Thursday, August 16, 2012

VIDEO/PHOTO | Demonic body double forgets to morph fangs into teeth

The Devil is in the details.

In this still frame, my demonic body double has trouble morphing his fangs into my teeth on-the-fly—a common problem area for most morphing demons:
The fangs of the morphing demon appear where a row of human teeth should appear throughout a video in which the morphing demon attempts to duplicate me

Demons that morph can only maintain their appearance so well when moving, and complicated body parts like the face—and especially the mouth—suffer the most unveiling, particularly on camera.

The reason for creating a video using a morphing demon is not yet clear; however, when it's done these days, it's done badly, as my teeth are not at all fanged:
My teeth are quite different than that of the imposter
This video clip shows the morphing demon speaking in front of the camera while trying futilely to  maintain a facade of pearly whites:
Could they have picked a double that looks any dumber? Anyway, you can also see that the lower row of teeth inside the mouth sometimes has trouble keeping up with the lower jaw outside the mouth. In other words, sometimes the jaw goes up, and the teeth come up a split second later, all without the lower lip covering it to create that false appearance.
NOTE | I realize that some of my posts ask you to be a little more clever and thoughtful than a reader might expect to be in order to know what to look for and to understand what to you are looking at. Be thankful I give you the credit to be able to do so. And, also, remember that I have a lot of videos which don't require any intelligence at all to tell what's going on. A lot of them. Look at those whenever you just don't get posts like these, and you'll probably realize that if all those things are going on, this probably is too.
Video often reveals the demon possessing a person, or a demon duplicating a person, as was recently shown and described in PHOTO | Video in motion reveals woman's hobgoblin demon underpinnings. In that post, a series of still frames from a video showing a woman borrowing my laptop reveals her hobgoblin demon underpinnings.

VIDEO | Swarm of sucker demons invades bathhouse in second sex video

If a horde of demons showed up in one bathhouse sex video, would another horde show up if I made a second video?

The answer is, and was, yes. In fact, it was an entire swarm of sucker demons that leapt and twirled and whirled for the camera while I tried various poses in preparation for making a video.
Over a dozen sucker demons—some coming from my body—shoot through the air at The Watergarden last Sunday
This is by far the best footage of sucker demon intelligence and agility on video, even if it does contain content that is not necessarily suitable for everyone.
NOTE | I will do what I have to do to win the fight against demons. Enough said.
There are over a dozen sucker demons shown in this video, some of which are leaping out of my body and into the air before flying off to some unknown destination (probably, whoever they live with, i.e., another patron of The Watergarden, for transport to their homes).
One of over a dozen sucker demons streaks past my thigh as I provoke
them into making an appearance by posing in front of a camera 
The video, which has been cut down to only the parts in which sucker demons are seen, and is available from MediaFire, consists mainly of my attempts to provoke the Voices Demons into launching an attack that I can capture on video by posing in and engaging in sexually suggestive acts.
WARNING | This video contains nudity and sexual acts not suitable for those under the age of 18, and for those who do not consent to viewing such material. The full video can also be downloaded from MediaFire.
Because the window of opportunity is open for them to do so for only so long, I knew they would not be able to resist making a point about my attempts to pose in front of a camera, which, in their eyes, might lead to social interactions which they cannot control, and which may lead to opportunities, which they do not want me to have.
NOTE | Isolating victims socially is the first and most important goal for the demons attacking them.
Unfortunately for the demons, they only accomplished the exposing of The Watergarden as a demonic-stronghold.

The first sucker demon to be caught on video was shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Sucker Demon Flys into Apartment. Since that time, there have been about a dozen other videos of sucker demons, most recently, one flying into a VTA light rail (trolley) car in VIDEO | Sucker Demon Boards VTA Light Rail Car, and another—this one red—flying out of a pile of clothes at The Watergarden in VIDEO/PHOTO | Flying red sucker demon.