Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Voices Demons: An unidentifiable, Voices Demon-resistant entity discovered

This post is simply about what I was told, with a few suggested conclusions added by me; the veracity of this information cannot be determined first-hand. Even still, it's a good example of a part of my day-to-day interaction with the Voices Demons, and it gives me an opportunity to tell a few stories I haven't yet had an opportunity to tell. In sum, it's an interesting read, true or not.

I tend to think it's all true. It's a big universe, and I've seen more creative renderings of fact than any fiction could supply. This is a rather dry story, in fact, compared to most things I've personally seen with my own eyes. If this were made up, the Voices Demons could (and would) do better—believe it.

The hear-all, see-all, tell-all Voices Demons say that there are new entities in San Jose that humans can see and talk to, but can't or won't talk to the Voices Demons. Apparently, these entities either have refused to identify themselves to the Voices Demons or could not be identified using the standard means for hailing non-human entities (in other words, the inability to make contact—visual or otherwise—may be biological, not intentional).

So how did the Voices Demons become aware of these new entities? Eavesdropping on human conversations that, at first glance, seemed to be speaking into thin air. The Voices Demons say that the substance of just the human side of the conversations convinced them otherwise, and, in particular, that there are entities afoot they cannot not see or otherwise detect without employing a certain degree of deductive reasoning.

I find this an odd claim considering that Voices Demons can cull images from the human mind; so, if a human can see something, so can they—eventually, and with some effort and requisite familiarity with the subject of the culling. From this fact, one might conclude that these new entities must not be identifying their kind or origin to the humans they talk to because they know that the Voices Demons can sift through human minds until they find any information they are looking for. That, in short, amounts to invisibility to the human being spoken to, much like God would do were He to speak to a human through the Holy Spirit (you can hear, but not see). Even still, some sense of a presence would be palpable in the mind of the human, and the Voices Demons claim that there is not.

I guess it's possible if you consider what know of other demonic entities' abilities to completely block a Voices Demon's ability to cull thought and memory from any mind, human or otherwise; however, this requires great effort that is noticeable, and which Voices Demons have devised ways to overcome, which, by the way, usually involves simply waiting until the blocker tires out. Again, though, that's a palpable effort that indicates, aside from common reasoning, a physical presence of something there, which the Voices Demons claim they are not feeling.

So, if blocking is what these new entities are capable of, they must be incredibly powerful to be doing it on a non-stop basis, and without knowing which Voices Demon is trying to cull their minds (this is required in order to "tune" out a Voices Demon; you have to hear the pitch of its voice first in order to block it), and without the blocking actually being detectable, which would be akin to God-like power.

The Voices Demons have ways around even that, though. When they can't sift through a mind, they will invariably resort to various forms of persuasion (or coercion) to get information—it is, after all, their business to know everything about everyone. But, no one is forthcoming about their dealings with any entities. It's like they don't know who or what they were talking to, or even the fact that they were in fact talking to someone at all.

While blackmail is preferred, the Voices Demons have resorted to bribing, using their vast wealth at their disposal acquired, in part, to their unfettered access to any part of any building or structure in the world, like Fort Knox (they steal).

Don't believe them? Neither did I; but, they did make an effort to prove this point to me by very convincingly describing some of the interior structural security features of the aforementioned Fort Knox, including its rather interesting underground tunneling features. I haven't made any attempts to confirm whether Fort Knox has such tunnels as they describe (I simply don't care), but they sounded so plausible based on some of the specifics that one wouldn't include in any far-fetched tale, such as the amount of time they said it takes to travel through them and other things. It helps to consider the source, too: they control the Wind Demons, for crying out loud, so who do they need to impress?
NOTE | That is, note to self (all others ignore): Since I know that they keep up with cars traveling faster than one mile in 17 minutes, the relatively slow travel time at Fort Knox could suggest that underground travel is more difficult and/or certain types of building materials may hinder their ability to travel at normal speeds. I'm thinking that because Voices Demons are tethered to a source, dragging that tether through whatever rock is between them and the knot is arduous [see Characteristics of the voices of a Voices Demon].
More about blocking Voices Demons
Anyway, here's more on the blocking of Voices Demons by other demonic entities, seeing as I touched on the subject above; these are things I do know—no speculation from this point forward...

I have personally witnessed and/or experienced the blocking of broadcasting (both sound and psychic) of the Voices Demons on three different occasions. If the new entities are blocking the Voices Demons from hearing them or blocking the Voices Demons from reading the minds of the humans, it might have been done in one of the three ways it was done on each of those occasions:
  • Last spring, a cloaked demon of the centurion looking kind (male or female in form, but with reptile faces, that wear jumpsuit-style uniforms) blocked a couple of Voices Demons that followed me into an area surrounding both me and the Centurion Demon for about half of a minute.
  • Last fall, a demonic entity of the "giant head-of-a-hobgoblin/Spectre of Death" variety cornered the Voices Demons with its long, black forked tongue. 
NOTE | I've also seen these same tongues coming out the mouths of non-demons, including Scratchen and Long. It means you've been dominated by demons, physically and mentally, and especially during periods of high demonic activity. During those periods, you will act evil, no choice about it—even if you're a cat (or baby, for that matter). No kidding!
This variety of demon looks like a giant mask of a skull—only the face, but not back of the head, which can't be seen, as it appears to be embedded in whatever vertical surface the face hangs from; it also seems to have no body. The type of vertical surfaces it posts to has included the back of my dining table chair and the place above my neighbors' garage door where a basketball goal should be mounted instead [see Demonic attacksNeighbors have links to demons, Deputy links self to demons for a brief background on my former neighbors, where these entities were first discovered, and with whom they seem to enjoy conversation].
  • It could also be similar to whatever ability a demon of the hobgoblin variety has to open wormholes [see wormholes]. One night last fall, such a hobgoblin demon sucked a Voices Demon into a wormhole to silence its incessant chattering. The prattle of a Voices Demon is always more than I can tolerate, but, then again, I'm always around it; other demons, for the limited time they spend around it, tend to tolerate it just fine. Not so on this night, in that it was way more than this one particular hobgoblin demon could tolerate, too. So what does this 8-inch tall, black-cloaked, skull-faced hobgoblin demon do about it? He simply pointed his arm and two fingers in the direction of the source of the Voices Demon's chattering voice, flicked his fingers, and—POP!—a wormhole opened. Instantly, the chattering stopped; the Voices Demon was silenced, apparently having been sucked into the wormhole and deposited wherever the wormhole led. I remember that, in spite of the fact that I had been terrorized for hours by these little hobgoblin demons, and after so many years of constant talking, I was still made happy by the incredibly unusual silence. Anyway, I don't know where the wormhole led to, but, when the Voices Demon returned, he remarked at how long it took to get back; and, when he said this, he sounded annoyed and tired in a way that left you wondering whether it was somehow hard for it to leave wherever it had been sent to by the wormhole, or it was very far away, and took some time and effort getting back. I made a mental note, then, that my theory that proximity to a Voices Demon is key to hearing it (meaning they can be run away from), and that they do not have unlimited energy. This is super important to know, as Voices Demons are the known harbingers of death—the crow of the black raven, so to speak.