Tuesday, December 25, 2012

#480 - VIDEO | Green orb of demon flies, zig-zags into ceiling corner

The video below shows four green orbs flitting around room. The first three look like specks of dust caught in the light from the camera; the fourth, however, shoots off in a zig-zag away from the camera once spotted:

The fourth orb appears at or near the 23-second mark, and right before I say, "That one was fast!"

That is what a demon looks like when it has not assumed a physical shape.

There are other videos of green orbs of light, the most notable being the one shown below:

To a lesser notable degree, this one, too:

Previously, I believed that these green orbs were the entire substance of a specific kind of demon; however, recently, it was discovered that centurion demons have orbs, too, albeit red ones [see SCIENCE | Red demon orbs turn blue under extreme hear].

#479 - SCIENCE | Red demon orbs turn blue under extreme heat

Another interesting (but useless) fact emerged this evening during a firefight with centurion demons, one among the many that I have acquired under the most egregious of circumstances since (and because of) the Voices Demons' attack. Like nearly all such facts, this one can probably only be explained by science, and also like all of them, it is of no use to anyone.

Still, one never knows, so I'll post it here anyway:

The glowing red orb of a centurion demon turns aqua blue when exposed to a direct flame emitted by the lit stream of spray from an aerosol can.

This fact might say something significant the properties of the demon make-up, but may not be enough in order to make use of just yet. After all, it took mankind at least 7,000 years after the color of leaves were first mentioned in early writings before photosynthesis and the relevance of the green were discovered.

Lucky for man, trees have maintained relative peace with us; but, demons are a another story. They have been labeled agents of anti-Christ and servants of the only adversary to men that God identifies as a true threat, i.e., Satan. By contrast, God calls some trees, "poplars," and appears very much to like them.

Some facts revealed in fire fights have proven critical to survival
Not all facts are as arcane as that one. In fact, they have been downright life-saving; and, ironically, were discovered during a firefight with demons.

For example, besides the obvious fact that demons are vulnerable to extreme heat, fire has proven the existence of the physical nature of demons. From there, it was discovered that the demonic cloak not only makes a demon nearly invisible, but also shields it from extreme heat. Repeated exploitation of this fact revealed that demons' eyes are highly sensitive to light and/or their cloak blocks some light coming into it. From there, I learned that, by lowering the cloak even slightly, which a demon might do in dark lighting conditions in order to see better, as stated, they are exponentially more vulnerable to extreme heat.

Just this one example should underscore the importance of documenting every single observation, and analyzing it to the fullest—even those which look useless to know.

Voices Demons betray centurion demons' battle tactic secrets
According to the Voices Demons, a centurion demon can obfuscate its location by surrounding a target with multiple, smoky white duplicates of itself that look like other cloaked centurion demons. The way to tell them apart is the presence of the red orb just inside its cloaked form.

A centurion demon has an orb of light that glows red, which its body surrounds. You can see it floating inside a centurion demon that is cloaked to its maximum ability.

Betrayal is odd, considering usefulness to Voices Demons in past times
Always at the beck-and-call of the Voices Demons, these uniformed and otherwise carbon-copied demonic henchmen arrived en masse at a friend's apartment--and, later, to mine--at the behest of Voices Demons in order to hurt me, specifically, to "masturbate a noggin crunch."

What that means, I don't know; but, what it involves is a crackling sound at or near the base of my head, followed by a headache and extreme dizziness and disorientation.

It is odd, then, that the Voices Demons would have betrayed this secret, considering how unpersuasive they have become since their lies have been exposed by this blog to others. Where talking has failed, physical violence has followed. Betraying their henchman is a confusing maneuver.

That is, unless you know the Voices Demons. When they are angry—which is when you don't do what they say—they will go to their own deaths to "make a point." They wanted to thin the ranks of the centurion demons, no doubt, or else they wouldn't have told me a single thing. All I can figure out is that a centurion demon must have refused an order.

Damage caused to centurion demons by Voices Demons betrayal extensive
The Voices Demons' disclosure prevented me from wasting flames on these ghost images cast by centurion demons; instead, I now look for the orb. When exposed to flames, all the other duplicates disappear, and the orb retreats. No further attacks occur after that.

Before, I was chasing phantoms everywhere, wondering just how much longer I could keep up the frantic pace it required to fight a seemingly endless barrage of demon soldiers.

Now, I can ignore them, while looking for the demon with the orb in the middle.

#478 - BIBLE | God says to beat the backs of foolish Voices Demons

In BIBLE | God calls Voices Demons fools, I wrote that whatever some might call San Jose's "little birdies" and I might call them Voices Demons, God calls them fools. That moniker and definition was then supported by relevant scripture, and was then followed by an expert explanation provided by Let God Be True!.

This post imparts God's wisdom to us on the handling of such fools, which describes my policy on the handling of the Voices Demons precisely:

Proverbs 26:3

A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool’s back.

Words do not work with some men. They need a beating instead. They are fools, and part of wisdom is learning how to deal with them. Just as some animals need bridles and whips to control or direct them, some men need harsher methods than mere words.

You will meet fools in your life, so you must learn to adapt to their brute mentality. They only respond to force or pain. Though you may love gentleness and peace, you will have to take aggressive measures to protect yourself or to get them to do anything productive.

You think you can talk wisdom into a fool? How would you do it? Fools do not learn by words; they will not. That is why they are fools. Learning by words requires intelligence and humility. Fools have little of the former and none of the latter. They must be controlled by physical constraints and punishments like brute beasts (Pr 10:13; 19:29).

Words are wasted on a fool (Pr 26:4; 23:9). So only talk long enough to rebuke his ignorance, lest he arrogantly assume he is unanswerable (Pr 26:5). A reproof, “a word to the wise,” will work with a wise man more than a hundred blows on the back of a fool (Pr 17:10; 1:5). Be smart; choose only wise persons for your friends (Pr 9:6; 13:20; 14:7).

It is a shame our urban societies no longer need service from brute beasts like the horse and ass, for this proverb would need little explanation. Men that grew up on farms using these beasts learned to control and direct them with physical constraints and punishment.  But PETA and the PTA have nearly stolen such wisdom from today’s “civilized” nations.

A whip or riding crop helps a horse remember training. A horse seeing its rider get on with one will behave better than for a rider without one, even if it is not used! The horse has felt the stinging whip before, so it obeys, though it has no understanding. Even fine horses by pedigree and training must be whipped in races to obtain their top performance.

A bridle is perfect to direct an ass, mule, or horse (Ps 32:9; Jas 3:3). A piece of metal against its lips reminds it to go in the direction the owner chooses, especially with the four feet of leverage the reins provide on both sides. What a marvelous device! Men have been ingenious to create such devices for animals, and you will need to be so with fools.

Today’s so-called enlightened societies, encouraging punk rockers with pierced tongues to slam each other in mosh pits, thinks fools will become wise with pampering and a new environment. But every farmer, especially those lacking higher education, knows better. He knows that you cannot coddle and pamper stubborn, brute beasts into obedience.

Educators declare that gentle words will make a fool wise, but the wisdom of God says they are wasted words and will lead a fool to greater foolishness. For then he will think he is worthy of conversation, which he is not (Pr 26:5; II Tim 2:16,23; Titus 3:9). A fool will despise the wisdom of your words and then use them against you (Pr 23:9; Matt 7:6).

They say a new environment will make a fool wise, but the wisdom of God rejects this as well (Is 26:10). A washed sow in a manicured lawn will create its own mud for wallowing with urine and a flowerbed in less than an hour. A dog with manicured toenails, a pink bow around its neck, and gourmet cuts of meat will still eat its own vomit. God chose these as fitting pictures of a fool’s character (Pr 26:11; II Pet 2:22).

Educators propose that better education will make fools wise, but it was the institutions of higher learning that spawned the hippie anarchist fools of the 1970’s and the tree-hugging, family-breaking, baby-aborting anarchist fools of today. The flattering and pampering educational protocol of today’s schools actually creates and multiplies fools.

Socialists suggest better jobs and more money make a difference. But you would never know by watching the fools among today’s actresses and athletes. Multi-million dollar salaries for playing boys’ games have not taught them wisdom. Some are no smarter than the animals mentioned in the proverb, in spite of exorbitant incomes and lavish lifestyles.

Love and affection are not right for a fool, for they will inflame his conceit and justify his perverse lifestyle. Fools should not be given honor or attention, for these two reasons make it wrong (Pr 26:1,8; 19:10; 30:21-23; Eccl 10:5-7). Giving esteem and respect to a fool is also a sure way to discourage the hearts of wise men observing such a disgrace.

It is a shame when so-called Christian authors write books like, “Dare to Discipline.” Considered by some a strong argument for child discipline, it presented the pampering of children and promotion of self-esteem under the guise of Christianity. Humanistic psychology rejects the rod and calls for much gentler forms of punishment. Clearly, the authors never worked with brute beasts, and their methods have proven worthless.

Corporal punishment for fools is good, as necessary and useful as whips and bridles for brute beasts. To the degree it is eliminated in modern discipline-hating and rebellion-pampering societies, those nations will decline. Self-discipline taught by a rod is crucial to good character. This proverb alone should justify the Bible at the top of bestseller lists.

Flogging was once the universal means of keeping family, domestic, military, and academic discipline. The hickory stick was a great way to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. Now you can hardly even find an accurate encyclopedia entry for this once widely used public punishment for all sorts of fools. Such revisionism is a devilish lie.

They say corporal punishment is not a deterrent, but such an insane notion is the product of academicians who never worked on a farm and hallucinate outside reality. Everyone knows pain is a deterrent. Children learn about fire and heat, weak branches in trees, and stairs by experiencing them! Not by learning about them through verbal instruction!

A whip does not make a horse smart, nor does a bridle help an ass; neither will a rod give wisdom to a fool (Pr 17:10; 27:22). The rod, like the whip and bridle, is merely God’s means to control, motivate, and punish fools. They will always need to be beat, as they will generally not learn wisdom, for they do not have the heart or mind for it (Pr 17:16).

Children are not properly fools in the sense of this proverb, but they are born with foolishness bound in their hearts (Pr 22:15). They must be trained from an early age with reproofs and use of the rod (Pr 13:24; 19:18; 23:13-14; 29:15,17). While fools proper will not learn wisdom, you can train outstanding character into your children with the rod.

Today nations have rejected the Bible and their traditional use of the rod, so you do not have the option of beating the fools you must manage. Within the limits of any particular situation, you must be creative to use the strongest, most direct, most painful measures you have your disposal. This proverb’s wisdom has taught that words will not be enough.

The Lord Jesus Christ was an obedient Son to His parents and Servant to God by verbal instruction (Luke 2:51; Isaiah 50:4-6). There was no need for a rod in His training, for He was the wisest of men. Yet He did know how to make a whip and use it, when driving fools from His Father’s house of prayer (Jn 2:12-18). What a glorious Man and Leader!

#477 - PHOTO | Cloaked pins and stitching attach face to head

This is not the first time I've recorded evidence suggesting that the skin of my face has been removed and reattached multiple times, but a frame-by-frame skim of a video made of me reveals by far the most convincing proof yet discovered. In one of the videos first shown in The (tweaker sex) Life of a (bag whore) Demoniac, several still frames show stitching in various places over the surface of my skin, which moves with my body, and which can be seen from different angles. In other words, whatever I'm seeing is there, and not a camera malfunction or video compression artifact.

The most notable of these still frames is one in which the four pins attaching the side of my face to my head can clearly be seen right in front of my ear:
The spherical heads of four pins can be seen in this still frame, attaching my face to my jaw line, which are located right in front my ear, one on top of the other (think 'autopsy')
In this video, cloaked sucker demons can also be seen covering the entire surface of my body; however, even while they seem to be ignoring my partner, he may still have something to worry about, specifically, the stitching that seems to be present at the top of each of his legs, suggesting that a major incision was made at some point.

Demons' routine surgical operations on humans not new
It has been long established that demon have been conducting medical experiments and clandestine surgeries on humans, which often occurs at VMC Hospital at 751 South Bascom Avenue in San Jose, California.
In the past, at least one variety of demon known for its fixation on human physiology and medical practices was incidentally photographed during a period of high demonic activity there, and has eve since been linked with such vile conduct as that seen in the still frame above. This variety has long been dubbed hobgoblin demons, for reasons which should now be clear to everyone; they stand about 3 to 4 feet tall, wear black cloaks, and feature a face that looks like a shiny white, grotesque mask [see Rare Photo of Voices Demon at VMC or Hoax?see also More of what a hobgoblin demon looks like (and other things about them, too)]:
Hobgoblin demons, like the one sporting an evil grin above, are renown for medical experimentation on humans, and conduct much of their operation out of Valley Medical Center Hospital in San Jose, California
Non-demon material—not just demons—can be cloaked
Non-living and non-demon material can be cloaked, in addition to demons and humans; however, they can be detected in the same manner, specifically, by digital cameras that are panning over the location of the cloaked objects. The relatively fewer light rays reflecting from the cloaked material are condensed when the camera is moving, making the cloaked material "brighter."

It also helps if the cloaked material is in the periphery of the camera lens, in that light passing just over the edge of an obstruction—such as the outer rim of the lens aperture—is diffracted, which also condenses light rays, thereby increasing the visibility of a cloaked object. To demonstrate this scientific fact, a hole was drilled into a peanut butter jar lid and taped over the lens of a camera on the floor. When curiosity overwhelmed one demon, it peered inside, only to have its eyeball made visible for the camera. The demon was invisible, but the diffracted and refracted light reflecting from its eyeball rendered it visible [see SCIENCE | Seeing the eye of an invisible demon]:
The greenish-blue iris and black, glossy pupil of an imp variety demon of the assassin type is revealed through a hole drilled in a peanut butter lid
The scientific principle behind this is explained in far greater detail in SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained, which also explains why some demons can be seen in certain kinds of reflections, but not directly, as shown and described in VIDEOS | What demons look like when they float (instead of walk).