Sunday, September 10, 2017

Demonic weapons stored, deployed in mouth—and possibly hidden in the second dimension

They are everywhere as it is—and, I mean everywhere, even in your own skin [see Demonic weapon/implant emerges from forearm and strikes pancreas]. Demon people have long traded their original body parts to make room for them [see Demons perform surgical operation on Long to install weapon that may have hurt Scratchen], and, now, are storing and deploying them from their mouths:

Mouth-stored and deployed demonic weapons are hard to catch in media, requiring close and prolonged proximity to a weapons-bearer and, unfortunately, a weapon, too
How the particular demonic weapons shown protruding from the bearer's mouth operates is not yet clear; determining how a weapon may operate based on the operation of other weapons that look similar isn't always reliable, as many look very similar (especially at the early stages of deployment), but operate very differently, and serve different purposes. It's not uncommon to mistake a demonic entity for a demonic weapon or vice versa, either. For example, the weapon shown above looks like a large-variety black sucker demon, and may very well be, for all I know.

Regardless, what makes it clear that it is intended for harm is the same for all other weapons: they're cloaked, and therefore are discovered during periods of high demonic activity by their inadvertant capture on digital media (while the video camera and/or subject is in-motion), and are only shown in but a few still frames; and, they are always deployed in your personal space while your back is turned, and almost always by a well-known aggressor.

Another indicator is per a phenomenon that has yet to be discussed on this blog. What it is called (or could be called), I don't know; but, basically, it involves hiding or camouflaging a demon, demonic entity or demonic weapon or equipment by obtaining a position between the target and a similarly shaped and/or colored/textured object in their environment in order to blend with (conceal) it, and somehow hiding in two-dimensional space versus three-dimensional space so as to conceal its proximity.

There is no depth in two-dimensional space; from any given perspective, everything is the same distance along the z-plane. How far above or below, or to either of two sides remain.

That's the best way I can describe it, even after examining hundreds and hundreds of still frames showing it, one of them being the still frame in the top-left corner in the image above (and below):

The long, black protrusion extending from the mouth was hiding in front of one of the belts hanging on the door; but, somehow, immediately found its way into (and out of ) the mouth of the weapons bearer as he passed between the door and his intended target. It's as if the weapon occupies two-dimensional space, where depth has no meaning
After thinking about it, it doesn't necessarily surprise me that this is possible. After all, a demon's cloak is simply their natural state in three-dimensional space—abnormal to us by merit of their invisibility, permeability, timelessness, weightlessness, etc., but, quite natural in their native fourth dimension. It is known that to transit between dimensions, a demon alters its cloak (the state of its molecules) to sync with the properties of molecules native to their intended destination. Even though the third (our) dimension is the most common destination, it stands to reason that a cloak can be altered to move past us and into the dimension below.

The imprint left by second-dimension cloaks on digital camera sensors suggest that there is some kind of difference, even if not the one I suggest. They are sharper and more detailed in general, but also throughout the entire set of still frames in which they are shown; by contrast, fourth-dimension cloaks are blurrier, usually yielding one or two cognizable images out of, say, 5 or 6 stills, somewhere in the middle. Rarely do such images produce detail or are defined by sharp borders as are the two shown above.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Second upside-down laundry-basket demon

Piles of clothes in your home is, at best, unsightly and unhygienic; at worst, it's deadly—at least during periods of high demonic activity, as this latest image of a snarling, fanged demon (below) hanging upside-down in a laundry basket mere inches from where I sleep (not to mention the myriad of other images like it) can attest:

In my laundry basket, upside-down, the bone-white face of a snarling demon
It may not seem to be a very strange place to expect to find demons when you consider some of the other places they can be found [see Strangest things, places demons possess]; and, even less so when you consider the reasoning behind their choice of possession:
  • Clothing is made of light, malleable fabrics. That makes it easier for a demon to possess, say, a T-shirt, versus, say, a block of metal.
  • Clothing is strong. This is material to any demon that intends to make physical, tangible interaction in this world that requires certain degrees of strength; and, it is vital to any demon that intends to keep his parts together and in order—a problem to any demon who possesses sand or dirt or water.
  • Clothing has a predictable lifecycle and path. Demons prefer to possess items that are likely to remain stationary, and when not, items that follow a predictable path from one point to another. Clothes fit the bill in both respects, the only exception being when they're worn; however, ordinarily, clothes in a laundry basket are not likely to be touched until laundry day; clothes on a shelf are not likely to be moved until they are worn; and, regardless of the occasion for the touching, they either go to the laundry mat, and then return home or are worn for the day and then tossed into the laundry basket. No surprises.
  • Clothing is shelved or piled into bunches. Demons huddle to prolong the life and strength of their possession of any given item. A demon that has surrounded itself with other demons encapsulates itself in a bubble of like-cloaked molecules; insodoing, its cloaked molecules are shielded from collision with non-cloaked molecules native to our environment, which diminishes the demon's ability to maintain a cloak suitable for possessing items in it. Closets, bins, bags, boxes, shelves, drawers, laundry baskets and wherever clothes are stored in large quantities are a triple-braided chord [Ecclesiastes 4:12].
This particular demon was captured in multiple still frames taken from multiple videos made within a relatively short time period; these are some of the better ones, none of which required any sharpening or processing of any other kind
You can see the latter reason at work for this demon, if you flip the same image right-side up, and look very closely in the same area the demon shown above occupies. You can also see demons surrounding the laundry bag, such as this (barely visible) one:

Four still frames, unretouched, of a green-faced, pointy-hatted demon, stationed just to the left of the laundry basket
This is not the first giant, bone-white head I've captured in my laundry basket, upside-down:

Another bright-white, snarling demon in my laundry basket, upside-down, in a image made nearly a year ago
Although these images are recent, they are hardly the most compelling nor highest of quality, and neither are they representative of the typical number of demons that possess piles of clothes. By contrast, these videos collectively show thousands of demons of varying species:

To see the demons, pause playback on each individual frame; most will contain at least a few demons. The best app for skimming videos frame-by-frame is Quicktime Player, a free download from Apple; with it, you can use the right and left arrows keys to advance one frame at a time.