Friday, May 15, 2015

GALLERY | Demon doorknob (and more...)

This post contains images that are the various results from my imaging filter tests. It is similar to The Desktop of a Demoniac, which was updated every so often with snapshots of my Mac or iPhone workspace as I developed GIMP and Photoshop methods for processing images showing demonic activity.

There are only a few pics to start; but, I will post more as I acquire other interesting ones while testing.

Left alone in a virtual stranger's pitch-black three-car garage-made-for-living for about a minute more than I was comfortable with prompted me to turn on my iPhone camera to find out what might be lurking about. As it turns out, I was surrounded by dozens upon dozens of demons in every nook and cranny of the place. There wasn't an uninteresting one among them; but, these three caught my eye because they are far more unique than I usually encounter:
Three (or more) needle-head variety demonsThe same still frame (left), enhanced, revealed a different variety of demon (right)
Needle-head demons, I call them—or at least their variety. Although this is the first time I've seen them, due to the extensive number of encounters with demons and demon-aware sentient life, which could also be described as intimate and familiar, I can say I already know a lot about them.

People who know demons in general who come across new demons can assess intelligence, social standing, and culture by two things first: facial expressions and the clothing; second, the direction they face you, and then what they say, if anything (and whether they say it to you or another demon). The latter denotes their intention to make you take note of the messages their faces and clothes send. Third, the number that appear together (whether one by itself or a group), and the mixture of that group.

Demon doorknob
Subtracting the result of my multi-morphological operator imaging filter applied to an image made in my bathroom from the original produced several demons hiding in the folds of a towel draped over the light, as well as the doorknob to the cabinet. While it's not unusual for demons to possess textiles, it's rare that a doorknob is possessed by anything other than a demonic weapon or sucker demon of some variety (in order to injure hands or interfere with its operation):

A red-eyed skull-faced demon, apparently, poses as a bathroom cabinet doorknob
Acid-spewing anemones
Barnacles, that look like anemones. That's the best way I can describe them. They can be felt, but not removed easily. They dodge attempts to remove them, attaching their tendrils to hair and skin, while burrowing their roots—probably—to the bone. Over time, the area on which they are anchored begins to deteriorate (atrophy), dry and sag. Using my new Minimum imaging filter for the iPhone Photos app, you can see a plethora of them attached to my arm:

A still frame processed by my new Minimum imaging filter for iPhoneThe original, unprocessed still frame
The sprouts coming from the darker regions on my arm are invisible to the naked eye; but, as you can see, the imaging filter brings them out perfectly:

My arm looks like the anemone-coated bed of a tidal pool, and feels like it, too, even though this can't be seen with the naked eyeTo the unaided eye, my arm looks like an arm—not my old arm, but an arm, nonetheless
Nearly every frame of the video from which the still frames above were taken show similar degrees of attack and damage, some even worse:

Don't laugh; soldiers wear helmets
Here are close-ups from the above:

For a look at another plastic sheet-wearing lunatic (said in jest, and of myself only; this woman is a victim, and a brave one at that), see UPDATE | Demons, their people continue to exploit, cause suffering via open portals.

Instruments of decay
Images of what's eating you: the sucker demons and other cloaked entities that are literally eating away at your body, from the skin to the bone [see also TECHNOLOGY | Demonic maggots erode face, neck]:

Cloaked entities, placed on my face by demons and their people, in order to age and erode my face—and that's just one of nearly all my places where things like this can be found (thanks to my new imaging filters)
Another close-up, produced by an early version of my Standard Deviation Filter
The blue-tinted coils embedded in the skin of my noise portends to more implantations than I previously thought I had
The coloring of the coils distinguishes them from the organisms in the surrounding area

Long's inner demon(s)
Every demoniac I've ever encountered has more than just one demon, even when they only know of just one, which would make one think that it'd be more difficult to create images of them, seeing as they all overlap themselves and the person they are possessing.

Fortunately, the individual species of each member of a demon-possessing horde must be different for them to share the same space or perform in a similar capacity as joint-possessing demons; my theories are that's either because:
  • the cloaked molecules from the same species cannot overlap and perform the functions of a demon battling for control over its target, whereas the cloaked molecules of another species can perform without undue interference from other demons (think of a cloak as a radio frequency; no two stations can broadcast on the same frequency, but can share the same air if they use different ones); or,
  • the demon mind cannot think for more than one demon, and two demon minds vying for influence and/or control over one would clash.
I'm leaning towards the frequency theory, considering that all you have to do to see two different overlapping demons in a person is to filter two different frequencies of an image of said person. The still frames below are all the same still frame from the source video, yet, in combination, they show the person and two different demons:

Long resting in the bathroomA possessing demon, doing sameAnd another, doing sameAnd yet another, doing same

As you surmised, this was made possible using two different imaging filters—both of the band-pass kind—configured so that different frequencies of the still frame were isolated and rendered to a new still frame image:
The imaging filters used to create the above filtered still frame images
Perfected face of blanket demon
It's rare to see a demon's face made out of a blanket take on a realistic look; most blanket demons either don't have the skill or don't take the time to do as good a rendering as, say, The Bathhouse Blanket Demon, or as artistically as the demon that shaped his face out of a scarf nearly 30 times per second with about as many variations; instead, they tend to settle with a sort of caricature of their actual face like, say, The Pillow Demons.

Early this morning, I captured on video a consummately lifelike version of a blanket demon's face; it was so detailed, I thought I was looking at flesh-and-bones at first. Following are two of over a dozen still frames showing this demon's work-of-art:
The face of a blanket demon, staring at the ceiling, wearing headdress common for certain varieties of possessors of blanketsThe face was sculpted (or formed) out of an unfolded blanket, lying on top of an also-possessed suitcase
Incidentally, these images were slightly contrast-enhanced using Photoshop, and not with one of my image filters.

Closest close-up ever of white flying sucker demon (sRGB-Inversion image filter)
In SCIENCE | Sucker demons fly like some fish swim, I proposed a theory on how sucker demons fly, which somehow manage to achieve airborne status with only their thread-like bodies and no wings. Unfortunately, because they are so small, shy and hard-to-see with the naked eye, I hadn't acquired many decent close-up shots—Sucker demons buzz camera, poisoning by radiation (finally) captured on video being the only possible exception—which would allow me to confirm the mechanics of sucker-demon flight, until today. These three still frames show a sucker demon passing in front of my camera lens about an inch away:

A video clip made this morning shows what looks like a speck of dust drifting in front of my camera......however, freeze-framing reveals the body of a sucker demon......which is more tubule in-flight than thread-like
Although it looks really large in the still frames, the sucker demon is only about an inch or two and thread-thin; and, because it's only visible in three frames (out of 30 per second), I decided against posting the video clip showing it for now.

Demon shapes light reflected off bathroom wall into face (Root-Mean-Square - Unsharp Mask and Mean of Minimum and Maximum filters)
How does a demon shape light? Maybe like a prism or lens; but, it could also be polarized light emitted by the demon's cloaked molecules as reflected light from the bathroom wall hits them.

Regardless of how, his face is quite clear after the still frames showing the reflection are processed using my RMS-UM image filter, allowing for a visible discernment of its teeth:
The filter over-amplified the green tendrils dripping down the wall obscure the demon's face somewhat......but can nonetheless be easily found by looking first at his very prominent right eye, and then to his toothy grimace
Note that both the blanket demon and the one above are facing upwards (towards the ceiling).