Saturday, March 25, 2017

VIDEO | My demon-zapping power in hi-fi

This post is about my zaps (what I fire as a defense against demonic attack). If you don't already know what a zap is, there are two other posts to my blog that explain it; they both include a video:
Dangerously high levels of demonic radiation had at least one advantage today: I finally got to see on video what my"zaps" look like in detail I could never have hoped for without it; specifically, I was able to see three things for the first (and, probably, last) time:
  1. the energy build-up between and around my fingers just prior to firing a zap; it looks like white, semi-transparent patches that quickly appear just before I perform the flick of my two fingers that is akin to pulling the trigger, and then disappears as soon as I flick them;
  2. the actual zap, which looks like a white worm, which flew straight for my chin, and then buried itself head first on impact; and.
  3. the explosion of the zap, post-impact, which looks like the same as the energy build-up between my fingers prior to zapping, but spread out on the surface of my face.
In this new clip, I flick my fingers five times before firing a zap; the last flick of my fingers (the fifth one) in the first clip shows a zap flying right into my chin. Prior to the zap-launching finger flick, you can see the energy build-up, which is not present with the previous finger flicks. Following that, the white worm that is the zap itself darts towards by chin and the burrows itself into my face. As soon as it disappears somewhere underneath my skin, the energy-build up reappears, but this time, over the surface of my face: