Saturday, September 10, 2016

PREVIEW | Enhancing images of demonic activity using GIMP 2.9

Two in-progress edits on either side of the original (center) of a video made during a period of high-demonic activity using GIMP 2.9; the goal is the same as with similar images posted, specifically, to take advantage of chroma-causing emissions from cloaked demonic activity to study the cause of most diseases, aging, and injury; the spikes and tendrils shown in the image are cloaked matter and entities, and were placed there in order to deform and age my face, and other internal damage

A portion of an image-processing session using GIMP 2.9; the image was made during a period of high demonic activity, at which times chroma can be enhanced in an image to reveal some forms of cloaked demonic activity.

A portion of an image-processing session using GIMP 2.8, this time with another subject, who is also assaulted in the above-described manner; note the protrusion of cloaked "spikes" on his head, which are equidistant from each other, and aligned in rows

Following are two still frames that were, like the above, also enhanced with GIMP 2.9, and for the same reasons. GIMP 2.9's ability to use fractions as values in the stock convolution matrix filter, and the ease of applying color contrast enhancements it provides (due, in part, to the addition of HCL and HSV channels as layer blending modes), produced the best results of any technique applied to similar images posted to this blog in the past:

The original still frames for both photos are shown in the left column; the enhanced versions are shown in the right; both of followed by close-ups of key areas of the image, particularly, the face and back

NOTE | My skin doesn't actually look like that...yet; but, it did look like that to my digital camera during that particular period of high demonic activity, at least in low-level lighting. The giant crater in my back is where I constantly feel something piercing my skin during such periods; I can feel it with my fingers, and it can be pulled almost out, although never quite all the way out. Unfortunately, the more you pull, the more you feel the need to pull (like an itch you have to scratch), and that's what caused that crater you see in my "ethereal shell." I can feel similar things on my face, but I try not to pull on them at all. They are doing considerable damage already without my help, having aged my face heavily since this started. The combination of these things and the damage done to my pituitary gland [see VIDEO/PHOTO | Smoke trails from head where demons burn insides; see also Demons and AIDS], demons are well on their way to achieving their goal of making me look like an old man before my time [see Demons modify peoples' looks from birth to affect social standing, later to punish or control].