Monday, March 19, 2012

Voices demons break heater

This morning, after announcing that they were going to break the heater in my apartment, the heater shut off for good. It is unseasonably cold today.

The voices demons are trying to stop my legal agenda aimed at recovering from losses stemming from their earlier handiwork.

Beginning of 2006, the Voice Demons and their human counterparts, some of whom are shown in the video, "Attack of the Gang-Stalkers," on Vimeo (

Demonic agenda extends to social services agency

The Voices Demons have not only kept me from financially supporting myself by and through employment, but have also used their contacts at the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency to block the county welfare cash aid I'm allotted each month.
The lobby of the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency (SCCSSA) at 1919 Senter Road, San Jose, California
This time, though, I've documented the arduous procedure of working around their abstinent people, and have employed my cellphone's video camera to catch county employee's violating the law and department procedure.
This SCCSSA employee initially refused to process paperwork which was required to disburse welfare benefits
In this video, "Connie," an employee working at the 1919 Senter Road office in San Jose, California, refuses to allow me to speak with a supervisor—which is a violation of the rules of the department—so that I can, basically, get my cash aid as I am so entitled.
First, she refuses; then, she says the supervisor is unavailable. But, when I insist each time, she lies and says that she is the supervisor.

Scratchen harassed by demons while eating

For reasons only known to the likes of Adolph Hitler, the demons have focused on making Scratchen paranoid to eat out of her dish.

After noticing her paranoid behavior while eating, I observed that an identical series of noises, which sound like a house settling, were being generated by the voices demons. Based on my own personal experience and the experience of others as I've observed them, these noises combined with only messages that you can hear (or other cues that only she is trained to notice), Scratchen is being trained to feel a certain way on cuez as subtle as clicks and pops. The emotions they are likely trying to create: fear, guilt, anger, or shame. And also physical and mental fatigue.

Demons use people and animals as carriers and hosts, but require them to be conditioned for such use. That condition is usually emotional, physical and mental disarray; but, only the kind of disarray that they induce and therefore control.

Sucker Demons Interfere with Electronics on Contact, Spark when crushed

An couple of interesting scientific tidbits about sucker demons and the nature of their electric properties:
  1. When I pinch one really hard (say, if it slithered into my bed, which is usually what they do) while I'm holding my cellphone, it will vibrate, as if a call is coming through, and the screen will dim as if malfunctioning, and then go black. Or, if I'm holding my laptop, the screen will shimmer. Sometimes, they actually shock me, which is rarely painful, but can be. Other times, there is extreme dizziness, confusion and disorientation, confusion, or extreme nausea with vertigo.
  2. Mostly, the "electricity" from a sucker demon is applied directly to nerves at a very low, almost imperceptible level, which causes shaking and diminished control over ones limbs, resembling Parkinson's disease. And, because sucker demons can "phase-out," which means make themselves nearly—but not completely—invisible, you may not notice that they are the culprit behind your inability to use your hands, or your tendency to drop things, or clumsy footing. Following is a video of a sucker demon reaching for my elbow, in order to prompt me to lower the laptop I'm using to record paranormal activity, by and through the nerves in that joint.
[video deleted by demons]

It probably works by reducing the nerve impulses to the muscles in your shoulder and arm, so that you feel tired, and inclined to stop using them. The electricity, by the way, feels "smooth" compared to an electric jolt you may get from an outlet; in other words, it is not alternating current, in that there is not a wave of pulses. Rather, it feels constant. I'm sure that means something to someone with a background in some sort of science; to me, it means don't touch them, if you can help it.

I've only seen one sucker demon get killed, and it was by accident. It was hiding under the mini-fridge, and when I moved it, the sucker demon must have gotten caught under one of the feet. They weight of the mini-fridge caused it to spark in blue flashes, accompanied by a series of loud cracks and pops.

Angry Sucker Demons Manipulate Cords

Sucker demons, the worm-like entities that are strong enough to tow cars and can fly (see "Sucker Demon Flies into my Apartment"), tangle and manipulate cords and cables in order to cause stress to their victim.

This video shows three (out of many) such instances. Such footage is extremely rare because sucker demons are usually very thin and short—and fast—and are difficult to make out in video made on a laptop or cellphone.

In the first clip, one or more sucker demons have attached themselves to earbuds, causing it to spring off a tabletop when I lay them down. They also scrape it with the jack about halfway through, in a very deliberate and obvious way. The earbuds do not behave this way normally (try this for yourself; when you lay your headphones down, they will not leap into the air, and then off the table, and nor will the jack propel itself from your hand, and then scrape a perfectly straight line across your table top while you try to coil it).

Finally, you will notice on the wall to your left intermittently appearing black spots. Those are either wormholes used by the sucker demons to enter and exit the apartment, or are anchor points for pushing or pulling (meaning that the darkness is the pooling of mass of a sucker demon, which is creating a surface on its body large enough to adhere to the wall).

The second and third clips were filter-enhanced in Final Cut Pro to compensate for poor lighting and contrast; however, even still, skimming the clips frame-by-frame reveals the presence of otherwise unseen sucker demons.

In the second clip, they try to prevent me from dragging the power cable behind the mini-fridge. At first, they whip the portion of the cable that is touching the floor in a circular motion. Then, as I start to guide the power cable between the drawers and mini-fridge, a black sucker demon snakes over the top of the drawers, and then disappears into the middle drawer (he slightly blends with the black joiner between a support strut and drawer top as he moves over the edge). As the cable moves reaches about halfway towards its destination, the sucker demon grabs the cable and actually starts to pull it in to the middle drawer; however, he succeeds in only scraping the cable against the lip of the drawer as I move it towards the wall. They give the cable a final, angry jerk when the cable reaches the wall; and, as I try to pass the cable behind the refrigerator, they coil it into a circle so that it will not fit.

In the third and final clip, the sucker demons hit my hand twice, as I attempt to tuck a power cord behind a portable heater. The first hit is not so obvious; the second one is very obvious, especially given the acceleration of the cord, which is unprompted by anything I did.

There are several more of these in my collection; but, they take a very long time to process, and making more is difficult. Sucker demons know what cameras are, and they don't appreciate them too much.

This video is a work-in-progress, and is subject to future updates. A better quality version of this video is available on request.

Audio Recording of Voices Demons Harassing, Threatening

Yesterday, after the Voices Demons said for the upteenth time that day, "James, you are going to the big-house for being a faggot to..." or some such, I decided to take another pass at an audio recording made late last year of, basically, more of the same.

The following short clip is of the Voices Demons and their human counterparts threatening "judgment by the Tuzzo people" and shouting hateful slurs (some of which is chanted in chorus); on the day I made this recording—from inside my apartment—they started the harassment the night before, and continued it throughout the next day. They have been doing this on an ongoing basis for nearly six years.

Improving the audio quality is an ongoing effort, and you may need headphones in order to hear the dialog more clearly; in the meantime, captioning is provided.