Friday, October 30, 2015

AIDS | Former PACE Clinic doctor bars me from Stanford Positive Care Clinic

As if they had a right and were in-the-right. A stupefying maneuver today by Dr. Edward Brooks, former physician at PACE Clinic, now working at Stanford Positive Care Clinic, told his receptionist that my only other option for essential treatment and care for my terminal illness was cut off, and that no explanation was forthcoming. In sum, I would not be accepted as a patient there, either:

I immediately called my attorney, Denise Miller, who, apparently, took the day off to try on her Halloween costume, and left a message; a follow-up e-mail was also sent:
Stanford Positive Care Clinic had never indicated before that there was a problem with attending their clinic for treatment until today, and that without proffering a reason
This precludes treatment of any kind for me for a condition that has seriously worsened since the time PACE Clinic inexplicably shuttered its doors to me, after having agreed in a court of law to allow me to obtain services there.

More later, once delays and excuses start coming forward from my advocates, and once I've prepared and filed what I consider to be a legal option for remedy—all by myself, of course.

UPDATE | Letter from Stanford cites abusive, aggressive phone call as reason for ban
People will say and try anything these days to get their way. It's astonishing how intensely the Bay Area fights its battles, even when they're evil and in-the-wrong. Hell has a future, after all, as far as I'm concerned.

Here's a certified letter I received today, November 9th, 2015, from Stanford, which spells out the "reason" for the ban from its Positive Care Clinic:

My attorney, who is handling this case [see AIDS | PACE-case attorney clarifies objectives, direction], was notified accordingly:
Please see the attached letter, which I just now received via certified mail.
I honestly have no idea what they are talking about; I'm not "aware" of anything. There was never any untoward conversation between me and a staff member, ever. I called for an appointment, never received a call back, so I called again. The receptionist was real pissy about the "accusation" that she was not doing her job, but I simply said I wasn't worried about any of that, and that I just wanted an appointment.
That's when she informed me that Dr. Brooks said I couldn't be a patient there, but that he wouldn't state the reason. I think they made this up after the fact to cover the PACE-Brooks connection.
Regardless, when you speak with them, try to get as many details as you can about the "abusive" and "aggressive" aspects of the phone conversation. I'm real sure this has to do with PACE—not anything I might have said over the phone.