Saturday, April 26, 2014

#573 - 16 murders, other crimes solved while fighting 36-years-to-life prison term in county jail

After nearly one year in the county jail, fighting charges that carried 36 years to life in a California state prison, I'm back, and with plenty of demon-related postings to come; but, for now, I'll fill in my nearly 172,000 readers (so far) with how I kept myself busy while confined to a tiny jail cell here in San Jose.
NOTE | This "drama" started way, way back, as you'll read in these very old posts: see Voices demons say, "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life (in prison)" and Voices Demons take a second and third swipe at freedom and Voices Demons take first swipe at freedom and Voices Demons' weigh options to deprive me of freedom; see also Bail bondsman warned of Long's betrayal and subsequent "demise".
In short, I solved murders, which is not as far away from demon-fighting as one might think. More on that later. For now, though, I'll share copies of the letters written by me to police on behalf of myself or other inmates, which offer witnesses to 16 murders occurring in and around the Northern Bay Area of California.
NOTE | For the record, 16 murders constitutes nearly half as many murders as occurs annually in San Jose.
The following letter was written by me for an inmate, who turned out to be not guilty of his accused crime, and who was frustrated by his frequent incarceration at the time I offered to solicit police on his behalf as follows:
Here's another letter I wrote after talking with one of my cellmates, who clearly has had a full life, judging by the number of murders he's seen with his own eyes (this makes 6 total):

Here's a couple of other murders, also relayed to me by a different cellie, who is/was an active 8st gang member (now totaling 10 murders):
This "other," a non-gang member that can (or could) affiliate themselves with a Northerner or Southerner, depending, walked up on three murders, all in the same night...believe it or not (total murders: 13):

The letters relating to the remaining three murders I haven't had a chance to post yet; but, here are a few other letters I wrote, which also give you an idea of how I spent my time while down-and-out in the pokie.

This letter located an illegal weapons cache in San Jose, California, belonging to Sureños street gang franchise, Sur Santos Pride (SSP):

This letter written to the Santa Clara County prosecutor on behalf of Alfred Apiaz offers the assistance of the aforementioned high-ranking, long-time member of the infamous Nuestra Familia Street Regiment of Santa Clara in the prosecution of over 40 other members, who committed, in total over 120 crimes, which are listed in the referenced indictment, and include murder, extortion, armed robbery, drug smuggling, and more:

This letter offered Raymond Vasquez's assistance in locating fugitive Juan Carasco, a known member of Nuestra Familia, and in the prosecution of Cruz Castro, already apprehended:

This letter sought to put a dent in San Jose's burgeoning illegal gambling rings using inmate Leo Rodriguez's first-hand knowledge of clandestinely placed slot machines dispersed at various businesses around town:

This letter offers a volunteer informant (i.e., Emerson Rodriguez) on Michoacan cartel (Mexican mafia) criminal activity, which includes illegal sales and manufacturing of drugs and alcohol, sex and drug trafficking and the like:

Reader protests posting of informant data
Ignoring the victim right in front of her face, as well as the victims of the crimes that are the subject of the letters, a Facebook reader decided to lambast me for posting them:

But, what this reader (and many others) fail to realize is, is this is how you get results. It's by posting these letters that some of these people actually got the benefits they requested—and deserved. Not a single soul is, or was placed in, danger.

I know what I'm doing; I've been doing this for a very long time now.