Saturday, October 6, 2012

#425 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Demon in the closet

Not four hours after writing Most Bay Area demons live in closets—just like biblical Asmodeus, a demon possessing a plastic bag on a shelf in my closet, not wanting me mounting me video camera there, made it known by pushing it back into my hand every time I placed it there.

It can be seen briefly, rearing its head in a video clip made during my attempt; however, it is hard to discern unless you already know what the demon looks like, particularly, because another demon is blended with the plastic bag, as well, and there is a slight overlap in facial features between the two.
An animated GIF made from the relevant still frames of the video showing the demon in the closet
Accordingly, I enhanced a still frame in two slightly different ways so that can get a better picture of what this demon looks like:

In the video, I am having trouble mounting the camera on the shelf. I felt something up there pushing it over and back, but I just assumed it was a sucker demon; however, the real culprit was revealed by the video when it shows a white plastic bag rustling first, and then turning up and back in order to reveal the face of the above demon.

Like always, my hand gets in the way of the camera almost instantly. That's the way demon magic works, though; if you're not meant to capture something on camera, a body part will invariably get in the way. This was also shown in Giant demon faces make usual appearance during demonic attack, in which two demon collaborators hide a demon flying onto the VTA light rail platform without even looking, and with perfect timing.

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