Monday, August 6, 2012

VIDEO | Demon blends with fire hydrant, gets decapitated

In this great example of demon animated street art from a video made during the most recent demon-led Anger Management Ritual, a demon blends with a nearby fire hydrant, appearing as a green-headed, white robed figure.

If you watch the high-quality, double-sized version of the video, you will see the tail lights of a faraway vehicle(?) form its head, which, when placed on the neck of the demon/fire hydrant, looks down at the sidewalk before its shoots straight off along the horizon, and then off of the screen.

Following is a preview:
The preview above is not really sufficient to see what I just described; you must download the enlarged original from MediaFire at:
Later in the video, the demon's head is replaced by another one made of car tail lights, and, this time, looks down on the sidewalk on the other side.

VIDEO | Spectre of Death Guards Entrance to Scratchen's Apartment

During the most recent Anger Management Ritual, the demon-led campaign of harassment and terror perpetrated by human collaborators—albeit with demonic leadership and assistance—a spot-check on Scratchen's welfare, which is constantly threatened by the Voices Demons, revealed a large Spectre of Death-like demon guarding the entrance to the apartment building she lives in right now:
A Spectre of Death-like demon guards the entrance to the apartment building in which Scratchen  lives
In the video, it slowly fades into view as the car pulls up to the entrance:
While most people would probably stay in the car, all I can say is that Scratchen is my baby girl:

The actual Spectre of Death can be seen in several video on this blog, with the greatest similarity between this newly recorded demon and said Spectre:
Spectre of Death, Camouflaged, in which it is half-cloaked and blended with shadow and light (and window furnishings) at my old apartment on 471 Julian Street in San Jose, California
The Spectre of Death also held a meeting of demons in my entry hall last year, and looks similar to the new door-blocking demon:
Spectre of Death, Camouflaged, in which it holds a meeting of demons in my entry hall in the same apartment at the address listed above
The very first video shows the only the cloak of the Spectre of Death, as it flies into my apartment to disable a cellphone video camera being used for nighttime surveillance at my apartment:
Spectre of Death, in which its shrouded visage is featured in the last frame of the surveillance video, which was terminated by the aforesaid demon

VIDEO | Demons create animated tree monster on video

More tree art, but this time you have to watch the stills in which it can be seen one-after-the-other (i.e., cartoon flip book style) to see a demon-borne tree monster leap from the side of the video and grab at my USB cable, which was connected to my phone, and hanging in front of the camera lens:
While not perfect (after all, these are done on-the-fly), the tree clearly forms the profile of some sort of USB-cable grabbing monster
This is not the first time a demon or something-or-other was caught on video grabbing my USB cable; the same miniature hobgoblin demon shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Miniature Demon Pulls and Shakes Pillow briefly pulls on it in VIDEO | Hobgoblin Demon who shook pillow shakes cord, as well.

VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Demons sculpt tree into skull, use street lamps for eyes

During the latest "Anger Management Ritual," I found myself face-to-face with a tree sculpted by demons to look like a skull, which I did not even notice until I began recording scenes from the area I was standing in with my video camera filter set to sepia color mode:
Tree sculpted by demons into a skull (sepia color mode)
As it turns out, the demon-highlighting sepia color mode filter was not needed, nor was the usual requirement of camera-waving and still-frame culling, as was necessary in PHOTOS | Tree-shaping trend grows more sophisticated. You can see the skull in full color while keeping the camera motionless (and with the naked eye):
Tree sculpted by demons into a skull (full color mode)
Here is the video in which I first noticed the skull:
And, for authenticity verification purposes, here is a full color version:

PLACES | Houses I lived in and sustained recurring demonic attacks

Is it a numbers game with demons or what? 1471, 1741, 471 are all San Jose house numbers I've been attacked at.

These are some of the places in which demonic attacks occurred (or still occur) on a regular basis:
  1. 4326 East Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis, Indiana (my childhood home in Indianapolis now demolished, from ages 5 through 8 - 1977-1980):

  2. View Larger Map

  3. 1220 Tasman Drive SPC 379, Sunnyvale, California (at age 32, in the home I owned in Sunnyvale - 2006):

  4. View Larger Map

  5. 622 Berryessa Road, San Jose, California: (at Heaven's Gate SLE on Berryessa Road in 2006):

  6. View Larger Map

  7. 1471 McDaniel Avenue, San Jose, California: at the Rose Garden in San Jose (2006-2007):

  8. View Larger Map

  9. 3658 De La Cruz Boulevard, Santa Clara, California (2007-2008):

  10. View Larger Map

  11. 1741 DeMarietta Avenue, San Jose, California (back in San Jose, to an apartment building full of human collaborators - 2007 -2008):

  12. View Larger Map

  13. 1211 East Santa Clara Avenue #4, San Jose, California (to another apartment building in San Jose, also full of human collaborators, where Long and Scratchen still live - 2008):

  14. View Larger Map

  15. 471 East Julian Street, San Jose, California (back to a San Jose apartment, where most of the videos were made):

  16. View Larger Map

  17. 3311 Princeton Way #5, Santa Clara, California (back to Santa Clara, in an apartment, where most of the remaining videos were made):

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  19. 650 South Fifth Street, San Jose, California (back to Heaven's Gate SLE, where many of the "Anger Management Ritual" videos were made - 2012):

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  21. 1174 Old Bayshore Highway, San Jose, California (City Team Ministeries Men's Shelter, where the latest "Anger Management Ritual" videos were made - 2012):

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I lived other places; but, these are the residences with the most demonic activity.
COMING UP | Businesses and other peoples' residences where demonic activity occurs regularly.

VIDEO | Spiked instrument used repeatedly on my neck and back to inflict pain

By mere coincidence, my laptop video camera got a fairly clear shot of a spiked instrument of torture used by the Voices Demons to inflict sharp and sudden pain in my neck and shoulders, which was used repeatedly on me yesterday, day two of the around-the-clock Anger Management Ritual:
A spiked instrument lashes out to cause pain and injury to areas of my neck and shoulders, caught on video
The speed at which it is moved is usually much too fast to capture on video, which is evident by the fact that there is only one still frame with a clear shot:
The torture device moves too fast for a good look on video
It is also likely to be cloaked, which means that it can only be seen on video if the camera and the instrument are in opposing motions. This is the only way that hobgoblin demons are detected on video, as described in What does a hobgoblin demon look like.

Where did it come from? Demons of the elongated, sucker-demon type simply transport to whatever location you are via human collaborators—either in their ears, noses, mouths, anuses, or armpits.
NOTE | For more on where sucker demons are put in people in Demons put "eye spiders" in eye sockets, nose and ears—and worse). To learn how people transport sucker demons and the like to their victims, read Sucker Demons Fly, Ride in Backpacks and watch VIDEO TIMELINE | Oliver Conceals a Sucker Demon.
They then slink to the ground, slither to a hiding spot, and then attack from their position.

A still frame taken from an older video made at my old apartment at 471 East Julian Street in San Jose, California, shows that other devices have been used against me:
A demon reaches around a corner in my apartment, holding some sort of device in it
I do not know what the device does; but, it's safe to assume it's not intended for my health and well-being.
COMING UP | Demons use electronic devices that cause fear on children during "nightmare" sessions.

VIDEO | De-cloaked sucker demon on trapezius

During yesterday's two-day long "Anger Management Ritual," the Voices Demons sent hordes of sucker demons (the dust-broom/mophead variety), purportedly, to atrophy muscles in my neck, shoulders, arms and buttocks and legs, as has happened without explanation. These sucker demons are generally cloaked and, therefore, cannot be recorded on video, although I do have one video showing the faint outline of a cloaked sucker demon sliding down the back of my neck, as well as one traveling underneath my skin and in my eye sockets. Poor camera equipment further complicates the task of acquiring good images.

Even still, I was able to catch one traveling down my neck and onto my trapezius while under my shirt yesterday, mainly, because this particular sucker demon was uncloaked at the time, which means that the interference that emits from their cloak, which distorts images made by digital cameras, was not present; moreover, there was plenty of light, whereas I usually encounter these creatures at night, in my home.
Part of a de-cloaked sucker demon sent to atrophy muscles in my neck can be seen under my shirt collar
You can see part of a de-cloaked sucker demon sitting on my left trapezius:

Prior to this type of assault, a Voices Demons will always announce aloud to an audience I cannot see (but, can hear, if speaking), "Take his muscle mass away!" Following that, some kind of creature,  similar to the one shown above—and, usually more than one—climbs onto my body. This one feels like I have lint under my shirt that is crawling around. This attack is sustained in 24-hour increments, while both demons and their human collaborators taunt and threaten around-the-clock. Today marks the third such day in a row that both have occurred.

The original video can be downloaded from MediaFire [38.49 MB].