Thursday, August 30, 2012

#382 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Tiny hand-of-mischief demon resting behind my head

A video made two days ago during a period of high demonic activity shows a tiny, four-fingered hand, otherwise called a hand-of-mischief demon, that is, apparently, resting behind my head, and where my actual hand should have been:
My ears do not span four fingers high
A hand-of-mischief demon moves so fast that it's rarely seen, except in the occasional video still frame, as shown in [link]; and, they can appear, it seems, at any point in the air around you—not just through the floor or wall like all other demons I've seen so far (with the exception of the ones that run really fast for a few strides and then vanish into a glowing ash of a dot). What they do is grab at towels, dishes, cellphones, feet, arms, elbows, knees, heads or anything other thing that, when in certain kinds of motion, must be controlled carefully, and then redirect things moving in a hazardous direction, or set them moving in same.

These demons are probably not just a hand and an arm, even though that's all you can see, when you see them. They are likely the dwarfish-imp variety of demon, which basically looks like a cartoonish midget. These used to make very frequent appearances at my old apartment on Julian Street, uninvited, and only at a specific and inappropriate time.

This is likely the same kind of demon described (and shown) in VIDEO | Demons can alter the flow of time.
In one video, a tiny, misshapen hand appears out of nowhere and deflects the path of my hand, which I had to just used to scratch my leg, and was then pulling it back to my side (download from MediaFire [516.32 KB]).
Also, this is not the first video related to the supernatural and my hand. In a video made last year, my hand flies off my arm in order to grab my cellphone as it rested on the floor, right before a demon gets to it (see VIDEO TIMELINE | "Thing").

#381 - MAGIC | Why some demons freeze when you see them

These are two reasonable guesses as to why some demons freeze when you see them, as well as why most demons remain still when blended or otherwise making an appearance:

  • You're not susceptible to certain acts of magic when the requisite kinetic energy (from motion) is not present, in that shadow energy can be cast, but will not affect the target unless and until the body is sufficiently tense from muscle exertion resulting from the initiation of a new motion, such as standing up, in combination with eye movement. The target's awareness of and focus on the caster enhances the results greatly; and,
  • persons with magical abilities, whether known or unknown, that runs counter to other, demonic forms of magic can intentionally or inadvertently (and, even unknowingly) freeze a demon temporarily with one hand, while blasting them with another. Results vary depending on the variety of demon, as some are more sensitive to than others to blasting, and some are immune to freezing.

#380 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Two blue-tinted demons blend "in the ether"

A still frame found in a frame-by-frame review of video footage reveals the head of a demon, blended not with an object, as usual, but with rays of light:
A still frame from a video, showing the profile of a demon (highlighted in a thumbnail) that is blended with rays of light from an LED light on a cellphone charger 
The video, which can be downloaded from Dropbox [27.5 MB], was made during a demon-led "Anger Management Ritual" last month in which these events occurred:
The demon is blended with the light emitted by an LED on a cellphone charger, and was captured when the camera was in motion from being hand-carried to a nearby window sill.

Following is an image of the same still frame, but retouched for easier identification of the demon:
Retouching the same still frame reveals teeth and other hard-to-distinguish features of the demon's face
The slowness at which my cellphone camera calculates optimal aperture and color settings, coupled with its incorrect estimation of the lighting conditions in the room (which was due to the camera's proximity to the source of light and the dark surface of the desk surrounding it), is the cause for the darkness image.
READ | Learn why demons glow by light in SCIENCE | The ethereal haze and glow of demons (and ghosts) explained.
In the video, however, you can see that it is, in fact, daylight, as is shown in this 10-segment of the original 10-minute long rooftop video surveillance footage:

Skimming segments of video in motion almost always reveals demons either blended with objects or cloaked demons at the times and places of high demonic activity. In the latter, the entire body is revealed, whereas, in the former, only their head is visible (usually). The differences in their individual abilities notwithstanding, this rule-of-thumb seems to apply to every variety of demon that blends with an object for the purpose of establishing a presence at a remote location for communication and observation; however, as to the intent to interact physically with the environment in which the object is situated varies according to the abilities of a given demon so blended.
NOTE | In other words, a demon blended with an object, no matter how innocuous that demon may look, is physically present at the point at which the object exists. Accordingly, that physicality is a threat; but, is also vulnerable (read more about the physical nature of demons in SCIENCE | Exploiting vulnerabilities inherent to the physical nature of demons).
Demons can also blend with objects emitting light, such as a nightlight or alarm clock LED display, and are revealed in otherwise dark (or near-dark) still frames made of total or near-total darkness, or any condition that creates a sharp contrast between the source of light and the surrounding region, such as when from the light peering through the cracks between the fingers of a hand blocking the camera lens, the head of a demon can be seen separately from an object, glowing, and seemingly floating in mid-air (or, to use the demon-vernacular equivalent, in the ether).
NOTE | Regardless of the absence of an underlying object, the camera—or demon—must still be in motion in order to revealed.