Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cloaked Demon Revealed in Flames

Cloaked demons are revealed in flames in this series of clips from a video showing an early morning attack by a horde.

I woke up to at least five or six of them as they charged my bed. Fortunately, I keep a lighter and can of hairspray handy for just such an event. Although there have been countless such attacks, this morning's constituted my first counter-assault.

It went well. They left shortly after receiving a face-full of hot Aqua Net, and I enjoyed—for the first time in years—nearly four hours of demon-free existence (not counting the ones that hover overhead constantly, which, until just recently, have never gotten physical while I was conscious).

Later that evening, in a show of arms, they returned with a phalanx of hobgoblins; unfortunately, I ran out of hairspray, and had to actually get—and stay—out of bed. Still, the assault on my eyeballs continued, and my vision also continues to worsen exponentially.