Monday, March 11, 2013

#527 - PHOTOS | Man with demon hand sports morphing demonic shirt pattern

The sailboats in the pattern on this man's shirt change into skulls and demons, which you can see in these still frames taken from the portions of a video made of him in which either he or the camera is in motion:
The head of a demon bursts from a man's sailboats-and-tropical-islands shirt (enhanced and color-corrected)
The demon appeared in three separate still frames as clear as day, discounting any claim of coincidence or fluke:
The skull-like face, looking upward, in the top-left corner......appears in three separate still frames......looking the same across the board
Demons not only change line drawings and other forms of artwork into their likeness, but, they can animate it, as well. And, not only do they do this to prints and patterns on shirts and the like, but, they can do it to tattoos on a person's skin, too.

By the way, the man who wore this shirt is the same one whose hands can be seen forming into spikes in these still frames:
A video made of the man wearing the demon-plagued shirt......revealed his demonic weapon of choice, i.e., a clawed hand

#526 - VIDEO | Demons make :-( with water drops on sink stopper

While trying to capture a small demon on video that had been running around my bathroom all day, I discovered a work of demon art as I panned the camera over the sink, particularly, a :-( made out of the water drops on top of the sink stopper:

Believe it or not, smiley and frowny faces are commonly made by demons—although, usually, it's smiley faces—and is intended to supplement the endless ranting and raging against a victim of demonic possession by the Voices Demons.

These symbols are probably meant to serve as a barometer of sorts for the level of expected violence against the victim; or, it might be meant to indicate to other demons what has taken or is taking or will take place against the victim by tendriled demons and spike-fingered demons.

In particular, that's two things:

  1. A tendriled demon striking the victim in the jaw, which causes the ligaments (or tendons or muscles) to lose elasticity, so that opening and closing the mouth is hindered; although it has been used repeatedly against me, the effect appears to be cumulative, meaning that total loss of mouth movement could result over time, but hasn't yet. Another tendril comes out from the neck and in to the cheek just below the bone to complete the circuit (tendriled and sucker demons are electrical in nature).
  2. The spike-fingered hand of a demon strikes the head of the victim, dumfounding them, and otherwise making them feel sick. The long-term effect is intended to be brain damage to the extent portrayed by the Voices Demons in an altered photo of me:
A photo altered by the Voices Demons, depicting the end result of the brain damage they intend to inflict (and have begun inflicting)
What lead me to believe this was the case, at first, was a guess; but, once I saw a still frame showing these two types of assaults portrayed by the water drops, I am sure that there is a connection between the level of violence the Voices Demons intend to inflict and the mood expressed by the face:
A spike-fingered hand arches over the top of the faces head, while his own spike-fingered hand extends from underneath; a tendril impacts the left side of the face near the jaw
The frowny face in the sink was not as sophisticated as, say, the face of the Spectre of Death, which was made out of clothes hangers, and which had to be viewed at a specific angle to be recognized [see Demonic art passè de mode]; in fact, the easy-to-recognize symbol only needed one to hold the camera upside-down to see it:
In several still frames, you can see small demons here and there in the reflection from the faucet and sink counter (see two glowing eyes on skull-white face on faucet, bottom-left), as well as a blanket demon starting to form in the towel (see profile of open-mouth demon wearing a Russian-style winter hat, talking to the toilet paper, top-center):