Tuesday, October 18, 2016

24-Hour Demoniac Crisis Hotline opens on Facebook

On Monday, October 17th, 2016, a reader wrote:
So if all this is happening on extreme levels to all humanity and literally to all that exists on this earth how do you fight them. How do you break free. Besides Jesus what are things that one can do bc I'm exhausted 
On that same day,  The Life of a Demoniac 24-Hour Crisis Hotline responded:
Excellent question; so glad you asked. It's exactly what should be asked first when presented with the facts. Unfortunately, on no occasion within the five years I've blogged has anyone even acknowledged any other problems but their own; and, never has anyone without such problems expressed an interest in anything other than being entertained by the accounts of those with them. 
Readers post their questions directly to The Life of a Demoniac Facebook Page, and can also reach live help via Messenger (or phone)
The mind of the aforementioned afflicted is a selfish one, and seeks only the return of its comforts, and not one that is eager to solve problems (or, insodoing, one that is creative enough to see the opportunities that therein lay). Were they not afflicted, they likely would have been among the apathetic, callous, imprudent and irresponsible unaffected; and, I wouldn't be surprised to see them join that crowd if their problems were all solved, even though they were made familiar firsthand. 
The overarching characteristic of these two groups: unsympathetic, or apathy. They both spend a comparatively large amount of time honing their excuse-making skills that may present themselves in different ways, but which boil down to same thing: an outright refusal to do anything they don't want to do, and a readiness to defend that decision at a consequence to whoever should challenge them.
Ironically, and with just a slight difference, that is also an accurate summation of the virtues of the enemy, namely, persons who acknowledge the problem because they are the problem. When the opportunity to be anything but a victim or a fool presented itself, their eagerness to betray their country, their families, their communities—and all of humanity—came with a litany of excuses for doing whatever they wanted to do, and a weapon-readiness to assault and murder as a consequence to whoever had not, did not or would not take advantage of the same opportunity. That readiness extends to those whom the opportunity was never presented.
That's three variations of persons of the same character, to which there is a person who is the diametric opposite: virtuous. Out of all the virtues, charity is the most prominent, and is the key difference in character and motivation between the two foes. 
When advised of the problem, the charitable ask, "What can I do?" When answered, the prudent, "How can I do it?" When told, the fortuitous begin doing it, and, with great patience and temperance, stick with the doing until the doing is done; and, in and by doing, the just hurt no one. 
Regardless of your propensity towards virtue, no one hopes to win a battle when they have no faith that it can be won. Jesus was God's seal on this, His last promise that will be fulfilled before the end of time: that the battle will be won by those He calls his own. 
Jesus secured that promise for you at the expense of His blood, opening the way for His followers to discard the burden and weight of an unvirtuous life to free you to build a life virtuous.
That's what He came to do, and these words come straight from His mouth. God sent Him at the time when the problem as we know it now became inextricable from the Universe as we know it, and otherwise irreversible. He would have come sooner had the world been prepared to receive Him, but as Genesis through Malachi show, that was not to be for some time. 
Having been sent to salvage those trapped in the lost cause that is the fate of the Universe, and to save who would come to God instead of Satan, were they able, He spent His life refining his virtue to a degree so impeccably, so impressively, that He is still regarded as virtue's only token banner two thousand years later. He then devoted His life to a ministry that directly addressed what we call the problem. He founded His church, the first charter of which is to withstand prevail by the Gates of Hades. He died to ensure that those striving for virtue could approach God with any petition or request for safety in the problem, and the provisions to fight and survive it for yourself and for others, could, their sins by and through His blood having been washed away.
Jesus was all over the problem, even before the problem began. His life was God's solution. So, to answer your question: you can do nothing apart from Jesus. With Jesus, you can enter into an intimate relationship with God, having been made holy by the gift that was His sacrifice; if you appropriate His salvation (defined as the saving from Death, literally), then the answer as to the Way by which you can help yourself and others is just a prayer away; the provisions are whatever blessings bestowed upon you by God; the means are whoever is a member in right-standing with God, and is a member of Christ's church.
Don't think I don't get what you mean when you say, "aside from the Jesus stuff." You want to take action, not sit in a pew, bored, while the world outside crumbles. 
Regrettably, the crumbling of the world began in Eden, having started the very moment the choice of one man, Adam, and one woman, Eve, to defy God—a choice you would be making equivalent of by denying that Jesus is the answer to the problem. It doesn't matter the means by which the choice was made, as all things were clearly within God's hands well before then. He could've at least put a fence around that tree; but, knowing that it was in man to eventually defy God, there would have been no point. He allowed the problem to begin right from the start of creation, so that no one could say they would never make the same mistake, and so that everyone would be obliged to address it.
It is a scary thing waking up from the slumber of biblical ignorance, having heard sermons aplenty, having read the Bible over and over, and all the while not ascertaining the full applicability and relevancy of every word in it as they pertain to your life and your world and everyone you know now, knew before and will know, and those you could know. It makes you feel kind of stupid at first when you finally realize this; but, that turns to grateful the second you realize how possible it was that you might not have ever known, how you would have been a fool your whole life, how you would have failed to help those you love because you didn't know the true source of whatever difficulties they may have had, how you would've been confounded by the disappointing outcome of your life because you couldn't navigate its unseen waters.
Many say that they feel stupid because they didn't see it all sooner, particularly when they look back on their lives and see where they got it all wrong in certain places, and how, in those places, they should have seen things as they were and are, and, how, if they hadn't been so blind and deaf, they wouldn't have gone wrong.
But, I say this: the only persons who should feel stupid are the ones who purport to believe in God—who say that God answers every prayer—but who never asked, "Why, God? Why?", and then stuck to that prayer and only that prayer until it was answered. I'm debating whether those who took a really long time before praying that prayer and obtaining its answer are stupid, or are just lazy or aloof or cowardly. 
Regardless, a failure to ask the God from whom all wisdom flows—the same God who asks and tasks His creation to be wise, and promises to answer every prayer for wisdom made sincerely and in earnest by good and not-so-good persons alike, who fashioned the greatest king the world has ever known based solely on that particular king's prayer for wisdom, which was made in deference to all the riches in the world—for that very wisdom, which is the kind you and your loved ones need to survive and thrive in the mess of a world we made, and cannot unmake. 
All of that being said, I answer your question in a manner the ignorant would call more practical, thusly: start by cleaning out the clutter in your home. Demons lodge in everything, and narrow, elongated enclosures such as chimneys, closets, bed and desk and table underneaths, ventilation ducts, and even small holes in walls or floors facilitate entry. Adjust lighting so that no shadows are cast anywhere near a person, especially shadows cast by a person (in short, get nowhere near a shadow, ever; and, let nothing cast one, either). Consider cleaning your carpets by non-electric means, and get completely rid of and never use electric floor or ceiling fans. Anything that moves in circular fashion by electricity also creates portals (entry points), but with many times over enclosed spaces as described above. 
The reasons for this are fully explained in various posts to my blog, as are the smattering of places and things in which demons can be found (not that you'd look for them, but, rather, look out for them).
Having informed and educated nearly every reader as to the true and full nature of the demon problem that now exists by and through five years of blogging (although many who are in-the-know consider the blog to be a mere supplement to having brought the problem to the doorstep of every reader), I'm making an effort to transition the blog's focus from just my life as a demoniac to include the lives of other demoniacs. It's natural for many at the beginning of a life as a demoniac to think it's their problem and their problem only; in some cases, as it was mine, it was intended to be perceived that way, and a monumental effort was staged to ensure it for a long time—an effort so large, it defies belief.

The reasons demons have for doing so notwithstanding, being a demoniac is, in fact, more common than not; knowing that, and the fact that the problem is one that cannot be handled singly, usually compels such demoniacs to finally seek advice and, hopefully, help and support.

As the world's only comprehensive, authentic, accurate and relevant source of information on all things demonic (I mean the blog, as well as me), that means that desperate demoniacs end up talking to me in the end. For the past year or two, requests for help—whether an outright plea or hint of one—have skyrocketed. I meant for that to happen. No problem that now can be seen didn't exist before it was seen; I merely made it more visible by telling people where to look and what to look for and what demonic activity looked like and what demonic activity actually was. From there, all kinds of people sprang out; but, the ones I'm most concerned with are the ones that want no part of evil, and will not compromise with it.

My help is good help: I can tell you everything you need to know about what to do in a crisis, and I can simply tell you what I know without any advice for action. Regardless of which, I strive to support my information and recommendations with any relevant notes (by me or other readers), images and/or videos posted to this blog, which can be used to validate any choices you make to whomever you feel validation is due. The offerings are that strong, that convincing.

Unfortunately, because that involves things no one would otherwise do, I find myself talking to the same victims months or a year later in an even worse situation, but with the same non-receptivity to taking definitive action. I guess I don't know how to say, "Get out of your house; there's demons in there," in a way that, when combined with the heinous acts of demons against the person living in a house with them, motivates them to run away from those demons. Moving sucks, I know.

Introducing what I think is the start of a solution: a 24-hour demoniac crisis hotline, accessible via Messenger on The Life of a Demoniac 24-Hour Demoniac Crisis Hotline Facebook Page. Hell getting too hot? Just click or touch the Call Now button at the top of the page to be instantly connected to sanity and reason, eager to impart common sense on those who it might have escaped, being beleaguered by demons and all.
The Life of a Demoniac 24-Hour Demonic Activity Crisis Hotline
Of course, I'm writing in the tarty manner I affect when things get too serious; but, regardless, I take things seriously, as serious they are. For example: The first two persons to contact me via the page include a woman who wants to tackle the Gates of Hades by herself, even though it is the batting of her like a baseball by said kingdom that has brought her to a point of exhaustion. I know exhaustion; it doesn't feel tarty. And, I know what it's like to feel as if it comes down to you and Satan, all by your lonesome. Then, there's a guy who thinks his father may have betrayed the family to demons, and who is leading everyone into danger now that he has definitive proof of demons in his father's home, yet his father continues to deny any knowledge (or the ability to see the demon's clearly in the picture in his house). His primary concern is that his sister, who still lives with their father, is in danger. His concerns are dead-on right, even if their father had nothing to do with it. And, on that, it doesn't look good there, either; every demoniac, no matter any other circumstances that varies among them, has had the same suspicion that a family member or someone close to them "knows what's going on," and is either "keeping it from [them] or hiding it from [them]." Like the spouse who suspects infidelity, they are never wrong, either.
Response to the introduction of blog's companion page on Facebook was favorable, even before any posts were made to it
All calls, e-mails and whatever are posted to the page and this blog, either partially or in totality, albeit anonymously, because I think no demoniac should be fooled into thinking they're different from the lot of them. It's a lie that's foolish to believe; its opposite is a truth that's foolish not to embrace. Moreover, demons are always working up to and relishing the day they get to break the news to a demoniac they made to feel special that said demoniac is, in fact, not at all. Hopefully, any demoniac thinking they have nothing in common with other demoniacs will quash such thinking.
Questions in other publishing venues, such as Google+, will also be included on the page
If you or someone you know wants to know what I know about the problem, call anytime. Because I intend to see this effort successful in short-order, don't be shy. Any hour, and day is fine; if unavailable on Messenger, the automated response system directs calls to my phone.