Thursday, September 17, 2015

CRIME | False arrest, incarceration leads to 17th solved murder

It was last Monday morning when I was just a-walkin' down the street, singing, "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do," when—all the sudden—the cops show up and arrest me per a bench warrant for failure to appear in court for a scheduled hearing.

The problem is (aside from the obvious), there was no hearing, there was no criminal case, and therefore should have been no warrant; and, seeing as I wasn't suspected of committing a crime at the time of my arrest—nor was I subsequently charged with one—and seeing that I was not supposed to be on probation (that terminated on September 1st, 2015), I shouldn't have been stopped or searched or arrested at all.

But, I was...

My jail-issued wristband you can see from the booking sheet detailing the circumstances of my arrest:

Arresting officers wrote 5 in the Booking Type box, which is the code for local bench warrant:

After my arrest, I was handcuffed to a chair for nearly 10 hours in the pre-booking area of the Santa Clara County Main Jail, awaiting housing in the protective custody unit of the main jail.
NOTE | Unlike previous times, there was no indication by officers or anyone else during and after my arrest that the arrest was demon-inspired; that happened several days before, though. The only indication of foreknowledge or awareness of any plans for me were indicated by my escort to my cell when he described me to another officer as a bounce-out in passing. That means they had foreknowledge that my stay would be brief—something they couldn't know unless they were told by someone who planned it that way.
Fortunately, less than 24 hours later, I was released by the judge who issued the bench warrant, who admitted to the mistake, and released me the same day:

Reluctant to admit his mistake, the presiding judge in my case, Judge Cena, hem-hawed and waffled a bit during the hearing on Tuesday as to the facts of this three-year old case, as all judges do when they've realized their mistake and don't want to face it.

Fortunately, my attorney took excellent notes at the last hearing held earlier this year and used them in his argument for my release to support my claim that the case was closed, probation was terminated and no restitution was owed the Department of Revenue—that, plus he pointed to court records that clearly proved these same facts, not the least of which is the CR-110 on File you see noted on the above court snap-out. This document is only issued after a determination that the court does not require the defendant to make payments of restitution; accordingly, without any financial obligation to the court, further court hearings are unnecessary.

Another murder, solved
Like last time I was in custody [see 16 murders, other crimes solved while fighting 36-years-to-life prison term in county jail], I made prodigious use of my ability to persuade people to "do the right thing," having convinced what is now the 17th homicide eyewitness that I've convinced to proffer his account of a murder that occurred in San Francisco.

Today, I contacted Detective Cunningham at SFPD (Homicide Division) and gave him the inmate's information; I then contacted the inmate's probation officer, Margie Cordova, and asked her to contact the aforementioned detective to provide information about the inmate that I didn't have readily available for him at the time of my call.

Arbitrary arrests part-and-parcel to demonic agenda
Just a week or so ago, in BIBLE | The Study Notes of a Demoniac [Proverbs 14:25], I wrote:
One of the most shocking aspects of the demonic plague is not that demons and their people have constructed a complex and systemic means to ostracize and otherwise dispense with those who would not deny their presence and influence in this world—means that involve both arbitrary arrests and wrongful incarcerations...
By and through the circumstances described in this post, readers can see what I was writing about at the time; and, if they knew about this type of "drama" before I wrote about it this last time, this serves to show that this despicable practice still goes on today.

Here, by the way, are a few older posts that talk of demon-inspired plots to incarcerate me in the past:
The dangers of incarceration at the Santa Clara County Main Jail
To underscore the gravity of being pulled arbitrarily into the Santa Clara County Main Jail, I proffer an account of very recent events involving murder at the aforesaid jail of an inmate by correctional officers, specifically, San Jose jail death: Sheriff condemns 3 correctional officers booked on murder in fatal beating.

Not too long ago, I wrote in a past post that I once uncovered a similar plot in which I was the intended victim of murder by correctional officers in Demon-inspired jail/prison murder plot taking shape by actions of correctional officers.

Insult to injury
As if the above scenario wasn't enough for me, Santa Clara County sent me a bill for the standard TB test issued to all incoming inmates to the county jail, even though I have/had insurance: