Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#428 - AUDIO | Chorus of female voices demons sing about penis, homosexuality and pending murder

Following is a sample from a much longer recording, in which the Voices Demons direct acts of physical violence, and in which you can hear them taunting the victim (i.e., me):

It's obnoxious to listen to this recording because the background noise, which sounds like a jet engine, almost eclipses the cheerleader-style song sung by at least two female voices demons; but, because the lyrics are somewhat discernible, it is still worth your tolerance, in that it provides insight into the daily lives of those suffering at the hands of these maniacally cruel demons.

Follow are two images showing me before and after the aforesaid violence and verbal torment, specifically, yesterday at 9.23 PM, and today at
Yesterday at 9.24 PM, before the physical attacks by various centurion-like demons and the tormenting by Voices Demons, as heard in the recording, aboveToday, about four hours later, after as many hours of listening to the likes of that in the recording, non-stop, while being burnt in the head and eyes
The original, 30-minute long recording can be downloaded from MediaFire.