the desk, distorting it where the desk meets its edges
Following are more still frames from the same video, showing the vortex opening in the towel rack: