Tuesday, June 9, 2015

VIDEO | What a portal through a mirror looks like

Using my Prewitt Kernel imaging filter, which processes video to highlight only the edges and curves of objects in the picture, I was able to capture for the first time an open portal inside a mirror. At first, I thought it was just a rendering of the glare from the torch on my iPhone camera reflecting off the mirror; but, as the camera pans past it, the tunnel is revealed as it rotates differently than the mirror in a way that suggests that the tunnel is at a farther distance from the camera than the mirror's surface:

The following still frames show the mirror as it appears in the video processed by the imaging filter and in the original video clip:

The "glare" clearly recedes into the mirror, being one of two indicators of a portal (tunnel)...The original still frame, prior to processing with my Prewitt Kernel imaging filter, shows just the glare 
Any glare can serve as a portal, apparently, even that from glossy-painted wall. In the still frame taken from a different video, you can see a tiny white-faced demon emerging from a portal created by the glare from a wall with my camera torch:

My dissimilarity imaging filter, which assigns a pixel a value based on its statistical dissimilarity to the other pixels surrounding it, revealed a little white-headed demon (very common) peering through a portal created on the wall with my camera torch
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In one other post, I mentioned that demons create "space within space," my way of saying that they can create bubbles or pocket locations in space, and then position themselves inside them in order to launch weapons from a concealed and protected location [see Fighting demons in my hand, in my shirt, and on my demon-deformed arm]. I don't know how to explain it better than that, but basically it means creating space that wasn't there before without affecting the surrounding space.
NOTE || It's unclear what would happen if the mirror broke while demons were "inside." If it causes a problem for them, maybe that's where the seven years of bad luck come from: angry demon relatives.
 In another post, I showed images of demons in a mirror (but no portals) [see Strangest things, places demons possess; see also Another new demon variety discovered]. There is even an image showing a demon "look-alike" posing as my reflection attempting to mimic my movements, having given himself away when he guessed incorrectly the number of fingers I was going to flash in the mirror [see The Mirror Demon; see also Shadow demon revealed by inability to cast beer bottle's shadow]. Demonic Feng Shui suggests why mirrors can be used (or are used) as portals.