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These are actual searches by readers of my blog wanting validation of their own connections made by them between demons (and certain doctors) and HIV/AIDS via mine. So, here it is:

HIV/AIDS is a demon-borne disease given to people to kill them as part of The Exclusion, the name given by demons that describes a joint demon-human effort to surreptitiously (or not so surreptitiously, depending on the demoniac) cull the human population [see The New Holocaust: Demons recruit humans as part of "The Exclusion"]. This particular manner of killing off the excess portion of human livestock by demons serves more than one demonic agenda [see JUSTICE | Demons give people HIV to endanger, ostracizesee also Demons modify people's looks from birth to affect social standing, later to punish or control], the most vile of which is the conditioning of humans to kill other humans by prolonged and insidious (and virtually unseen) mutilation, torture and other forms of mayhem, and to feel empowered and justified insodoing. The outward display of acquiescence and complicity with what is tantamount to mass murder often takes the form of public ostracization of victims [see AUDIO | Homeless shelter staff fag-bashes via loudspeaker; see also ], as well as private [see Court postpones release of serial stalker, cites danger to community].
NOTE | Culling is not practiced by any demon species (of which there are hundreds), nor does incarceration exist in any of their societies; only humans mass slaughter their own, and only humans cage other humans. Yet, somehow, crime among demons is virtually non-existent, and the need to police their own is considered unnecessary.
This post, however, is restricted to a simple reintroduction to some of the ways demons and humans kill people in tandem using HIV, which is followed by what I intend to do about it.

Readers' interest goes back four years
Before I begin treating the topic, I'd like to point out that reader interest in this subject dates back to the very beginning of the blog, nearly four years ago. The following search term report from WordPress shows that, as recently as this week, and as far back as four years ago, readers looked to me to make the connection between demons and AIDS that they already knew existed; the search terms suggesting this are highlighted:

Both the sixth and the last pages show that they even knew of one doctors and clinics responsible for helping demons progress HIV to AIDS in victims so infected (more about that, below).

Facts about HIV/AIDS
Following are facts you should know related to HIV/AIDS:
On top of that, demons and humans alike will infect with as many other diseases as possible, in addition to degenerating the health of the victim using cloaked matter. For example, conjunctivitis, as shown in the following images:
My left eye has been the oft-target of demons since 2011, most recently suffered a severe and aggressive case of conjunctivitis
When all these factors and influences are combined and applied all-at-once, consistently, the sought-after outcome can be achieved virtually overnight. Just one year ago today, I took the following image:
A selfie, taken one year ago today, after having recently arrived in Indiana for a two-month stay
Compare that image to the one made just today at VMC hospital (of all places):

The effort by demons to quickly diminish a person's health is no small one; anything less than what it is would not produce the noticeable results shown in the above two images
Justice for one is justice for all
More recent evidence of doctor participation in the progression of HIV to AIDS than that related to Dr. Winslow is proffered by the burgeoning story of Dr. Crapo and the lie he told to withhold life-giving medication from me. This issue is presented more completely in SECRET VIDEO | Dr. Crapo lies, gets caught in same.

In response, I solicited approximately 500 California personal injury/medical malpractice attorneys on using the following summary in the e-mail sent to each:
Here's a summary of my situation, which I consider highly urgent: 
The only endocrinologist I have access to through my medical insurance plan is not only withholding essential prescription medication needed to treat a chronic disease (hypogonadism), as well as a terminal one (HIV), but is also falsifying medical data to justify it. The treatment involves a prescription for testosterone cypionate—no other drug. 
The underlying issue is this: 
Dr. Crapo (VMC) has indicated in the past that he does not "enable" the lifestyle of a "disease-spreading drug addict," and that the health and well-being of such persons should be strictly denied. 
I disagree—both to the wrongfully applied label, and to the duty and discretion of a doctor in this regard. 
Yesterday, I obtained two video recordings that, together, show the aforesaid doctor lying about blood test results, which he intended to use (and has, in fact, used) to justify his actions should they be called into question. 
Those videos show the lie being told by the doctor and the lie being revealed by a lab technician; they can be viewed at:
I believe this to be sufficient proof of my claim, particularly when combined with the plethora of documented circumstances preceding it (also available online). And, while this all may have a bit of a "conspiratorial" feel to it, I'd like you to keep in mind that when considering this case that it boils down to something very simple: a sick man needs his medication, and he's being denied it without options; he wants quick and easy resolution. It's not harder than that. 
Please advise any options appropriate and available to me, keeping in mind that time is of the essence. 
Since the above-described antics first ensued, my HIV has progressed to AIDS (T-cell count is now 7; was well above normal range prior to the unjustifiable, intermittent and periodic cessation of testosterone therapy perpetrated by numerous VMC doctors, only the latest of which is Dr. Crapo), which I believe (and blood tests suggest) is a direct result of deliberately inadequate medical care. 
Further supporting that claim, is the fact that, in spite of repeated requests for treatment by an HIV specialist, VMC has refused to provide such, stating that I am not welcome at their only clinic for HIV patients. They have failed to provide any alternative.
An attorney was retained rather quickly, to the tune of only $300, which, even at age 42, took me less than 24 hours and 7 dudes to make:

Aside from having to pay for a few hours of legal research, the case is otherwise on contingency
NOTE | Yes, I broke away from my God to make that money; but, I came raging and roaring back, and have stayed back ever since, even by placing membership at the church I've been attending, and making it to every service, and keeping my hands clean every single day, in every single way.
A contingency case often requires the client to do perhaps a more significant amount of the legwork than they otherwise would. Fortunately, I've been up to all the tasks that have been asked of me, the most significant of which was authoring a letter of complaint to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Complaint Department:

NOTE | The diagnosis of testicular contusion is posted to Doctor cites 'Testis Contusion' as the basis for prescribing testosterone injections; test results that suggest pituitary gland malfunction is shown in AIDS | Dr. Crapo lies, gets caught in same. The treatment for either condition is the same—even while completely different—and is best described by the OHSU Brain Institute.
How does this help any of the many others in this same situation? It identifies and factualizes a pattern and practice of behavior, which opens the door for a class-action suit for such persons. Although it is definitely a personal injury-type case, it is also a "discovery" case, in that the facts discovered during its litigation will support an identical and/or larger claim in the future for all of those who have one.
NOTE | My luck with attorneys in the past has been spotty, at best, as described in JUSTICE | Kaye Scholer skirts federal court rules to withdrawal from cop brutality case; [see Gil Kreiter; see also Kenneth Pinto]. Judges have been just as bad, but we're not to that part yet.
That makes this case bigger than just me, and bigger than just the issue it presents with respect to just me. Moving it forward, and successfully, is essential to the survival of others.

Coming up: another doctor, another showdown
On Wednesday, September 9th, 2015, I am scheduled to see Dr. Crapo's replacement, Dr. Laurel McClure, regarding my testosterone therapy. Unlike Dr. Crapo, Dr. McClure will not be allowed to ignore these test results as Dr. Crapo did:

A lower than normal level of LH may be due to the pituitary gland not making enough hormone (hypopituitarism) [Source: NIH NLM]Low FSH levels in men may mean parts of the brain (the pituitary gland or hypothalamus) do not produce normal amounts of some or all of its hormones [Source: NIH NLM]
A denial of testosterone therapy by the doctor in light of these test results will further support my claim of unlawful denial of adequate medical treatment of a life-threatening condition. If the doctor doesn't agree with over six years of blood tests showing lower than normal testosterone levels and the diagnosis of dozens of different physicians over the same period of time—perhaps claiming that testicular contusion and gonadal dysgenesis were diagnosed improperly—then he will still have to contend with two (not one, but two) tests run within the past six months that clearly show brain damage that contributes to the failure of the body to produce or release testosterone.

It is an undeniable and indisputable medical fact: I do not produce it on my own. It is essential to survival, particularly to someone with HIV/AIDS. There is only one therapy: testosterone therapy, and it should NOT be prescribed in stingy fashion.

My expectation is, if I am able to obtain a prescription for testosterone that it will be at a meager and insignificant dose. I have asked my attorney for advice in the proper handling of this possibility.

Speaking of my left eye...
Not really related to HIV/AIDS, but since I mentioned conjunctivitis of the left eye, I should probably also point out the history of my left eye and demons' exclusive interest in it over the right eye, as documented in these older posts:
VIDEO | Sucker demons swarm eyes, face to blind, disfigure 
PHOTO | Tendrils pull on face hard enough to expose entire eyeball 
PHOTO | Puss oozes from eye after pierced by cloaked demonic spike
PHOTOS | Close-ups of sucker demons and eye spider demons

Some of the guilty parties—demons and people—were caught in the act of doing damage to it in PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs.

Before the Chroma Photo Editing Extension, I announced my intention to address the problem for myself and others using technology in TECHNOLOGY | How demons blind people (or, How people go blind) and TECHNOLOGY | Opening eyes while being blinded, primarily by enabling people anywhere and everywhere to see where blindness really comes from, and to possibly avoid it as a result.

Early reader response to the AIDS series of posts
Some people get it:

Support like this is typical from paranormal groups; but, is highly unusual from Christian ones; much pleased, I am
And, some people don't:
WTF?! Are you looking to be killed by demons? I know, let's piss off our only apparent line of defense!
Focus on the right issues would have prevented this atrocious response to my posts—and that would not be hard to do at all. By contrast, honing in on the only issue that clearly does not matter—and never will—and then artfully shaping it into an accusation of moral flaw is work akin to that described in Demon-people drama: "I think I'm finally getting to him".

Anyway, whether you get it or you don't (why is that even an issue?!), nobody is uninterested:

That's a significant spike in readership for a end-of-day post—on a Saturday, no less—and a good start on the next day, too—a Sunday, no less