Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tween frame rendering technique finds invisible demons in chroma

Another post-in-progress, showing great images, but only snippets of the eventual copy that will accompany them when the post is finished.

If you configure a digital camera to combine as few as 12 frames of live video into each frame displayed, and that at no more than 30 frames per second, you can not only see demons moving through the chroma that fills the air during periods of high demonic activity, but can actually see the contour and texture of demonic entities attached to (and attacking) your body.

This new method of processing demonic-activity video shows tendrils overlapping my eyes in a way that suggests they are reshaping the lens, which would explain intermittent loss of the ability to focus during periods of high demonic activity

For example, after having processed such a video with a filter that combines multiple still frames into one, I was able to see exactly what at least two of the cloaked entities placed on my eyeball (in order to damage it) look like:

A entity encircled by a wheel of spoke-like spider legs, anchored over my right eye, and an entity that looks like sand-dollar corral, positioning the hole in its center over my pupil

With the same technique, you can easily find sucker demons and the like slithering on and burrowing in your body by making video with a camera configured as aforedescribed while panning the camera over areas suspected of being occupied by these insidious entities.

A reddish-purple tubule capped with an array of spikes shown protruding from my neck and latching onto my chin, unseen in the original, made visible by combining multiple still frames into one
Another combined still frame shows the tubule from a better angle, with more arching than the previous still frame (above)

[Done with Quartz Composer}:

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[Existing videos can be processed with GIMP...]:

This scripts creates a combined frame of 24 frames for each frame in a 24-fps video:

This scripts creates 24 tween frames between each 24-frame combined frame: