Friday, December 8, 2017

Second video close-up of sucker demon, in-flight, possibly reveals drifting maneuvers

The following clip shows a close-up of a sucker demon, flying (versus slithering):

This is the second sucker-demon close-up video posted to this blog; however, unlike the first video, which shows a sucker demon using its tail as a propeller to maintain altitude and to make a rather acute turn in mid-air [see Close-up of sucker demon, propelling in air], this one shows the sucker demon simply drifting like a speck of dust:

Unfortunately, simply drifting does not advance the formulation of the long sought-after answer to the very compelling question, How does a worm fly? A drifting sucker demon makes no discernible movements to control their drift.
NOTE | It's possible that the undulating movement by sucker demons as they drift is a means to alter the angle of descent and to capture air like a parachute to control speed of descent.
For what it lacks in its ability to solve scientific mysteries, the video makes up for in clarity and detail; in fact, the sucker demon's bodily movements made during its fall are discernible enough to ascertain how sucker demons control drift, if it were determined as their means to do so, and its head and face are visible in some still frames (when viewed at 1080p). For example:

Although most of the sucker demon's forehead is missing, its eyes, the bridge of its nose and mouth are positioned correctly enough in both distance and alignment to each other to make out a face (click the image to enlarge)
The sucker demon is drifting, by the way, towards the carpet, where it will land to meet with thousands of other sucker demons nestled amid its fibers, and lie in wait to attack the feet of victims who unknowingly step on their herd or to advance on a victim on command.

Presumably, handlers of some kind and/or the demons using these aggressive, floor-dwelling demons  as weapons identify victims and aggressors beforehand after they are led to the site of attack (e.g., the home of a demonic-torture victim like myself) to avoid friendly-fire casualties.
NOTE | How do I know of these two, distinct roles? Voices Demons, who narrate an attack every time one occurs, identify someone other than themselves as a provider of these feet-attacking demons whenever they proffer a reason for the sucker demons' unavailability at a given time (like "they weren't brought here when we thought they would be" or "we're still waiting for those to arrive" or , yet they announce themselves and other demons as those who use them to attack. They also claim that the supply of these kinds of sucker demons is inexhaustible whenever a given counter-measure is successful at eliminating their ranks.
The signal aggressors use is completely innocuous, not at all unlike attack signals gestured by hand, which demon people use to both summon a demon into an object they carry and launch an attack on a target with it (in lieu of hand-based weapon) [see VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon as weapon]—so much so, that it is unlikely anyone but frequently attacked targets, such as torture victims, make the connection between the act that constitutes the signal and the attack itself.

Rather than a series of unnatural hand movements, e.g., a scratch-on-the-nose, followed by a brush-on-the-shoulder and then a swipe-on-the-thigh, the signal is issued by sweeping the floor. To sucker demons poised in carpet, the signal is given by running a vacuum cleaner; to those on non-carpeted (hard) flooring, by sweeping with a broom.

Like the hand gestures that aid a demon in finding the location of the summoning and in its possession of an object held by the summoner, sweeping the floor also does more than simply communicate an order to attack. The rotation of a vacuum cleaner's brush or friction from a broom's bristles provides a degree of motion and/or energy sufficient to enable the sucker demons to interact physically with the target. By nature, sucker demons are cloaked, meaning that various properties of their molecules are synced to those native to their indigenous realm. These properties exhibit characteristics such as permeability and visibility, which are different according to realm (in fact, realms are defined by the differences in these and other properties), and which make them invisible and unable to touch or see objects in other realms.

Demons can cloak, meaning that they can sync their molecules native to a given realm. By syncing their molecules to match the properties of molecules in our realm, they can touch things here instead of passing through them and can see things here and be seen by natives; but, syncing requires help on the part of the realm to which they are syncing. In this case, that entails house-keeping at the same time it gives that help.

Victims of torture and human-trafficking more than likely live with or in the same structure as their human tormentors (as I do); accordingly, attacks are often made known to the victim prior when their aggressor vacuums or sweeps.