Saturday, August 23, 2014

READER | Can I use your videos to legally prove demonic activity exists?

A subscriber to the YouTube channel that hosts many of the videos posted to this blog asked if he could use those videos in a court-of-law, presumably, to sue persons perpetrating injustices of some kind in concert with demons. About 4 hours ago, Shawn Milby, wrote:

[W]ould ya mind if i used your stuff in court to help explain whats happening to us?
I'm assuming a couple of inferences by this intentionally vague question; I'll assume the best-intentioned one: that the reader, a person injured by the actions of demons and their people, wants to prove damages by demonic activity against a defendant(s) allied with demons by first proving that such activity and alliances exist, and to otherwise support his allegations in a civil complaint.

My answer to him was, essentially, "Yes, I would mind." But, I followed that answer with my reasons (below), which are all the right ones:
You cannot present [my stuff] in any trial proceeding or in any other forum unless I am summoned to verify and explain them. 
Not only will the court not allow you to enter them as exhibits without at least a signed and verified declaration by me stating facts pertinent and relevant to your case as they pertain to the videos' origin and nature, but the defense will require a cross-examination of them, and that cannot be done properly without me; but, even if these two insurmountable legal obstacles were somehow sidestepped, the videos and the related blog posts don't provide enough background information to bolster your complaint or to survive a factual challenge by the defense. 
This request shows that you have not been shown, or are not convinced, that no court of law is going to bring justice to a problem like the one we have. Justice doesn't come from a court room; it's just a facilitator of justice as it is defined by human law, which facilitates said justice for humans only. If you have a demon problem, you cannot leverage the court to bring justice to your situation. 
Lack of justice is not your problem, anyway; life-threatening danger is. Your survival—not the Just Ideal—is at stake. 
So, if you're in trouble, and it's demon-related, know this: demons and people go hand-in-hand. Where there's a demon, there's always a person, which allows you to handle things in any number of ways already familiar to you. If it comes down to it (and it may), this may even include Old West-style. Demons might be bullet-proof; but, I'm assuming demon people—just like normal people—are not. It's problems like yours that provided the basis and reason for producing things made specifically for protecting your life when it is threatened, and your situation could easily and quickly turn into an occasion for such a product.
Let me explain why I might think that way if I were you: you have a citizen of the United States that has illegally imported a non-citizen alien into the country without telling anyone for the sole purpose of using its supernatural powers to harm other citizens. And, the process for doing that is a lot different than smuggling a citizen of Mexico over the border by hiding them in the back of of a semi-trailer. They had to invest and commit huge amounts of their time, energy and soul into bonding, plotting and planning, and otherwise acting in concert with an entity whose only business in a realm occupied by nothing but the equivalent of cattle (to put it in human perspective) could only be construed as harmful and lethal and subversive. 
And, not only that, but such citizens are not just opening up the back of the truck and letting the Mexicans run off somewhere else in America, never to be seen by the smuggler again; rather, these people are going way beyond and over that by actually harboring demons in their homes, not only exposing themselves to their own risk of physical harm, but providing from their own resources to support the demonic agenda.
That kind of commitment—the kind that includes safety risks and significant personal sacrifice—is indicative of a mind bent on destruction at all costs, considering the type of entity that commitment is made to. 
You want to drag a demon-human duo into a court of law? Most people wouldn't sue other people unless they had some means of physical protection, let alone other people plus the Army of Darkness. 
Take steps today that make sense; you cannot preserve or maintain the life you had with the civil justice system. Even if you find causes of action that fit parts of your situation and can therefore be litigated, neither you nor any law enforcement agency can enforce a court order on a demon-human horde/pool. 
That's the pragmatic, material side to your situation; here's the equally pragmatic, but spiritual (eternal perspective) side to it: 
Next to Love, Justice is the number two reason why we need God as human beings. We're weak compared to most sentient life, and only the All-Powerful can make things fair. Because justice is His, He will enforce it, albeit in His own way, and in His own time. That sounds like a caveat; but, it isn't. In the end, it means that everyone will be treated in a way that everyone feels is fair; it also means that, somehow, the injustice you have suffered will have worked out to some good you didn't perceive at the time. God is all-seeing, all-knowing, eternal in both directions (past and present), and cares for you all the way down to the number of hairs on your head. 
You should already be on this page in your walk with God, and therefore can readily release any sense of unfairness or anger that might make you reluctant to let your understandable attachment to the lawsuit-approach go. If you're not, now's the time to get started. After all, surely this isn't the first time in your life that you've had to let injustice slip by unchallenged, even if it's never been this big of a deal; I know it won't be the last. 
Read (or re-read) the Bible where justice is described as the dominion of and in-built nature of the God and Creator of all things; and, read all His promises of justice in the end. Get confident that there are things only God sees that, if you could, too, would make you understand why you had to suffer injustice, and why it was fair that justice was not meted out against your detractors long before. 
The Word is your power to move deftly through a problem like this and all the others you are facing, and will face. While it's true that you still have to go through this problem, it's assured that you'll be better by the end of it. Remember this all day long, factor it into every thought, decision and action: you're shaping a life that goes on beyond the one you're leading right now. You are so lucky God is challenging you on this level, in this life, to develop virtues worthy of a citizen of Heaven. He must think very highly of you, and clearly has big plans for you in the life to come. 
I would be particularly pleased if there's something I could help you with; so, write me when you can, explaining everything you can (or just simply saying what you need without any explanation). The answer will always be yes from me, if it is mine to give.
The only thing I forgot to mention, but is just as important as any other reason: proving demonic activity exists doesn't establish it as the cause of any injury cognizable by any court as a cause-of-action whatsoever until such activity is fully understood and can be established using elements of proof determined by a court. It's not useless, but an undertaking that requires more resources and time than humans have available to them.

Now, if you were me, you could bring raise hell right in front of everyone's eyes.

VIDEO | Latest imp demon video makes second demonic incursion in broad daylight

The highly elusive and rare imp demon I encountered two days ago makes not only the second such demon to be captured on video in as many years, but also makes the second demon that same day encountered somewhere else besides in my home and/or in the dead and dark of night [see VIDEO | Hobgoblin demon walks SF sidewalks in broad daylight]. Instead, he was being carried by a woman, who was running through the streets of San Francisco in broad daylight, and in full view of an abnormally large public crowd.

Imp demons are usually no more than two feet tall, and always look like old, bald men, wearing black cloaks
Actually, carrying is not the right word. Whereas blanket demons possess blankets and clothes and tree demons possess leaves and barks, imp demons possess human hands, mutating them to create the likeness of their faces (just like blankets are folded into faces and leaves are arranged into same); they dress using whatever article of clothing the human is holding in the hand the imp demon is possessing, as long as it is black and can be fashioned into their trademark black cloak.
NOTE | An imp demon will only possess a hand if it is holding cloth-like material of some kind. This is because they cannot possess the material without human assistance—witting or otherwise—similarly to the demon that needed (or used) the VMC nurse's hand to possess the plastic bag she held in it prior to launching her attack, as shown in VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon.
Imp demons are roughly the same height (less than two feet tall), size (12 to 18 pounds of mass vs. weight), and body shape of a baby doll of an infant, all the way down to their little, bald heads; however, their faces are elderly, which bear highly exaggerated Germanic features so sharp and strong, one cannot imagine any other expression on their faces but the stern and serious one always sees in each one.

The video below contains two clips showing two imp demons. The first was captured on video about two years ago, as shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Little Man Around the Be(n)d. In that video, the imp demon, which had taken possession of my hand, jumps out of my bed (or, my arm fell off my bed, depending on the relative perspective—mine or his), and then suddenly flops face down on the floor after belatedly discovering that I was secretly recording him with a hidden digital camera pointed at his reflection in a mirror across the room:

Although not too clear due to the low-end digital camera and far-away mirror reflection, you can still make out the bald baby-doll attributes characteristic of every imp demon, who is wearing their trademark black cloak attire
This, by the way, was the only way to capture an imp demon on video since they move in fast-time, and are therefore too quick to be captured on video with the camera in-view and pointed directly at them. When you try to record an imp demon in that way, they immediately crumple to the floor as soon as you start to record, making it impossible to get anything more than one or two blurry still frames of these magically elusive creatures.
NOTE | Like many demons, imp demons possess humans to synchronize to the flow rate of time to humans and their indigenous environment (which is super slo-mo relative to their native time flow); when not in possession of a human, they move according to their own nature (which is lightning-quick, just like the assassin demon shown on video in VIDEO | Demons can alter the flow of time).
To increase the chance of longer exposure to the camera, I layed it on the floor, somewhat behind the bed, and pointed it towards a mirror I also layed on the floor—albeit very casually and discretely—across the room. In order for the imp demon to avoid the camera, all he'd have to do—as usual—is hop over the camera to its other side, which he did.

Unfortunately for him, he was in the mirror's reflection, at which the camera was pointed, and which was not be immediately noticeable to a demon who had only to be concerned with a camera the thousands times before when I tried to record him. Having never seen me do anything but try the whip-out-the-camera-real-fast maneuver over and over, he didn't suspect I could be tricky enough to use a mirror to obfuscate the camera's line-of-sight until it was too late.

It worked, buying me about a full one second before he saw his reflection out of the corner of his eye and deflated (which is the appearance of an imp demon as it resynchronizes with its native flow of time, and returns to the physical state inherent to its species, i.e., spirit).
NOTE | The imp demon used a portion of my bedspread for his makeshift attire.
In the second clip, which was made only two days ago, a woman runs past my video camera, her hand possessed by an old man-looking imp demon, which was using the black t-shirt she held as a cloak:

Why the lady ran in front of my camera
The lady shown in the second video clip running past my camera had an interesting reason for doing so, specifically, to tease me with the opportunity to capture an imp demon on video. She knew, or thought she knew, that I would only get a couple of blurry frames at best, none of them meeting the standards of my readers, and, consequently, mine. This type of jocular annoyance is what occupies the time and minds of demon people when they're not bombarding me with weapons fire (and, while, I guess, too).

Of course, to buy this explanation, you'd have to assume that all (or a lot of) demon people know about my blog, and know the process by which I capture demons (i.e., shoot a lot of video of seemingly nothing, and then skim the video frame-by-frame, carefully scrutinizing each for signs of demonic activity). That assumption would be correct; and, in fact, the Voices Demons state that over 100,000 demon people are regular readers of this blog, and that they advise demon people through their network of Voices Demons of my routine for acquiring and preparing media to post to it.
NOTE | It makes sense that demon people would constitute the majority of my readership, as I am their primary focus as a group, and this blog would only make sense to them, anyway.
Knowing the arduous workflow and the limitations of my camera, she ran fast and close camera, thinking that, as I said, I would get maybe a couple of blurry still frames showing something that sort of looks like an imp demon, but could also be her boob.

Like any demon person who listens to their Voices Demons would know, she thought I'd do my usual agonizing over whether to post crappy still frames to the blog, fearing that the images would not be convincing and therefore turn off skeptical readers; and, she assumed that I'd then spend hours trying to clean up the frames in Photoshop or GIMP, and then probably jettison the whole idea of posting them at all after that. The following pic is a perfect example:

Original still framePhotoshopUnsatisfactory result
It took me hours to isolate the demon's face from the stack of towels in that dark room; even still, I decided it didn't contain enough detail to post.

What she didn't know is that the new iPhone 5s features slo-mo video recording, which was both the phone and feature I was using at the time I made the video. Its 120-frames-per-second capture rate negated her onerous effort, and enabled me to capture several close-up and sharp images of the imp demon possessing her hand.

Other demon varieties that possess, manipulate human hands
Imp demons are not the only variety of demon to fashion its likeness out of human hands. In VIDEO/PHOTOS | Demon attempts to blend with moving hand, a centurion-like demon was captured on video, having mutated my hand in order to form its face out of it.

Hands, next to faces, are the most commonly demon-mutated body part
Human hands—next to human faces—are the most commonly demon-mutated body part of the demon-possessed (it's why they age faster than any other body part, too—greater sun exposure, my ass). Search for hand to find scores of photos and videos made over a two-year span showing human hands mutated into their demonic host's and fashioned into weapons.