Monday, July 24, 2017

My dope = your inevitable demise

Before you read this post...
This blog is just like an episode of Days of Our Lives or General Hospital or any other soap opera in one, very significant way: if you're new, you can't just watch one episode (or read one post) and get what all the stories are about; and, even if you get the gist of them, you lack the requisite history for really appreciating the episode the way longtime viewers do.

Like soap opera stories, each post is but one thread in a large tapestry. I help you get up to speed by including hyperlinks to other, related posts where applicable throughout each post. Follow them. It's so worth it.

What if I told you, a demon or demon person, this about the demonic plague and your ability to affect it: my high is the connection, not yours or anything else you do or anything else about you. You may be powerful during periods of high demonic activity; but, those periods are mine to control. I can take away everything from you by simply obeying the law and taking care of my health and regarding my personal safety. You are nothing but mooches and poachers, taking what is mine and calling it yours; and, saying you're better people all the while.

Hearing this is difficult for such people to accept, even though I can (and have repeatedly) demonstrate(d) it right before their very eyes; but, what you read about me in Demons, their people continue to exploit, cause suffering via open portals is true: my high connects demon people (humans) to their "friends and partners" on the other side (i.e., demonic allies), and is what makes demonic weapons dischargeable on Earth. That's not all it does; but, it for sure does that.

And, I can prove it to your face and by making videos that can only be made when I'm high. For example: watch as I peruse a video made during a period of high demonic activity on my iPhone, looking for demons in the stills [below]. The video was made at night as I walked around my block. It shows hundreds of demons, all standing at various locations along the streets surrounding my home: in the trees, on the sidewalk, in yards—and some even sitting inside cars. The camera's exposure duration and ISO settings were increased to their maximum in order to capture more of the light coming from demons, which is diminished by their cloak. They can't be seen otherwise.

Here's another video, this time, made using normal aperture settings. It shows demons in the trees outside my kitchen window—mostly, just their heads:

SEE ALSO | You can download videos like these at the end of this post.
By contrast, my sobriety closes that door, effectively cutting the Army of Darkness in half, and eliminating its strength by preventing its weapons from operating and otherwise establishing and maintaining a presence in this realm (or dimension or whatever the heck you call it).
NOTE | Most people involved know this already; it's been a fact for over a decade. If you don't, you might want to consider paying more attention to what you're doing and who you're doing it with. Duh. Anyway, for those who know, the reluctance to accept this fact stems from jealousy (like I wanted this problem with my high).
A blockade is an intentional abstention from crystal methamphetamine with the sole purpose of stopping the enemy dead in its tracks, which is, in fact, what happens, every time; it's only my high that does that, and nobody can take that away from me or work in any way, shape or form around it [see Desperate demon people make desperate maneuvers]. There is no other to take my place.

If I die, the Door (as I am referred to) will shut forever; while I am alive, there's still a possibility that it could open, but that is up to me and my addiction. These are the cold, hard facts for a people with a world-wide agenda that depends on an open door.

While there were certainly consequences to getting high around demons [see Your iPhone or your life?; see also Christians, victims reeling from demonic activity aftershock], staying sober is supposed to come with its own, too [see Hospitalized by demonic retaliatory strike for power blockade; see also Demons/people rail against power blockade]. I elude vaguely to the latest of these in the following email to my grandmother last week:
My explanation for my failure to meet my grandmother's expectation of a daily email

I doubt this is news to her, quite frankly (in fact, I know it isn't). People pretend they don't know the facts as described above, even though they know good and well that I can demonstrate these facts anytime, anywhere, without excuse and without delay to anyone, although not without endangering the whole world, and plunging it into terror.

But, feigned ignorance isn't just limited to grandma; everybody—even the victims—do the same. And, let me tell you: it's embarrassing watching people pretend they don't know when, even while the first-ever crystal methamphetamine-related post to this blog, which is nearly five years old, is still one of the most popular posts to it, as is the search term meth [see Blog search term data shows no end to Googlers' obsession with penis, drugs]:
The first-ever crystal meth-related blog post remains one of the most popular, even five years after it was writtenMost of the top search terms of all time contain the search term, meth

More demon videos...
Following is a selection of videos similar to the first one in this post, in that they contain images of hundreds of demons in the stills. To see them, skim the videos frame-by-frame.