Sunday, August 12, 2012

SCIENCE | Demons, portals most active during specific moon phases

Overlaying a moon calendar on the Demonic Activity Video Timeline Calendar suggests that hobgoblin demons are most active starting with the New Moon, and until the First Quarter, which is probably why they always cause my desktop to change to the Moon picture whenever they issue their '8' warning, as described in PHOTO | Hobgoblin demons stylize number eight into a logo of sorts and Demon in tree manipulates branches to form letter 'J'.
Whenever the hobgoblin demons warn with the number '8' made out of cord or string, they also replace my desktop with this picture of a New Moon
And, while nearly all hobgoblin demon videos on the timeline calendar coincide with the New Moon, all other demons appear to be most active starting with the full moon, and until the Last Quarter, with most being no later than the Third Quarter.
READ | PHOTO GALLERY | What a hobgoblin demon looks like
It's possible that the top of the stylized '8' is not only meant to be a profile of their trademark black hoods; but, may also be a variant of the crescent moon symbol. Because demons layer everything, the overlapping of symbols in this creative way would be expected.

With respect to the hobgoblin demons, it is not a surprise to me that the new moon has some significance, which means this fact may be related to the science of psychology—not biology or other scientific field. During my nearly three-year jail stay, most—if not all—of my many, many unfavorable court dates fell on, or within a few days from, the New Moon.

That isn't something I would notice on my own; the phase of the moon would be pointed out to me each time, and I made the connection over time. Eventually, I got to where every time I saw the New Moon, a sense of dread would pervade me.

The demons have done this with several sounds, sights, signs and smells in the past in order to create anxiety and fear whenever I am exposed to them; it was done with the Voices Demon leading me through terrifying scenarios, while said sound, sight, sign and/or smell was introduced (read The Devil smokes Double Diamond cigarillos). Going forward, all they would have to do is replay a given sensation in order to cause fear. The trauma necessary to cause a healthy, mentally stable adult to fear by association with any type of imagery or sensation would have to be extreme, and of enough magnitude to create the fear of impending death or cause great pain. Knowing this, the people of the Northern Bay Area of California (e.g., San Jose, San Francisco, etc.) participate in public outings where they are directed by demons to scare people who have been traumatized by multiple expertly crafted, demon magic-assisted fear-of-death scenarios (perceived or actual)—with demons.
NOTE | I witnessed many refusals to participate in these lately, which I think may be partly due to the type of activity the demons subject me to behind closed doors. And, one time in particular, at the Santa Clara Public Library, I walked in (I guess) a few seconds earlier than the announcer who got to the library before I did saying to everyone, "Okay, it's time to implement the faggot protocol, people. He's coming in right now..." It was clear everyone knew who I was talking about, and the many mothers, children and other patrons were silent—dead silent—the entire time I was there (which is better than what happens everywhere else during those times).
Similarly, my experience since my release has been that the Voices Demons rage on a full moon night.

Hyperdimensional portal activity, which is mostly attributed to hobgoblin demons and demonic half-breeds, appears to be the most active between the apogee—when the moon is the farthest away from Earth—and the New Moon.

For example, portals were used to enter my apartment in Demonic Intruders Attack, and were also used to in a surprise attack in Demons Attack at Law Library.
DOWNLOAD | Demonic Activity Video Timeline Calendar for iCal and Moon Calendar subscription for iCal.

PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons stylize number eight into a logo of sorts

It's been showing up constantly again—sometimes, seconds after I've turned my back: the number eight, coiled out of anything that can be coiled by demons, after something magical happens. Sort of like a calling card (as if I needed one):
This weekend, demons shaped the top of this number eight made out of electrical cord in a way that resembles the profile of a hobgoblin demon's hood

With these latest 'eights,' and since I first mentioned the figure eights in Demon in tree manipulates branches to form letter 'J', I noticed that the top of the eights are stylized in the same way. At first, it appeared that the hobgoblin demons have begun shaping the top of the number eight to blend the number itself with the shape of the profile of their hoods.
Also this weekend, demons placed my USB cord on a chair as I rose from it and, when I turned around, had formed it into a stylized figure eight in mere seconds
But, looking back to the 'eights' shown in Demon in tree manipulates branches to form letter 'J', I see the same stylized eight in some of the photos of those eights. For example:
An older photo of a demon-made figure eight also shows the stylized top, which was not recognized back then

VIDEO | Demon with needle-fingered black glove stabs internal organs

Because the demon with the needle-fingered black glove is so difficult to catch on video, I would be reluctant to say that I had another photo of it unless I had two other things 1) more than one photo; and 2) the sick feeling I get when it strikes me in the head with its glove.
The needle-fingered, black-gloved demon was first shown in Intruder Attack (see VIDEOS | Elusive needle-fingered demon briefly captured in two videos for more photos and videos)
This morning, I had both. First, the demon is in a couple of videos, and all were made at the same location; and, second, I got that same stupefied feeling right after I felt it hit, plus extreme dizziness and nausea, all of which are unique to being struck with this glove.

In these stills from one video, the needle-fingered gloved hand is blended with black coats on hangers:
It can also be seen in another video, in which I also learned a new thing—that it doesn't just strike your head, it also strikes internal organs. In the video, the demon descends from the ceiling after I roll onto my side and then stabs me in the spleen or abdominal area and in the liver or kidney area:
The over-saturated black color of the needles going into my side is a result of the cloaked or irradiated state they are in; this phenomena is explained in Invisible demons detectable by radiation emission
Needles entering kidney or abdominal area (bottom-left) can barely be seen, and wouldn't be recognized if not for the motion shown of the needles entering my left side (see animation, below)
Following is the series of still frames showing the insertion of the needles entering my liver or kidney:
The needles entering my right side, either near the kidney or liver; were it not for this portion of the video, the photo above would be meaningless
Looking at still frames made in low-lighting with irradiated, fast-moving demons is a lot like examining X-ray films, in that some things are obvious, and some things have to be pointed out by a professional.

In the above animation, I recognized the black lines overlapping my side immediately—not just by the shape and length of the lines or the snap-back motion I'm all too familiar with, but also the absence of any other plausible explanation.

The reason why the needles are thick and black—and not thin and silver like you would expect them to be—is explained in VIDEOS | Elusive needle-fingered demon briefly captured in two videos. Basically, when demons put objects intended to pass through others in whatever state that allows them to do this, the object appears on camera as oversaturated black, and is blurry on the fringes. They do not appear that way to the naked eye, however.

This phenomena can be also seen in VIDEO TIMELINE | Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor, in which an oversaturated black-colored, blurry fringed demon running up from the floor and into the wall:
A hobgoblin demon leaves its irradiated impression on my laptop video camera as it quickly runs past
The needle-fingered, black-gloved demon was first introduced in this blog in VIDEOS | Elusive needle-fingered demon briefly captured in two videos.
NOTE | The glove is not the only thing I'm getting stabbed with these days; VIDEO | Spiked instrument used repeatedly on my neck and back to inflict pain shows a video (actually, a series of still frames) that show a mallet-like instrument with a spike on it, which was being used to cause pain in my neck and trapezius.
Other injuries sustained this weekend might be to my teeth, to which I felt electric shocks, while the demons attacked me inside the Santa Clara residence at which I was staying overnight; outside, neighbors periodically yelled, "fag," and "pedophile."