Saturday, December 26, 2015

PICS | Demons use a new entity to degrade vision

A frame-by-frame review of a video made yesterday during the current period of high demonic activity (high for my tastes, anyway) revealed what looks like a curved sliver of metal lined with spokes, which appear to be piercing the outer rim of my cornea in my left eye, the arch of metal aligning almost perfectly with the top half:
In addition to skimming through every frame of a video made during a period of high demonic activity, view each frame at different magnifications
Because it was absent in all other still frames, I'm assuming it moves under and out of the surface of my skin, just like the demonic lightning bug and whatever it was that crawled in and out of my head last week or so; that, plus the fact that it is about the same color and size as the two aforementioned entities:
A demonic entity similar in color and size to the one on my eye is shown on video flying through the air, and then landing on my elbow in  VIDEO | Demonic Lightning Bug; its cloak illuminates whenever it intercepts the path between the camera and a nearby lightA round-shaped demonic entity with legs similar to that shown on my eye is shown on video emerging from underneath my scalp, piercing my fingers with two of its legs, and then submerging under the skin [see VIDEO | Yet another something crawling in and out of my head]
Having been spotted in my eye, this new entity is likely part of a continuing effort to blind me, an effort discussed in extensive detail in other posts, all of which show videos and images of injury being inflicted by cloaked entities to an eye (usually the left one, as shown below):

A sucker demon, causing damage and irritation to my left eye, the most frequently targeted eye in an ongoing effort to blind it slowly, and over an extended period of time
For example, one image in TECHNOLOGY | How demons blind people (or, How people go blind) shows sucker demons speared into the skin around my eye, having been arranged like spokes so that the tissue-degrading effect of their cloaks is spread evenly (in order to obfuscate signs of abuse):
Sucker demons, protruding from the skin, encircled around my right eye
In VIDEO | Sucker demons swarm eyes, face to blind, disfigure, a sucker demon is shown on video, oozing from under my eyelid and down my face:

These pics show a sucker demon that has disguised itself at first as a glint of light, reflecting from my eye, a ruse that was exposed easily enough be reviewing subsequent still frames:

Search for blind on this blog to read other posts showing direct contact with my eyes by demonic entities like those shown below and elsewhere in this post:

The still frame shown above was processed in a couple of different ways in order to make visible in an image what is invisible to the naked eye. In this case, that is two worm-like demonic entities—called sucker demons—who took up residence on the lip of my eyelids. On the right eye, the sucker demon either has a branch of legs stemming from one end (while overlapping the eye) or is accompanied by an eye spider demon.