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READER | Targeted individuals aren't delusional, they're simply uninformed

Some people call targeted individuals (victims of gang-stalking) crazy as a way of saying that gang-stalking does not exist, and that it's all in their heads. While it's true that a TI can be crazy, and wrongly claim they are being gang-stalked when they are not, a problem does exist—just not as TIs understand it.

This post documents an effort to bring a TI into a better understanding of his situation, who was far more receptive to it than many. Each time I set out to bring a TI into the know (which must be done one person at a time), I hit a barrier that formed from the myriad of encounters with people calling them crazy. Before I even begin to provide an explanation for anything, I've already heard just how crazy they're not, and reasons why I shouldn't refute any of their evidence, and otherwise am presented with their defiance of an attempt to debunk them, which wasn't what I was going to try to do, having yet to speak.

For those people, I point out the difference between observation and conclusion; then, I start out with any one of their stories, as they were, and categorize each element as either fact or conclusion. For each fact, I validate, using any number of posts to this blog, and by telling them things that they may have also saw, but didn't mention, just to show them I know that I believe them, and that I know all about their problem. For each conclusion, I point out what they had right, what they were missing, and then present the requisite information about the parts they have wrong, letting them correct them their own conclusion by walking through the information I present until they have all the facts they need in order to do so. You'll see some of this at work in my conversation with some of the TIs (see the transcripts at the end of this post), who started out calling me names and accusing me of this and that, but who ended up liking me by the end of it all.

Still, whether a TI is resistant or open takes second place to the problems associated with the enormity of their problem.

Let's say you have a really big problem that has haunted you for decades, and one that thousands of others claim to have, like "gang-stalking." Like them, you've never solved it. You are stymied by it's complexity; there seems to be so many people involved, and they present other problems that demand so much of your time and attention that you can hardly get to the bottom of anything (like those that drain your finances, and your ability to recover—called reduced in numbers, by demons [see Factoids]). On top of that, law enforcement won't help, always having some sort of excuse for not investigating any of the crimes committed against you; and, your family, friends or members of the community won't even acknowledge the problem, always having some sort of psychological diagnosis at the ready to explain a problem that is right in front of their faces.

Now, let's say someone figured it out, and explained everything to you; and, insodoing, you realized that everything you thought you knew about the nature of the problem had been wrong—way wrong, and for over 20 years—and, that, in actuality, your problem had been (and now is) the one this blog describes.

The largest of my conversations in the transcripts below was with a TI that thought he had one problem, but, accepted that he has another—that being, a demon problem. Imagine his surprise. Imagine how disheartening that must be, too. With just people, it was easy to believe the problem would end, somehow, easy enough to maintain hope, and to keep going for over two decades. Imagine the humiliation, too. All of the things you couldn't explain, particularly, why no one would help or acknowledge the problem. Everyone knew, you didn't. Imagine the anger. They knew the whole time what the problem was, and played me like a fool for the past 20 years. Imagine the depression. No one cared for or loved me this entire time, having neither said nor done anything you would do for someone you loved, even knowing my fate.

After that, imagine the loneliness when you look back over time, and reframe everything you remember to fit the reality of the situation as you now know it. You were alone.

To demons, populating the Earth is the same as colonizing Mars is to humans, in that both are possible, and are even probable. Mars is uninhabitable in the permanent sense for now, but it's close enough to the Sun for adequate heat and light. It has water there, too; and, the atmosphere can be made breathable, albeit only with tremendous time and effort. Really, it's just a matter of taking the time and making the effort that keeps it from eventually happening.

That, of course, is something that is probably far off into the future for humans today, but, in the past, so was the probability of populating the earth to demons when they first envisioned it. In the case of humans, an effort to transform Mars into a habitat for humans will require a global effort; nothing shy of that will guarantee success; and, during that effort, nothing can distract from it—not war, not famine, and not even patriotism. No one country could afford to look out for anyone but their neighbor if they wanted to see any portion of their investment return value.

And, so it is with demons at-large as they create a habitat for themselves on Earth. This is why you see a cornucopia of demon species these days when you see any at all. It used to be that you saw one kind (or the same kinds) of demons all in one place. Not anymore. The abilities demons have vary by species, and those abilities are needed wherever the situation requires them. Whatever it was they didn't agree on before—the things that used to define the borders of their respective territories—have been laid aside to make room for cooperation.

The need and/or desire to make Earth their home clearly has overridden all of their differences (or at least allayed them for the time being).

I'm not privy to all the specifics of the Devil's plan to conquer the Earth for his kingdom (demons); but, I know enough to identify the crux of the plan, as it involves humans. I am not the only one. Demon people know perfectly well what I know, and knew it way before me, even having had a plan at work to use me and others like me to bring the Devil's plan into fruition at least three decades before the rest of us caught on.

Anyway, instead of repeating myself, I'm posting a conversation I had just today with a victim of demonic activity, who is among a specific group of people that call themselves targeted individuals (or TIs) of gang-stalkers. This is part of a routine effort on my part to inform on a person-by-person basis of the true nature of a problem they've made known to the public at large. Where it goes from there varies person-to-person; but, regardless, the informed TI never wastes their time from that point forward on any of the things you see TIs wasting their time on now. As it turns out, many of them already know most of what you tell them, and never doubt the rest. They hesitated to face it because the truths seemed harder to live with than the explanations they imagined; and, there probably didn't appear any solutions to the problem they suspected was the real one, whereas at least there was some support among those who imagined the problem in the same ways.

That support can't be discounted (apparently), even though it defies logic that a lie would suffice to the truth. Membership to Facebook Groups relating to demons and demonic activity are paltry at best, and are in slow decline; by contrast, groups relating to gang-stalking and targeted individuals have a disproportionately high number of members, and people who think demons are ghosts, and describe demonic activity as hauntings and other crap, number as much as 24,000 in some groups, which is ten times the members of demonic activity-related groups on average.

The obstacle for TIs, I think, is this: the truth hurts; and, if not hurts, is embarassing. Part of that is not what you're going to think when you start reading the transcript, but is more general that than any one specific of one's personal life. Self-truths are often harder to face than even the worst of world-truths; accordingly, nobody really wants to talk about the personal aspects of the problem to the public-at-large, even when they know the problem extends beyond their personal boundaries.

That is, unless they want to live. To his credit, the TI I spoke with still has his survival instinct intact—an impressive feat to me, considering the number of times I've attempted suicide since the onset of my encounter with the problem. Unlike anyone else I've met so far, he demonstrated a bravery unparalleled by going right to the point, right off the bat, when he (more or less) asked me:

What does jacking off on dope have to do with the Devil's plan for conquest of the world?

My answer is contained in the transcript of my conversation with that TI, which began with my publicly posted and general offer of help to TIs who are members of a gangstalking-related group on Facebook. Although is a rather lengthy one, the gist of the answer is this:

Suprisingly, a lot.

Here's the conversation:
James Bush
22 hrs
With this offer, I'm not trying to complicate your understanding of your identity as a "targeted individual," nor do I want to lead you away from the support you give and receive from other such individuals.
What am I doing is offering information about your situation that you clearly don't have, but is important that you do. If it applies to you, you won't feel compelled to follow the wrong path to survive, and your energy won't be wasted trying to comprehend technologies, etc. that you don't and won't ever understand. 
What I can do for the targeted individual is align their perspective with reality, creating a new, proper perspective, which validates itself logically, in all circumstances, from all angles, and which proves itself by the actions of those who have it, every time. 
So, if you're tired of going nowhere in an endless and unsolvable labyrinth of seeking (and failing) to find answers and solutions, ask me for an assessment of your situation to ascertain whether you fall under a specific subtype of "targeted individual." 
Whether it makes a difference in your life is one thing, but whether your efforts actually impact the evil that persecutes you is another. I promise the latter, guaranteed; as to the former, I promise it is finally within your means. 
Right now, you are having no impact on the source of your problem that the source needs to worry about; and, your prospects for setting foot on dry ground are zilch. 
Establishing a platform for communication between targeted individuals like this group is but one component of an overall strategy of which I see no evidence; moreover, it's unproductive—even counterproductive—for all concerned. 
In that way, it is dangerous to those who come here, who may be reaching out for that last time with the hope that common sense and charity will combine in a way that is actually helpful and supportive in the concrete sense, in that they undoubtedly find that they are, in essence, alone in the problem. On one side, they see the people who affect their problems (gang-stalkers); on the other hand, they see a group of people who have similar stories, but are otherwise intangible. 
NOTE | That's you if you are really busy, say, researching the exact frequency of the gamma waves being beamed into your brain by a cloaked flying saucer, hovering overhead—which is something people reaching out for help for the very first time don't know how to use yet.
It seems to reinforce the wrong thinking common among all TIs, who (I think) would never be a help to anyone in their situation while they still feel they need help as well. It's not that they can't help, per se—you'd be amazed how the combination of "a little" can add up to "a lot" when people put their heads together—it's that it would send the wrong message about a product they've carefully crafted to portray their problem in a way most impactful to any audience, and an image they've painstakingly cultivated to ensure that the story matches the victim and the victim matches the story. 
Very few targeted individuals could weather the disruption to their body of work—they're "sell" to others—that being charitable to another targeted individual would bring; and yet, that's where one path to a good end starts. 
Anyway, hit me back if you want to act on this path, and/or the dozens of others that exist for you, while they still exist.
Some people were open to the offer; some, not so much...

Pierre Magallón Look people another 'Gaslighting Master' in our midst! If you want to continue being a blind sheep in America be my guest. The majority of people on here are not going to buy your B.S. The truth is coming!
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James Bush I haven't done anything more than establish my understanding of the problem and acknowledged things you already know: that you're no closer to solving it than when you started, and that the means for networking with other TIs are made insufficient by a comprehensive support system, and that does not address the deficiencies in character inherent to the common TI that preclude even the most complete and (theoretically) efficacious solution there could be.

I think that's a worthy thing—someone who knows about the problem (and, quite frankly, that is WAY MORE than you), cares about the lack that keeps in it, and cares enough to spend time with anyone who asks, even while in the midst of his own set of difficulties (which make yours look negligible and trivial by comparison; not only is the enemy more formidable, but I couldn't afford making the mistakes in my situation that I believe you make in yours; that being, you probably do half of the work intended against you for those who would otherwise have to do it themselves if you weren't, well, you).
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Pierre Magallón Talk english man , theres no need for fancy words. You could be straight up with me. No need to go around the bush.
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Pierre Magallón From the beginning is pretty much clear, your nothing but talk.
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Pierre Magallón How can you help T.I s again. Talk simple english please, so the majority of t.i.s can understand. Your calling them delusional, just say it. Again you sound like the 'Gaslighting Perps' the government hires to go on these sites and state the opposite.
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Pierre Magallón These Energy Weapons and Brain Hacking technologies exist for a fact i know. I used to have friends deep in the state. Unsuspecting people are being targeted for pure pleasure and control.
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Pierre Magallón Tell us again how you can help T.I.s get rid of these technologies and we will listen. If your trying to state the opposite and tell them theyre sick , your wrong.
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James Bush Pierre Magallón You are not sick; you are correct. None of the things you say are untrue or imagined; I can tell this not because of what you or any TI has said about the technological aspects to their respective problems, but because you—clearly—can walk to a computer, use it to connect to Facebook and start an argument using complete sentences with meaningful word choices. No one who can do those things benefits from doing them unless they are able to assess and convey the problem as they see it. At least not on a regular basis, and not at the level of commitment I've seen of every TI I've encountered so far. It's true: there are mentally ill TIs everywhere. But, they are more likely to fabricate the nature of the problem instead of representing it as they know it is as a means of manipulating it. They do this with far less reservation than sane TIs, and that's where their sanity comes into question: when, where, what and how they say a thing usually gives them away right off the bat, and people don't see that thing as a symptom of someone below the poverty line (so to speak) of self-help ability, struggling to survive, cope and otherwise gain respite from what you know is already a struggle for those with perfect mental health.

But, don't take my word for it, that I believe in technologies that one who didn't know better would describe just as you did; rather, take a look at my videos showing them at work:

Sort the list by date, and start with the first video, and then work your way down.

IMPORTANT | Don't just watch them like you would any other video. Use a player that allows you to advance videos frame-by-frame. I recommend Quicktime Player (Apple); you can use the arrow keys to examine each frame without having to position a slider or press Play and Stop.

Collaboration tools adopted by over 50,000 companies globally. Box simplifies online file storage, replaces FTP and connects teams in online workspaces.
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James Bush One more thing: I believe it is IMG_0725.MOV through IMG_0727.MOV that has the most of what you're looking for. You are only examining frames that show a distortion in the video; any frame that just shows me in an otherwise perfectly clear and normal picture, skip. After you've found what you're looking for, let me know and we'll talk; I'm available for this around the clock.

To give you an indication ahead of time as to what that talk will include, I'm showing you a piece from a second set of "technologies" [see image, below]. It appears that most TIs are not yet aware of, but which are, in fact, the only ones about which they should be most concerned. If they knew about them, I'm confident that they would be the only thing discussed here and everywhere else TIs can be found.

See that black, arm extension-like protrusion rocketing from the hand that holds it? It's made from similar technology such as that you are up against, but which isn't installed on the target, but by the perpetrator, who fires it at targets as he encounters them. You can see it aimed and fired at the back of my head on video at:

In order for you to understand such technologies—at least enough to appreciate them to a degree that motivates more pro-active thinking than is now at work—you have to have a high-level, surface knowledge of just a few things that mankind still calls theories, but which are actually facts. It's easy, I promise; but, what may not be easy is your newfound understanding of the nature of the enemy (its size and power, for one). That will be too overwhelming to handle on your own, at least for awhile.

Hit me back, when you can...

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Pierre Magallón Sorry if i came off as disrespectful, its just that too many people come in this group stating the opposite. I just saw your videos, demons due exist but i try to stay as far away from that as possible. Also the NSA and US Gov also has technology that can mimick the same noises and appearances as demons due. Its up to you to figure out who is it. Spiritual warefare
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James Bush Pierre Magallón There are those people that are like that, and I have found that they are more dangerous than mean. Dangerous, in that they believe that there is no problem, when in fact there is, which will make them useless on a day when they might be called to defend against the enemy TIs are now actively eyeballing. As you know, anyone without a long-history of awareness of the problem and the enemy isn't going to go from awareness to battle-ready soldier in time. Instead, these idiots (not jerks, just idiots) will be nothing more than resource-consuming depositors of consumed resources (eaters and shitters; I have a cat, I don't need one made of human in the heat of battle).
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Pierre Magallón Your right
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Silas Robertson Yes im interested hit me back with your revelations about whether im gang stalked and remotely neurally monitored or ...what ??
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James Bush Whether or not you're being gang-stalked is evaluated first by only one qualifier: do you have anything that people can take that they have attempted to take or have, in fact, taken?

If you have nothing to steal, then all the activity ascribed to gang
-stalkers that you are subjected to is something else entirely. That's what gang-stalkers did—enrich themselves with their targets' belongings.

The truth is, gang-stalking doesn't exist as a conglomerate of the otherwise traditional gang of thieves anymore, although, there may still be groups of criminals that employ the same model on whatever amenable targets they can find.

If you know you had a gang-stalking problem at its start, and that is the basis of your assumption that you still have one now, answering these two questions will correct your error: 1) has the number of participants increased exponentially since the onset of the problem; and, 2) are you still being pursued by the same persons since the onset of the problem?

If its new people, and a gaggle of them; your situation is something else.

Now, you may ask: Why would I care to call it any other thing besides what I call it? That's because you think I'm trying to correct and enhance your vocabulary, as some actually think is helpful, even though doing so is retarded.

The difference amounts to a mountain of power on your side that isn't there now. That comes from over 2,000 years of an infallible, proven network of people of a very particular design and with a very specific purpose that addresses the problem you have, even while allowing you to balance your life. (TIs have to be about the problem all day, all night; there's no balance. Everything they do has to have an angle towards survival or a solution of some kind). This network does the same thing; but, many of things don't feel like it at all—and that's key to maintaining a par with normal society. You can be intelligent and sane and well-mannered and what-not, but your problem has forged an animal of a different color, one that can be tolerated, but not one that gets welcomed too often.

Its founder remains the world's only top solver of the problem I think you may have (particularly, given your question about mind-probing equipment); the solutions I'd recommend and help you apply wherever possible are based on his common sense approach to solving such a problem, plus all of\ the other things unique to his approach. These will move you forward in life (instead of in circles), and help you connect and stay connected to help that you can see and feel.
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Silas Robertson I have no savings in fact nothing except my personal possessions that are not worth a great deal. So based on that it isnt gangstalkers yet many people keep such malice in their hearts over real and imagined slights I feel I have angered or offended someone/thing whos hatred of me has caused them to persecute me . Not all treasure is gold and riches either . Some thrive on causing hurt it gets them off sexually. The question remains am I randomly psychotic as mental health assert or am I ,as kevin christian maintains, a victim of a chip or nano implant a receiver / broadcaster of thoughts which via a headset can be messed with so my thoughts are not wholly my own. The persecution has diminished greatly over the intervening 22 years as I have grown accustomed to a daily battle upon awakening with my private thought space being invaded and irrational fears and anxiety overwhelming me. Now I am also a dope smoker and a casual meth user and when I combine these two drugs I find the greatest alleviation of all. I get trolled remorselessly for this meth habit,mostly by judgemental hypocrites who know not what I have endured to feel numbing the bullshit with a little taste on occasion is well deserved. Not everyone is a murderous nutjob on meth either the public at large see only the news reports which are as sensational as the media can make them.
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Silas Robertson The voice patterns of my two main oppressors remain the same as their speaking voices the number 1 since the beginning all those years ago yet I believe its artificial a construct or self automating voice that has nothing to do whatsoever with the person it purports to be
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James Bush Silas Robertson Okay, so, just on that, I know exactly what's going on. Let me guess: it repeats a statement continually, which is one from a pool of statements that you've heard a thousand times before. They're real voices, and the agenda is to make you telepathically receptive, but with a handicap that does not allow you to protect yourself from unwanted conversation, and which limits your ability to communicate telepathically with anyone else who is outside of their purview.

The purpose of using a voice familiar to you is to get you to listen—something that may have been hard not to do at first, but now something you wish you could do now. I don't know all the reasons for the redundancy in their conversation, but that, collectively, the statements achieve one goal in combination (the one stated above, plus one that will teach you a language of sorts "spoken" among victims like you and their handlers, and those they do business with. On their own, each statement has either a shared goal with a subset of other statements and/or one of its own.

I'll tell you more, but I don't want you to gloss over anything I say; so, let me establish some credibility with you first:

Take all of the phrases you hear and can remember, and cut them in half. Put the first half in one column, and the second half in the other. Jumble them up real good. I'll be able to match everyone of them correctly; moreover, I'll be able to tell you what each means.

On top of that, I'll give you some things to say back that will not stop a thing, but will help you in ways that you'll come to appreciate and be grateful for.

So, send me that two-column list, and we'll go from there. Your situation is far more serious than you know; but, unlike the one you thought you had, it actually has a solution.
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Silas Robertson Yes thats largely accurate what then is it??
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James Bush Silas Robertson I just updated my reply. I posted an incomplete one because I hit return instead of shift+return...
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Silas Robertson Thanks read now
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James Bush I started a list of some of the less common phrases like the ones you know now; although you may not recognize any of them, you will recognize that they clearly originate from the same source:

'Idiom' is the word going forward for reference to the statements you're now hearing, and any future derivatives.

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Silas Robertson My situation is dire I know bro I know. James any combination of anal retentive or sexual fantasy sentences in no particular order that enable ejaculation when im jackin off words start the ball rolling by humiliating me. But this is trickery because into the chink in my minds armour caused by the humiliation/embarassment of these sexually based insults like im a deviant misogynist is the second wave of assaults. This please bear in mind happens within a millisecond too fast to prevent it happening even with stoic resistance . A name is used of someone perhaps I havent even met them maybe not. And the result? The voice pattern of that selfsame person answers whether ive meet them or not as tho awakening or in a deep coma with a completely original voice not angered sometimes surprised by my humiliation but rarely a malicious reaction. Confused why id have a shame problem with their name or the original fuck talk. And all this takes a millisecond. I wont provide you with words those words are just the words I use to achieve orgasm which for a man requires effort to 'cross the threshold' almost rape in a sense but of who I dont know. These women had attractive bodies well developed all 18 or over . I feel voyeuristic imaging them in my mind but its the only way . By now they are 40+ had kids etc. Not the same person bodily . Thats a fantasy. So in a nutshell thats it. Pitiful repetitive but a fast stealthy attack on a stationary target with a moon in pisces emotional depth the placid sea the calm millpond. Throw in a rock it sinks swiftly.
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Silas Robertson Thats incredible im blown away by the audacity of the author to give away this information. I just accept demons have sentience and that experiencing them was difficult or impossible except to the karcist. Well James I read it thru once I'll have to reread several times. Thats truly amazing . Im impressed with its brute strength of narrative . Thank you my friend
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Silas Robertson Awesome g im undergoing something but im perfectly safe my flat is equipped with a cat. Many are these demons I have ignored for my 43 years. I noticed morphine gave them power to infest and possess me but as far as the crack goes im very strong it wont defeat my spirit im better than it is the horrible nasty shit meth I mean. So alluring . I have succumbed to many glamours my eyes are full of images . The mistake I made calling on the glory of the living god to be revealed as tho I were arjuna wanting to see the universal form of krishna . It staggered me it burns in my bones my voice is shattered but I must speak the words. Someday. For the time being thats enough to be going on with. Thank you friend
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James Bush Silas Robertson I don't think calling on God was your mistake; I think it is the reason we connected. I could even say that I'm sure it is.

Perhaps things don't look any brighter today than yesterday, but it's not unusual for God to deliver miracles o

Take His greatest miracle ever: nobody bothered with the birth of Jesus, except the wise men who used geoastrology to ascertain the time and place of the Messiah's birth. God's own Son was born under a windshield built for sheep in middle of winter, and laid in a trough to sleep.

Doubts must have been there; but, here we are.

Anyway, there is no question you now have proof as to the nature of the problem and every aspect of it. You don't need to do anything to prove anything; point to the blog. Be done with convincing people; point to the blog.

There's also no question that you have an advocate and defender, experienced and advocate. Just pick up the phone: 408-685-4049.

Finally, there's no question as to whether demons have exploited various aspects of your life to their advantage, and that this has caused much turmoil on your end. Let's fix that right now, so that it's no longer in the way: these demons are doing this to at least a million people at any given time; it's nothing personal (although they do have a way of personalizing the attention they give one, don't they?). Whenever you start to feel like the problem is all yours, and that you are the one who brought it on you, and that you deserve the problem but don't deserve any help, consider not only the numbers of victims at that moment, and consider the minimum number of demons at work (3 million).

Consider also the machinery that you know about (which always surprises me when people do—how is it that you saw it?). Those things are found in every living thing on the planet, and even in your cat. There are also machines like those inside you installed in a multiplicity of locations in every city on earth; these are weapons, which can be set to deploy automatically based on the individual within range, or by the command of the Voices Demons you now hear.

In all combined, I'd estimate that demons have designed, manufactured, shipped, installed and deployed and now operate a trillion such devices.

Now, put all that together in your mind, and then ask yourself: is all that because I like to get high and jack-off?

That's worked for everyone else who came to me with a scenario the same as yours; I hope it works for you, too.
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James Bush Silas Robertson You're welcome; and, by the way, I'm the author.
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James Bush Silas Robertson Cats make all the difference; and, the demons that often possess them—as frightening and dangerous as they can be—can be negotiated with for safety. Should you ever speak with them, get right to the point and ask, What can I do to make your stay more enjoyable, and in exchange for my cat's safety, as well as mine and yours. Then, if they ask for something, do or give whatever it is. The demons who bother you will turn on your cat if they feel it necessary; obviously, you want that the least of all things. Again, the demons that possess cats are no joke. They can hold their own plus your cats if they find a good reason to.
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James Bush Anyway, I can go into any level of detail about the connection between your drug use, sexual proclivities, and their interest to demons (who, may I add, are not interested in or aroused by humans, sexually —species-wise, we're too different, and millions of miles apart intellectually. Plus, their relationships are never viewed as sometimes just about gratification; when humans do that, they simply don't see it as simply feeling good and having a good time.

In your case, they see it as a time where you are able to wall off the world, retreat into your own mind, forget everything that scares you, depresses you, etc., and think about things you like for as long as you want. They can't have such a place in your mind and expect to take it over. That's the reason for the constant talking. That won't stop. They are training your mind to be adverse to its own natural healing and rest mechanisms for reasons that should be obvious to you now that you've been told their aim.

Try putting on a pair of headphones, and play music you really like. The same problem will occur; and, not only that, but those headphones will be broken within a month.

There is a drug connection, by the way. Crystal is a demon-designed drug; it stimulates the brain in a way that enables it to do things it wouldn't do in its natural state, but can, in fact, do. It expands a door— and that's a human capability, by the way. Demons merely exploit it to move to and fro.

Fortunately, there's only one person on earth (and there can only be one person at a time) whose "high" opens the door world-wide; it's everybody else's high that widens it, and which makes a place for demons to settle once it opens.

It only takes a second after a hit to open; but, it takes 5 to 8 days after the last hit to diminish demons' ability to make tangible connections of consequence to us and our world from an unsafe level. Because the door begins at its origin and then circles around the globe, there is a lag as to when it opens in some places. It takes up to two weeks to hit Bangladesh from San Jose. It reaches San Jose again in slightly less time than that: not only has it picked up a little energy from India's massive population, but they're are no natural barriers of consequence between the two locations—only the relatively smooth ocean. This aftershock happens in San Jose even when the source stops getting high; but, it dies down after just one or two.

That won't always be the case, though. Eventually, demons will have in place enough people who are addicted to crystal around the world, that the source will only have to get high every so often—and, maybe someday, never again— before all that is needed is for people to amplify the wave as it passes through with their own high to keep it going.

That's the Devil's way of making the Earth the dominion of his kingdom. His people are getting off all-right, but only on the thought of having a whole new planet to call their own. It's crowded where they come from, I guess; but, I don't think that's the only motivator.

What is a factor worth keeping in mind at all times is this: they see Earth as something of value, and as something that can have. They also see it occupied by a race of inferiors (animals), that are also of value, and something that can be used.

I'd say this plan has been in place for a very long time; I'd say that humans have been cultivated via demonic influence in order to make the planet possible to inhabit by demons. We're not entirely expendable; but, only so many of us are needed, and only then for so long.

So, now that you know this:

1. your shame is between you and God, and He already addressed that in full. If you don't see that, I'll walk you through it.

2. You are not alone.

3. You are not beneath anybody else on earth; I'll let demons show you that, if you don't believe.

4. You are the bravest of men I've ever met. You came right out and said what's up. That takes everybody else forever to get to.

5. You now have access to information about the Door; I can tell you with to-the-minute precision when it will open and when it closed, and what conditions you will encounter and when you will encounter them. I can also tell you when demons will cause your cravings for crystal. As you've noticed, that's on a regular schedule. You'll find that more often than not, you tend to be high during first quarter of the moon. Everybody's high is timed to that; the moon has nothing to do with it. It's simply an indicator to all the various species of demons around the world to do what they are doing. I'm not sure if, in India, it's first quarter; it's likely whatever phase comes after that. Aftershocks in San Jose are not timed to a particular phase, which is why they die there. As you now, the moon phases vary in duration in between.

Regardless, the timing of your cravings, combined with the current moon phase can be reliably used to determine when high demonic activity will happen.

I can also demonstrate the opening of the door right in front of your very eyes, either in person or however. I'd do it to free you from every concern you expressed in your reply (because, when you think about all of this, those really don't make sense to me about. They do deserve your attention, but there is a bigger picture that needs your attention to. Ignoring it, and focusing only on your end of things won't work, and that's why things haven't worked so far).

Hit me back with your thoughts and what-not. We'll go from there.
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George Greenidge Your pure shit fella, lie slowly with much pain.
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James Bush I will indeed "die" slowly, and with much pain, to be sure; and, I am indeed pure shit for the time being. Lying, however, is anathema to me, as it should be for you, too.
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