Monday, January 18, 2016

TIP | Sharpening chroma sans oversaturation and overbrightening

This post outlines a quick and easy image-processing technique that can be applied to digital media saturated with color noise called chroma,  which is a consequence of the EMF interference to CCD sensors in digital cameras by the cloaked state of demonic entities and cloaked equipment.
A still frame taken from a video made in semi-darkness during a period of high demonic activity reveals the skin texture of an inner demon
The challenge is to find cloaked entities and equipment using an image-processing technique that works for all chroma-saturated images, one that can be applied across multiple images (such as frames in a video) without requiring manual adjustments to each.

In short, that amounts to developing a technique that sharpens the chroma in an image while maintaining its original saturation and hue, as well as its overall brightness, which is no small feat. Graphics designers and all others who work with images struggle with overblown brights and colors to one part of a sharpened image and detail-hiding darkness to the other parts.

Not so with the technique described here, as shown by the following screenshots:
A still frame, saturated by chroma, from a video made during a period of high demonic activityThe same still frame, enhanced by sharpening the chroma
A close-up of the original still frame (above)A close-up of the enhanced version of the original still frame (above)
The mean and standard deviation of the original was 0.030 and 0.064, respectivelyThe mean and standard deviation of the enhanced version increased only by approximately 0.005 each, a negligible change in overall image brightness and color

As you can see, not only does the image retain its original color and brightness after the enhancements are applied, but it can now be reasonably said to those attempting to acquire their own images of demonic activity that, to get the best chroma imprint, position your digital camera and/or orient the subject so that the image contains partial darkness and partial light, which is actually how you have to do it.

Technique: Finding cloaked demonic entities in three steps
Cloaked demonic entities that are evidenced by chroma in digital images can be rendered using the following procedure (illustrated using GIMP):

Step 1
Dilate a duplicate of the original

Step 2
Difference the original and dilated images
Step 3
Subtract the result from the original
Optional: Substituting the Color for Saturation blend modes
For increased sharpening, substitute the Saturation blend mode with the Color blend mode:
A close-up of the original, unedited still frameThe first-pass enhancement technique, applied to the original (left)
An additional enhancement using a desaturated copy of the result of the first technique applied to the still frame (above, right), blended using the Saturation blend modeAn alternative additional enhancement to the result of the first-pass technique (above), blended using the Color blend mode instead of Saturation
The trade-off is far less pronouncement of the red-colored tendrils of chroma; the gain is far greater detail of the remaining (blue and green) chroma artifacts.

Optional: Invert the dilated duplicate, set to Divide
Instead of disabling the dilated version of the original that was differenced with same, invert it and then set the blend mode to Divide:
Invert the dilated duplicate of the original, and set the blend more to DivideThe enhanced still frame, without dividing it with the dilated duplicate of the original
The result of dividing an inverted dilated duplicate of the original with sameThe original still frame, for comparison to the result of dividing it with an inverted, dilated duplicate (left)
This will brighten the darker parts of the image, although too much in some parts.

Once a still frame is processed, they can be analyzed for the source of any problems demons are causing (or intend to cause). In my case, it's blindness by putting cloaked entities on, in and around my eyes; and, in the still frame, you can clearly see a yellow, worm-like entities stretching from my eyelid and onto my eye.
A worm-like entity, stretching from my left eyelid, and down to the eye 
Same image (above), magnified by %150
Magnified by200%
Magnified by 300%

That entity may be invisible to me in a mirror, but is something I can actually feel with my fingers, as well as on my face and eye; and, it is something that is damaging my eyesight.

Coming up...
The same technique, applied to video:
Original videoThe same video with a prototype of the technique described above applied

And, another technique for sharpening differences in chroma (check back soon).