Thursday, April 4, 2013

#559 - PHOTO | Puss oozes from eye after pierced by cloaked demonic spike

I don't know if it was actually the spike-fingered hand of a demon or not; it could have been a tendril with a spike on the end of it. But, regardless of what it was exactly, it was sharp, barreled like lightning to a point between my eyeball and inner socket, and nestled somewhere to the side or behind the eyeball.

Right before it happened, the Voices Demons had been shouting for hours on end phrases that translate into an order to other demons to hurt me in a specific way. For example, masturbate a noggin' crunch means to inflict damage to the spine to cause (or exacerbate) neck degenerative disorder [see PHOTOS | Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendrils; pop him in the jaw means to burn the jaw in order to diminish its flexibility and weaken it.

In those two scenarios, the order is directed to hair-thin, black sucker demons, which are lodged in various cavities in my skull; upon hearing the Voices Demons' command, they snake through the surface of the skin on my neck, arch to another point on my head, and dive below the surface in order to burn something there [see VIDEO/PHOTO | Smoke trails from head where demons burn insides].

After weeks of near-constant brain spiking and organ piercing [see ; see also], I can't remember exactly what phrase (if any) is spoken that meant burn my eyes, or that man to pierce them with a spiked tendril came from nowhere to spike me in my right eye. Although the damage was located internally, a green, viscuous puss, which oozed from the eye like tears, provided outward evidence of the otherwise unseen injury:
A Voices Demon told me to look in the mirror after having ordered my eye stabbed with a cloaked needle; this is what I saw
My eyesight was immediately compromised, in that the lights seemed to grow dimmer, and the room appeared to take on a slight haze; there was also slight double-vision

Blinding me, and, in particular, by stabbing my eye with needles was foretold to me as far back as 2006 by Josh, then a gang-stalker under the employ of his own Voices Demons; however, this is the first time that I am aware of that a cloaked needle was actually used.

Mostly, it's black sucker demons that are used now, specifically, to burn and pit grooves in the cornea (they have traced a perfect circle around the edge in order to blur my peripheral vision) now; past injuries were caused by other varieties of demons, as is described in these posts:

#558 - VIDEO | Tranny's eyes go demon while hiding same

While pacing my dark apartment with my camera on a night of unusually high demonic activity, I silently slipped behind my houseguest (a tranny who shall remain nameless), catching her by surprise. She stood with her back to me, in the dark, all alone (or, so I thought), peering outside through a crack in the curtains of my picture window, and muttering nervously to herself (or, so I thought).

When she noticed me, she turned around, and, this time, catching me by surprise as she revealed two huge, slitted yellow glowing eyes that bulged from a ghastly and distorted face that was definitely not hers:
A still frame from a video made that night, showing the tranny-that-must-not-be-named, turning to look back at me as I approach from behind with my video camera
That's not camera red-eye. Because red-eye is red. And, only the pupils are red when you've got red-eye.
NOTE | It seems yellow is a common demon eye color; even my eyes, when swapping places with their demon counterparts, turn yellow [see ].
Here's a close-up:
These eyes target my brain for their owner's spike-fingered demonic hand assaults
Those are scary things to see on a person who has spiked your brains with her wire-fingered demonic hand [see ; see also LIVE | [name removed], the tranny, in the cemetery]. Especially at night, in the dark, and at my apartment, just the two of us.

As it turns out, though, she was a little more nervous than I was in that, when it became apparent by the gawk on my face that I've spotted the little demon she held in her hand, she quickly drops it from view:

As she lowered the little demon, who she had been talking to all along, you can see one of its glowing red eyes.