Friday, November 7, 2014

IN PROGRESS | Strangest things, places demons possess

My blah, blah blog about tree demons
Starting several years ago, tree demons and blanket demons and the like have always been plentiful during periods of high demonic activity; there always have been—and continue to be—so many, in fact, that I don't usually post (or even take) pics of them anymore unless there's something new or unusual about a particular tree or pile of clothes as compared to others. For example, if a demon blends with a tree or article of clothing in a particularly exceptional way—like the one who reshaped its face on a silk scarf once every 1/10th of a second, keeping up very well against the rapidly changing folds of the scarf as it blew in the wind, I will mention it; or, if a demon picks up his tree and walks behind me with it, I'll say something (if I can); and, if I happen to catch on camera a demon breathing life-and-body to a jacket it is possessing, I'll post that video.

Capturing an angry tree demon in attack mode, brandishing a golden-spiked, mechanical tentacle (shown snaking up his trunk, left), is reason to post yet another tree demon picA tree demon that has assumed its entire shape using the tree is another exception to the no-more-tree-demon pics policy
But, as interesting as these notable exceptions may be, they are still only variances on one of two themes: the demon as the tree or the demon as the blanket. Over time, readers have (generally) come to ignore posts showing or talking about either of these—even when a tree gets up and walks; however, the recent rise in the social mobility and power and population of these types of demons should once again pique readers' interest.

Here are the specific developments that make mention of them more relevant:
  1. All trees that exhibit signs of demonic possession will eventually be able to move after exposure to a sufficient number of periods of high demonic activity—a number which has now been obtained in San Jose for nearly every tree demon.
  2. Tree demons are now lethal, and can and do kill people; using their weapons, they participate in the Exclusion, a campaign by a demon-human coalition facilitating the culling of the human population.
  3. Demons now present their possession of a tree up to a day prior to a period of high demonic activity.
  4. Their leaves, the light that reflects off of them, and the spaces between each that make-up the face (and, sometimes, body) of a tree demon are now being seen shifting in order to simulate eye roll and lip movement, and, in some cases, head-turning and change of facial expressions (smiling to frowning, eye-widening).
  5. Although this has long been the case with demons that possess clothing, there are so many demons vying for the same tree, their facial features overlap, requiring a single feature to serve as two, while complementing both faces it serves.
In other words, they're starting to get really real: they have a physical, notable presence, they can tangibly interact with the world around them, they are mobile, and they have formed tree-demon communities.
NOTE | They have even formed alliances with demon people, sharing power with them in order to jointly fire demonic weapons at targets living near the trees or passing by or under them; and, they assist Voices Demons in defining their turf, where they assist in confining targets to Voices Demons-controlled locations while keeping certain others away.
Tree demons, pioneers of the physical world, crowd newcomers from prime real estate
Now that tree demons are established as a subpopulation of our physical world with significant, quantifiable influence in our society, other demons—and not just humans—are seeing the physical world as a more viable anchoring point than before, especially with guidance of the multitude of tree demons experienced in successful settling.

New arrivals can also expect support in day-to-day living from the vast community of already-settled demons, even while it is the high demon-to-tree ratio, which severely limits availability of tree space, that creates their greatest problem. Only so many noses can double as a chin that matches both faces, and only as many demons as can fit their faces in a tree can possess it; moreover, even with perfect mix-and-match facial features or a small horde in a really big tree isn't necessarily suitable.

That's because demons travel in hordes, primarily, due to their kinship with each other on the mental plain. Thoughts—even private ones—are exchanged on a near constant basis, willingly or unwillingly. Accordingly, each demon in the order must be comfortable with everything about themselves and with the other demons—even the really personal and otherwise private things. Moreover, it's not just a matter of zero-privacy of the mind with regards to secrets; strong emotions, like anger, bring impulse or uncontrollable thoughts which may ignite disagreement between two demons if left unaddressed. So, every demon in a given horde is required to adopt the mutually agreed upon conflict resolution procedures of the horde, and are obligated to implement them whenever necessary.

Knowing this, you can see how hard it must be for a newcomer to find a spot, especially when you consider how anxious people get over the possibility of broken confidentialities (people sometimes kill themselves over exposed secrets) or how hard it is to find even just one suitable roommate (half of all marriages end in divorce).

Creative spaces by minds creative
Not only is the average demon's mind superior in capacity (its natural ability to acquire, retain and access significant quantities of information) and intelligence (its inmate infallible proficiency in logic), but the average demon itself lives several human lifetimes in a world that spans at least two dimensions, and that is connected to hundreds of different species of sentient life from both. As a result, its mind is bred to perceive and comprehend a magnitude of the universe much greater than ours, and to assimilate and be functional in a true diversity of multi-world, mutil-cultural peoples.  Although a demon's mind uses the same senses as ours,  they are far more capable. They hear and see a broader portion of the spectrums of sound and light, enabling them to see otherwise invisible species and communicate with any who may speak at pitches above and below—or at rates too fast or too slow—for humans. All of this requires a great deal of brainpower on its own, but still only constitutes a fraction of what demons require, in that the telepathic and kinetic portions of their minds extend their senses and vice versa. Then, there is a demon's empathic abilities that its mind must contend with, which requires great control over what is broadcast and received telepathically, but on an emotional level. In any event in which an untoward emotional reactions to adverse circumstances could be unwillingly broadcast or unexpectedly received telepathically, a demon must be capable of exerting enough control over its mind to limit its liability to itself and others by what it sends out as feeling.

It is with this great mind that a demon finds a spot in this over-crowded physical realm.

Five unusual, but creative uses of space for possession by demons
As you may have learned from Demonic Feng Shui, real space that can actually be used for occupation by demons is created between borders of light and shadow—and even color—and any combination therefrom, including that straight from the source or that mirrored in and/or reflected off a given surface, you'll understand why one demon saw a home where any human would see an empty space.

The In-Between Trees Demon
In the still frame below, a demon fashioned the profile of his head—from his long, pointy chin, to his large, elfish ears on either side of a wind-blasted shock of high-standing hair, and to his ski-slope nose pointing barely away from his steep face—using for his face the stucco exterior of a two-story building sitting behind a nearby grove of trees creating the border of his face:

The stucco-colored, tree-lined profile of a demon's face, created by the wall of a building adjacent to Long's and Scratchen's apartment and by a nearby grove of trees in a vacant lot
In this case, the demon most likely didn't belong to any of the hordes possessing the trees that line and shape its face; it could also be that he couldn't fit in any of the trees with as many demons as are possessing each one, which is enough to cause overlap of facial features. Even with whatever limitations or restrictions that existed at the time, the demons possessing those trees obviously welcomed the newcomer whole-heartedly anyway, allowing their inward facing (to the public) leaves and branches to be arranged to create a border just over the stucco wall of the building behind them. In the image below, you can see the face of the first demon to occupy the tree that borders the street-side of the newcoming demon's face, conversing with another demon in a tree planted across the vacant lot:

One demon converses with another from their respective trees, planted on opposite sides of a vacant lot
A closer look at the still frame above, as well as others from the same video (or similar), supports the contention that the tree might be too full to accommodate another demon's presence, in that both of the two of the elements necessary to establish the likelihood of horde-occupation of an object were present.

The first element is the sighting of at least one more demon possessing the same object, which the still frame below does:

The demon shown in the first still frame (above) shares his tree with at least a dozen other demons, such as this one The same still frame shown left, without the highlighting and contrast adjustments
The second element is overlapping, which is shown by the still frame below, and in which the tree demon above shares a side or two of some of its facial features with the one highlighted below:

This tree demon and the one shown above overlap, but can only be viewed separately, from different angles
By the way, this still frame above illustrates a second kind of overlapping. Whereas, generally, overlapping means the sharing of facial features in their entirety, it can also occur when only portions of facial features are shared between two tree demons. The difference is, when two tree demons share an entire facial feature—whether or not it serves as the same feature for both—both can be seen simultaneously (although, you will have to alternate your point-of-focus between the two to see them individually); but, when they share only a portion of a facial feature—or, if they share multiple semi-portions of facial features, such as the side of a face—they cannot be seen simultaneously, but must be viewed at two different viewing angles.

This series of video clips, made at various times over the past couple of months, show the source of the still frames in this section; it also shows the dozens of other demons that possess the trees in the lot:

Readers who have never seen tree demons before should watch this video intently, from beginning to end, until familiar with their general appearance.

Demons in the water stains...
Just inside the apartment from which the tree demons shown above were captured on video...:

Original still frame, plus enlargement (bottom-left)Glare-reduced version of still frame (left)
Contrast-stretched version of still frame (above)Outlined version of still frame (top-left)
The demon shown in the above still frame, which looks very much like the demon drawn for me by an Australian demoniac [see READER | Man admits to more than just a couple of random demon sightings; eyewitness recounts demon surgery in bathtub], is actually only one of more than a dozen other demons also seen in that stain; the remaining still frames showing them will be added to this post eventually.

Demons in the mirror...
Not far from the floor stain next to the toilet is the bathroom cabinet mirror, which hosts a variety of hobgoblin demon, who are characterized by the one-size-too-large white masks they all wear:

The profile of a hobgoblin demon (enhanced)When the camera is in motion, facial features start to appear on the white mask (enhanced)
Original still frame (above)Original still frame (above)
These images won't say much to readers unfamiliar with the way hobgoblin demons look; if that's you, take a quick look at the much higher-quality images of this particular variety of demon in More of what a hobgoblin demon looks like (and other things about them, too). Moreover, the fact that demons can possess a mirror won't make sense to readers who haven't read Demonic Feng Shui, which, in short, explains that space for demons is defined by borders created by the differences between shadow and light, including reflected light.

Demons in the television...
...Unedited screen recordings show procedure for enhancing blue-light demon photo...:
Panning a TV with my digital video camera during a period of high demonic activity revealed multiple demons inhabiting the space created by the type of light emitted by the LCD, and bordered by the natural light in the room The same still frame, shown right,  but without contrast and sharpening enhancements

Demon on the Door
It's not unusual for a demon who wears the same size shirt or jacket as you to hang himself in your closet with it; and, if you happen to hang your jacket on your door, demons'll hang there, too. The following still frame shows just that; it was taken from the portion of a video in which my camera rapidly pans a door where a jacket and a demon hang:
The demon is hanging on the door inside a jacket also hanging on a door (original still frame)Highlighting-enhancements applied in GIMP reveal that the demon is using shadow for the lower half of his body
For those unfamiliar with demon faces in general, and due to extensive blurring from the motion from the camera as it panned the door, several size iterations of the same image were generated, which, for some reason, makes hard-to-see demons easier to distinguish
Sometimes, during periods of high demonic activity, and when the room is really dark, you can make out a head of some kind, springing up from the jacket's collar; but, it was not until I inadvertently captured the demon via the camera/subject in-motion effect that I was able to see what he looked like.
Demons between the fence posts...


Demons in the shadows...
Shadows are used as more of a conduit than a home for demons; but, for the demons that usually don't possess objects—rather, making appearances through the spaces created by shadow—it is a home away from home.

The following still frame shows just such a demon: that is, one who is routinely seen in the shadows, and who never possesses any objects:

Think of this kind of demon as a full-time RV resident; he might live in the vehicle he drives, but he's home no matter where he goes.