Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#557 - VIDEO/PHOTOS | Fighting demons in my hand, in my shirt, and on my demon-deformed arm

This is a draft.

About 90% of the time, fighting demons looks different than you would have thought it would before you did it. I always thought such fights would be devil-versus-mankind-sized events; but, it is only that on the rarest of occasions.

Mostly, a demon fight consists of you versus a bunch of much smaller demons, all going at you at once, with each having a specific role to play in there joint effort to impede or stop something you are trying to do; and, when you're fighting a man-sized demon, it will likely be cloaked. That's like fighting air, albeit air that burns, shocks and makes you feel very sick.

Today's demon fight characterized like most, involved multiple small demons
Today's fight fell into the majority, in that it was one man, who was trying to drape a towel in front of a mirror, versus three tiny demons, which were interfering with his every movement. The latter consisted of a six-inch long, black flying worm, an equally tall male-version of the Wicked Witch of the West (complete with black robe and pointy hat), and a three-dimensional shadow in the form of the arm and hand of a stick-figure drawing, which is visible in both darkness and light.

My goal was to block (with a towel) the gateway (my bathroom mirror) to a phenomenon known to quantum physicists (i.e., demons) as "a space within a space." Basically, that's a duplicate of the room you see reflected in the mirror. Because it extends into the fourth dimension, the duplicate room does not consume any space behind the mirror; the room you would expect to find behind the mirror is still there. It is your intent that determines which room you enter, whether it be—let's call it—the quantum room, or the one behind the wall on which the mirror hangs. It is from this quantum room that demons were striking me in the head with their tendrils; and, by covering the mirror, I hoped to stop that.

Why demons choose mirrors as gateways to their secret realm
Demons use my bathroom mirror to help them focus on their intent to enter the quantum room when leaping at it; without sufficient mindshare dedicated to this task, they might end up, instead, in the room in my neighbor's apartment on the other side. Because thought governs the quantum abilities of demons, which are essentially quantum entities, that at least requires them to mentally visualize the location of the room, and to form in their minds the concept that a room exists where none does, more or less. For this, my mirror works perfectly.
NOTE | Bathroom mirrors also make good markers for quantum rooms, in that they are never moved, and everyone can find them, eventually, without the difficulty one might have finding a special (but indescript) place on a wall.
Demons' size doesn't matter with respect to injury potential
The end result of either kind of fight is the same: man invariably sustains injury, while demons suffer casualties (you have to kill them to stop them). No matter the demon, the types of injuries are always the same, in that it is characteristics inherent to all demons, no matter the variety, that causes them—primarily, the demonic cloak.

In addition to causing immediate illness, loss of consciousness, disorientation, nausea, and vertigo in their enemies, entities that can (and do) affect cloaks can use them to alter the state of matter of any object around them in a way that allows them to bend that object as if it were made of putty. That fact made possible the relatively new deformity in my right forearm, which you can see in the following still frame, which was taken from a video of a demon fight occurring just today:
A deformity in my forearm (above the wrist), caused by the cloak of a demon—most likely, purposefully, as it is only apparent from one angle, which is Tuzzo's trademark body-modification handiwork
It was either that, or chunks of flesh have been eaten way.

Video shows injuries, most common type of demon fight
Having already contorted and misshaped my forearm, the demons inside the quantum room are now trying to misshape my head, in part, by striking it repeatedly with their tendrils. They extend them from their positions on the other side of the mirror. By coincidence, you can see a tendril hit my head in the video showing my efforts to cover the mirror while demons fight back:
A tendril striking my head moved so fast, it was captured in only four still frames (2/15th of a second)
While the video does indeed show a battle with demons, it may seem to show nothing more than a clumsy man making an even clumsier attempt to cover a mirror with a towel, which is due, in part, to poor lighting conditions and subjects that are semi-transparent (the quantum ability that is their cloak) and are stepped out of normal tie (which is also a quantum ability inherent to demons, and which means that no time passes for us, while any length time passes for them; they can perform long tasks seemingly in an instant with this ability).

At the beginning of the video, I am under attack by a cloaked sucker demon of the blob kind [see VIDEO TIMELINE | Cloaked Sucker Demon Slithers Down Neck), which is mounted on top of my head, causing the air to spark and waver an inch above my scalp [see also VIDEO | Sucker demon attacks at nude beach], as well as by a demon sporting a cloaked spiked-fingered hand, which pierces my scalp just under the skin. They cannot be seen for these very reasons, at least not without skimming the video frame-by-frame; but, even then, the tell-tale signs of demonic presence are so subtle, that it takes an experienced eye to determine the specifics (it also helps if you're the person in the video being attacked).

The aforedescribed will be provided when enhancements, such as those presented in TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like), can be made to the still frames so showing; but, what I can show is the reason why I decided to cover up my mirror in the first place

I will show at least three demons attempt to keep me from hanging a towel over my bathroom mirror, including a black sucker demon, a ashtray-can demon, as first shown in Blanket demons possess bedsheets, humans possess clay, and a Cold-Hand-of-Death (also considered a demon).

All three can be seen quite clearly in the video; however, provided below are still frames to show you where to look.
  • A black sucker demon, true to its variety, follows the motion trail of the spoon I'm lifting up and away from the camera. I'm going to use the end of it to push a towel into a groove in order to hang it in front a mirror. Because this will prevent demonic tentacles from further head assaults originating from the "space within a space" behind the mirror (quantum mechanics), the sucker demon attempts to enter the palm of my hand in order to mess with the hanging of the towel and/or use of the spoon to do so (which, as you can see, it did):
Still frame 1 of 6: A black sucker demon follows the motion trail of a spoon in my hand as I lift itStill frame 2 of 6: It is attempt to enter the palm of my hand in order to frustrate efforts to use a spoon to push a towel into the groove between the wall and the mirror
Still frame 3 of 6Still frame 4 of 6
Still frame 5 of 6Still frame 6 of 6
Sucker demons, like many demons, can determine a flight path that best conceals their identity. In this case, the black sucker demon positions itself directly between the camera and the spoon. The only indication that the spoon has a sucker demon in front of it, is the way the spoon seems to melt as it is lifted to the top of the mirror (at about the 56-second mark).
NOTE | Before you call me crazy about the creatures behind the mirror, keep in mind, there are at least three demons in this video that I'm showing you, and perhaps a couple more that you can see if you look closely.
  • An ashtray-can demon is positioned in my armpit, and can be seen underneath my shirt as I lean over the camera. Although the shadow conceals its details, the shape of this demon is unmistakable, which remains consistent and re-shapes itself predictably as I move around in all frames of the video:
Although not perfectly formed in any one still frame, you can still make out the silhouette of an ashtray-can demon, nestled in my armpit under my shirt in many of them
The ashtray-can demon faces the camera almost perfectly in the portions of the video in which it is seen, allowing for a more determinative view
The silhouette of a pointy-hatted ashtray-can demon, in a laundry bag full of dirty clothes; its shape is identical to the ashtray-can demon shown in the subject video
The role of this demon is to cause pain and discomfort in the joints of my shoulder when I use it in conjunction with a task the demons do not want me to perform. Here, it's waiting in my armpit for me to lift my arm in order to use the spoon to tuck the towel behind the mirror. The mere touch of a cloaked demon appendage on sensitive inner body parts causes pain, which it does by cloaking first, and then extending its arms into the shoulder through the armpit.
NOTE | These demons can (and do) reduce their cloak (to become more tangible) and pull and burn ligaments in the shoulder to damage them severely and, sometimes, permanently. So, even though they are less than six inches tall, and can be bent like fabric, they can render your arms unusable in under three seconds.
  • The Cold-Hand-of-Death looks like the shadow of a thin arm with elongated fingers; coincidentally, it lurks in shadows, too. They always seem to find a fit for their arm-like appendages in shadows that somehow form the same shape. Their touch would be cold if it weren't numbing first. In this still frame, the hand looks like the creases in my shirt; however, it's both creases and the hand of said demon:
The black, smoky arm of a Cold-Hand-of-Death demon reaches out to grip my shoulder (from the wall, and to my armpit; upper-right corner), in order to weaken my resolve to hang a towel over the mirror; it appears much more clearly in the video, in which it distinguishes itself from a mere crease in my shirt
I know it's this demon because its shape is familiar to me, having been grabbed countless times by these hands over the past several years, and having witnessed it, too. Not only that, but the oversaturated black of a cloaked demon as they appear in digital media is present in all three demons, this one no less than the others. 
Watch the video several times showing this demon; like a sucker demon, it tries to disguise itself in front of the camera. Here, it seems to dissolve and melt away from my arm when I move it. Skimming the video frame-by-frame shows the separation of the similarly-shaped shadow and the demon into two distinct parts. 
The role of this demon is to tire the muscle it is touching. When it holds you, lactic acid builds up almost immediately, and with only the slightest of exertion. In other words, glucose—the fuel for your muscles—breaks down into waste on contact by this demon.
These demons usually attack in massive hordes, fatiguing every major muscle group instantly. 
NOTE | I blame lactic acid for the fatigure; but, I don't actually know if it's that. A Cold-Hand-of-Death causes a burning sensation in the muscle it touches, which is similar to the sensation that you feel in a muscle towards the end of a tiring set of lifting weights (called "feeling the burn").
Sucker demons (and others) weaken by impeding impulses through the nerves; that is not the same. Its simply muscle tiredness—not a loss of strength.
Having been shown the locations of the three demons, you can easily identify them in the video (below):

NOTE | View this video in HD only.
As stated, there are several other demons in this video, two of which were attacking my head. In fact, you can see one of the tendrils that hit me square on the top of my scalp in this series of still frames:

[coming up in under an hour]

Having seen three demons with your own eyes attacking me while hanging a towel over a mirror, which I did to prevent continued blows to the head by demon tendrils, such as the one shown in the still frames above, I should be able to easily convince you to follow these precautions for preventing attack and injury from and through your household mirrors:
  1. Cover your mirrors, each and every one, completely, and all the time. In my case, doing so stopped attacks by demon tendrils altogether; however, sucker demons, as well as demons using tools or their spiked-fingered hands, were not stopped (although, for some reason, the strikes were greatly diminished).
  2. For those demons, spackle walls, floorboards, ceilings, sinks, etc., to plug holes and cracks—even pin-sized holes are big enough to harbor Jinn (Genie) class demons (the kind that stretch and lengthen when they appear, like the Genie effect on the Mac OS X dock).
  3. Finally, for the one- to two-foot tall demons that like to chew on or burn your lower limbs, and which attack from below, cover all floors and walls. Your house will probably look like a hookah lounge; but, it'll put put the kabash on demon traffic going in and out of your home (as demons entering your home use portals that open in the floor, while exiting into the walls).