Thursday, April 26, 2012

HOME | Roommate fails to pay old electric bill, power disconnected

I am unable to charge my cellphone and laptop at my new haunted apartment today, due to an unexpected power outage, which was caused by my roommate's failure to pay an old electric bill, according to the landlord.

The power went out sometime after my roommate left for work, which starts on Wednesday and ends on Saturday night or Sunday morning. He works in at a San Francisco residence as a caretaker for an elderly woman.

As a consequence, not only can I not use either of these devices, but my food will be ruined unless power is restored immediately. And, without lights, nighttime seems a little bit darker when you're inside a demon-infested apartment.

This latest roommate-related problem falls right on the heels of two other incidences, one in which he locked me out five times over the past two days, and another in which his angry threats resulted in the overnight ouster from the apartment by police four days.

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Cryptic use of nighttime poem by Voices Demons irritates, portends violent abuse

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep; Should I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.
This nighttime poem is sometimes recited by the Voices Demons eight or nine times a day, mostly, by one at a time, consecutively by three or four of them; but, I don't know why. The only thing I do know is when they will say it, which is when they're "angry."

The only reason why I'm posting it is because it's what's happening, and, nearly every time things said like this will have a reason (albeit a pointless one) down the line. If this one does, then it will be interesting to readers to see how the Voices Demons work.

An example from the past is, they used to repeat over and over to me: "You will push your way out." That made no sense at any of the times they said it. What it meant was is that I would see a sign on the door to the exit of the jail that said, "PUSH your way out."

This, of course, is not that significant; but, they usually do this by the dozens, and, when they do, the meaning reveals themselves eventually all at once. This would be kind of fun, if only these repetitive sayings of theirs didn't usually portend danger or some other incident I'm not going to like.

While I was typing this, one of them said, "I think it means we are going to take your life, James B; but, we don't want people knowing that, so we'll tell them a different story, if we have to."

This is also the first time they actually told me the meaning of one of their sayings. Before, they would simply repeat a saying from time-to-time.

I didn't ask for elaboration, as that would be pointless. The mystic and veiled threats are part of the distraction they want to create, and answering any questions would only defeat their agenda, which is to suck me into a useless, pointless, never-ending, emotionally-draining, ranting discussion full of verbal loops and "word labyrinths," which inevitably wastes my time and emotional energy, and generally makes me angry (whereas it used to make me worried).

The characteristics of a Voices Demon, in general, that contribute to the type of behavior described above is identical to that of a stalker. They include:

  • Frequent loss of temper. They say this poem a lot because they lose their temper a lot.
  • Threats. The poem is a threat, according to them.
  • Physical or verbal abuse. The repetitive nature of the threat, which is issued up to 30 times a day, constitutes verbal abuse, of course; but, over time, when doing this day-after-day, month-after-month, year-after-year, it takes a physical toll, too.
  • Damage or destruction to property. Because they can't or won't carry out their death threat, they will rip my cellphone out of hands, or bang my laptop against a wall as I walk past one.
  • Talks about violence. This threat usually follows some rant about some demon or person they know who can inflict violence in unique ways, etc. They used to mention some demon named, "Face," all the time; now, it's someone named, "Steve."