Saturday, April 7, 2012

Help Wanted: Digital Media Specialist

A digital media expert or specialist is needed to post-process videos made on a Huawei Ascend M860 so that they appear on the LCD screen on a desktop computer in the same way they appear on the LCD screen on the cellphone.

This doesn't just mean the usual application of a QuickTime preAlphaBlack blending layer to the video or  adjustments to the movie dimensions or pixel ratio.

It means simulating with a custom filter—or a combination of pre-built filters—to simulate the appearance of a video made on the cellphone, as played on the cellphone. That would, of course, include frame rate adjustments; but, also an intricate understanding of how the LCD screen displays each pixel, and therefore the overall image. After all, not all displays are made alike.

The specialist will also be required to adjust the filter to display the video as it would appear when viewing from a given angle on the cellphone, specifically, 15° tilted right-horizontal.

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