Thursday, December 6, 2012

#473 - Psychiatrist OKs camera's psyche

Because my camera has been seeing demons a lot over the past couple of years, I decided to take it to a psychiatrist. People were worried about it. Well, after my visit, I have both good news and bad news about the mental health situation.

I'll start with the bad news first:

The doctor doesn't diagnose the mental health of cameras; he said cameras see what's there, and what's there only.

The good news:

The doctor was more than happy to diagnose me, though, and the results of his examinations over the past six months show that it is completely normal for me to see what my camera sees, and to see what all other people see when they look at the photos and videos taken by it.

Here are the specifics of my mental health evaluation and treatment plan, per the Santa Clara County Mental Health Treatment Center:
MH Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
If any of this changes, my readers will be the first to know; but, should you not see what is shown so clearly in all my photos and videos, be sure to consult a psychiatrist yourself. You got issues.