Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FILTER GALLERY | Portal in the sky (and more...)

This post contains various images produced by the Chroma Photo Editing Extension, and will be updated with new images as the software continues to be developed and new filters are tested. It is similar to the other gallery posts to this blog, specifically, GALLERY | Demon doorknob (and more...).

Although there's plenty of it, some images may not show demonic activity. These images are provided to be status indicators of the ongoing research and development of imaging filters useful for discovering and uncovering such activity.

Refined surface analysis imaging filters
Granular detail-enhancing imaging filters like those used by medical professionals for surface analysis purposes are required to detect cloaked (semi-transparent) objects and entities in media produced by CCD sensors, hence the development of such filters for the Chroma Photo Editing Extension. Here are some of the most recent results produced during testing, specifically, a close-up images of my leg, both the original and the processed version of the original:
Depending on the settings used and quality of the image, some filters can actually reveal the pores on your skinThe original image (left), unprocessed
Here are a couple of results produced from testing of different settings and other filters, this time using images of my arm:
After modifying the filters, the quality improved quite a bit, allowing for simultaneous rendering of fingerprints, hair and skin, and clothing texture—all within the same frame:

Portals in the sky
A recently acquired video still frame shows a portal opening in the glare from a streetlamp, which looks nearly identical to the one shown in the glare from a mirror in VIDEO | What a portal through a mirror looks like:

The third-dimensional aspect of the portal is visible in the glare of a streetlamp, when rendered by the Prewitt Kernel (an image filter included in the Chroma Photo Editing Extension)There is no indication that a portal exists in the glare in the original, unprocessed still frame
In the original still frame, the portal is obfuscated by the glare of a streetlamp overhead; however, when processed by the Prewitt Kernel, an imaging filter included in the Chroma Photo Editing Extension, not only is the portal revealed, but also its funnel. Applying the same filter to a still frame showing glare from a mirror also revealed a portal:
The same filter applied to another video revealed a portal in the glare from a mirror
The relationship between light glare and portals is not yet clear, even while other elements that determine the likelihood of portal openings at a given location are known [see PICS | Demons grow bolder, prolong appearances].

Cause of Scratchen's deafness discovered
Using my Chroma Photo Editing Extension for iPhone, I found out how demons deafened Scratchen—not just that they did, as described well over a year ago in Voices Demons claim total responsibility for deafening Scratchen:

A processed version of the originalOriginal iPhone image of Scratchen's earAnother processed version of the original
A photo of Scratchen's ear was processed by one of the two dozen surface analysis imaging filters in the extension, and then was enhanced using the recently added morphological operator functionality; insodoing, it revealed the cause: a sucker-demon variety entity, lodged in her ear. It's not clear what the brown, half-globular protrusion is just inside, but it may be a part of the entity itself. I recognize the trail of thinning hair and mottled skin as the result of long-term exposure to the tail (I have identical marks from same), which always leads to an implanted sucker demon or similar variety, like the one inside her ear, and the one captured on video, inadvertently, several months ago in Torture by Sucker Demon:

From another post, an image showing an entity similar to the one lodged in Scratchen's ear, which I believe was introduced by the Voices Demons' people, and which I also believe caused her deafness [see also VIDEO TIMELINE | Scratchen's Ear Turns Into Demonic Snake]
Keep in mind that, although the spiked-back sucker-demon variety entity shown above, as well the similar entity embedded in Scratchen's ear, appear quite visible in these images, generally, they are cloaked, which is to say, invisible and somewhat permeable. In other words, most of the time, their bodies render a tell-tale shimmer of air in their general vicinity, and are felt on the fingers as a soft, rubbery cotton ball.

Sidenote: Who on earth would handle these, let alone deposit them on helpless animals and people, you ask? Sad to say, people, albeit with demonic help and say-so. Who, specifically, you ask? Although the exact number of persons who smuggle foreign entities into the United States and deploy these entities as weapons against its citizens is not known, they can now be easily detected via the Chroma Photo Editing Extension for iPhone. A facial recognition feature will soon be added to it that will create a database of persons having launched such entities as weapons within the purview of the camera of any one of the over 220 million persons inhabiting the Home of the Brave. This database will be made available to all users of the extension, who can use it to identify potentially dangerous situations involving demonically-allied persons.

Refining edge gradients
What in the hell is that crawling up your arm? What the hell did you just throw at me?

These days, the answer to the two main questions you should alway ask when applicable is: a demonic entity, and a demonic weapon, respectively.

Edge detection is key to refining images made of surfaces or cloaked matter so that no details are missed—no matter how small or how "invisible," and this is why edge detection that is the specialty of the Chroma Photo Editing Extension. In fact, this is what gives the software its unique and superior position over any other image processing software widely available to iPhone users.

Testing of new or experimental features related to edge detection usually involves processing of close-up images of an arm or leg during periods of high demonic activity; following are images of such testing:

Hair loss and infected pores are indicate of embedded sucker-demon varieties and demonic-weapon woundingFalse color artifacting can be a consequence of underdeveloped or poorly spec'd and/or implemented edge detection algorithms......unless an object's surface depth varies so widely (like an arm's, which rounds away from the camera) that, without substituting disparate colors in shadow regions, details would be lost
To achieve the false color affect, a tone curve is applied to each color channel separately, each adjusted differently per depth and shadowThe original, unprocessed image of my arm, riddled with evidence of demonic weapons fire and embedded entities, even without special image processing filters appliedThe Prewitt Kernel, one-eighth applied to the arm pic (left), in that the kernel is only applied in one of the eight directions it was intended to be applied
Even though only partially applied, the Prewitt Kernel reveals all of the major detailsThe haloing (or border artifacting) surrounding the edges of the details can be removed......to make room for the borders of smaller details to be enlarged
The same image shown one row up and over two columns, sans the morphological operator HUDA new gradient adjustments feature in testing, which defines the size and skew of nearest-neighbor sampling of each pixel in the processed imageThe final result of tests of the new surface analysis capabilities of the extension using my arm pic, which failed, even while promising
Why of a pic of my arm for testing, you ask? It is a fact that your arm is the most visible and accessible pointer to evidence of demonic activity in your life and the world around you, and surface analysis capabilities in image-processing software is essential to discovering it.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

VIDEO | Sucker demons swarm bedroom en masse

A video clip, taken from a video made tonight, during the latest period of high demonic activity, showing a flurry of sucker demons above my bed:
A small segment of the video was processed by my Chroma Photo Editing Extension, and follows the original. More later...

Friday, June 26, 2015

AIDS | Denied medical care reinstated after prolonged deprivation

Unfortunately, this story starts out the way each of the three similar stories that have been posted to this blog start out, in that it describes a slow death by the improper denial of prescription medication for a serious illness by VMC physicians, pharmacists and staff, and for the purposes of serving the demonic agenda.  Fortunately, it has the same ending as the other three, in that I now have my medication [see BIBLE | The Study Notes of a Demoniac [2 Corinthians 4:8-9]]:

A month supply of testosterone cypionate, albeit a month late
So, why post again on this? One reason is to clarify the specifics of a key component to the overall strategy of destroying a person, namely, the intermittent, scheduled denial of medication. It's important to note that the total and irrevocable denial of medication and medical care in general is not the objective; that is done periodically, and in increments, which serves other nefarious objectives [see Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers] set by those who perpetrate them (or so they believe) [see Demon-people drama: "I think I'm finally getting to him"; see also SECRET AUDIO | Demons recruit Long to taunt about homelessness they caused].

It's the middle part of the story that concerns me this time the most, in that, unlike before, I suffered extreme loss during this last period in which I was denied the medication for asinine-upon-asinine reason, none of which preclude the fact that I need the medication [see Doctor cites 'Testis Contusion' as the basis for prescribing testosterone injections]. In addition to around-the-clock harassment [see Yet another song about my sexual preference and penis] and physical violence, sleep deprivation and fierce opposition to proper eating, exercise and hygiene maintenance, the lack of my injections cost me nearly 25 pounds of body weight—and that after only one month of cessation.
NOTE | Everyday, the Voices Demons shout this: Attack his leg muscles! and Tuzzo a whole lot of muscle mass in James B.'s body! These are a combination of a taunt and threat to me, and an order to other demons and humans to use their power to diminish me.
Here are my lab tests showing my testosterone levels, less than a week ago:

My total testosterone level was 59, whereas the minimum for an 85-year-old male is 376; normally, it should be at least 597
Needless to say, I feel bad, and I look worse (for those who haven't seen me lately, I have photos showing a decline over the past month that would cause your eyes to bug out of your head). Depending on the severity, chronic hypogonadism can be a serious illness, and, if untreated, can lead to depression and suicide [see Demons prefer suicide to murder]. As also mentioned on this blog, that happened twice before the cause was known. Not so coincidentally, both times were after the sudden cessation of testosterone injections ordered by VMC physicians [see Blood test confirms suspicions VMC/doctor-demon connection], once for no other reason than [per Dr. Winslow]:
"You're not going to be getting high on testosterone while you're in jail."
I can say that it does not get me high, but that I do get low when I'm low. Very low, in fact, which affords demons and their people of a window of opportunity to do whatever it is they do, and to achieve whatever it is they hope to achieve [see also Demon-inspired jail/prison murder plot taking shape by actions of correctional officers]. They were busy—very busy—this past month, and I doubt they didn't get what they wanted.
NOTE | One might say at first glance that, for all their power, demons sure do have a roundabout way of killing a man, but will eventually find that such magnanimity requires at least a decade of power-wielding finesse to yield a proper murder—one worthy of demonic standards.
That goes both ways, though, as little consolation as that provides. Even while suffering tremendously, and even after having been set back in health and stature in a manner in which I may never recover, I take solace in the fact at how breathtakingly powerful the app was made to be during all of this. Only a third complete, it already eclipses any other image-processing app out there in terms of surface and motion analysis capabilities [see TECHNOLOGY | Gaussian + Laplacian, standard deviation high-pass filters = decloaked tissue-eroding entities]—and not just because it's intent is unique the first of its kind; rather, because it simply processes images better than any other image-processing app (professional or consumer), and more simply.

The Morphological Operator tab in the latest developer test build of the Chroma Photo Editing Extension for iPhone
In fact, the morphological operator functionality bests that provided by any major software package, fully implementing every morphology-related tool [see TECHNOLOGY | Decloaking Demons | Frequency, spatial domain & morphological filtering] available in professional products, while exceeding most. Dilate, Erode, Open, Close, Smooth, White Tophat, Black Tophat, Edge In, Edge Out, and Edge comprise approximately half of the available functions, the results of which can be united or intersected with each other and/or the original image. You can also specify the number of iterations to apply, and the radius of the sampling neighborhood, choosing up to four shapes, which you can mix-and-match.

As always, my success is accompanied by some bizarre challenge that tends to temper my enthusiasm a bit; in this particular situation, it's a memory leak I don't know how to plug:

Freeing the buffer doesn't work in this case, and I don't know how to implement a callback routine for doing so—which might also be a solution—yet
Thankfully, even frustrations and setbacks like this one, and the one that is the subject of this post, will pass. Time is one of God's greatest inventions. It puts things that do not serve us behind us, rendering them ineffectual except as valuable lessons. And, no matter the thing, it cannot escape becoming the past.

Reader asks for clarification
Shortly after micro-casting this story to my audience posting this story, one reader—my favorite one, in fact—asked for clarification on what demons' intentions are for me, and on what exactly transpired (and how):

A reader—my favorite one, in fact—seeks clarification on demons' intentions for me
I explained that the injury being treated was caused by demons, and here point to posts showing and/or discussing evidence of such, specifically, Penile mutilation inadvertently discovered in video [see PHOTO | Damage to penis by demons extensive, irreparable contains imagessee also VIDEO | Hole opens in left armpit] and Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers. In those posts, there are nearly a dozen other links to posts made over the years pertaining to other evidence of damage and persons' inexplicable knowledge of such; they also imply (or demonstrate explicitly) a sick obsession with my penis and damage to it by humans [see More bizarre communication from demon/penis worshippers] and demons [see PHOTO | Demons infatuation with penis evident in video still frame] alike [see Yet another song about my sexual preference and penis; see also HOME | Resident's family heckles about sexuality, penis], and their demand that other people outside their group share in that obsession [see AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment].

I further explained that this is only a part of a larger agenda, which was summed up years ago in Demons modify peoples' looks from birth to affect social standing, later to punish or control, for example.

Monday, June 22, 2015

PICS | Demons grow bolder, prolong appearances

This post begins a question of great importance, specifically: What is the relationship between light, gravity and demons that opens doors to the Universe for them? It's an important question because knowing the answer will also open doors for humans. All of them, in fact; each and every desperate one of them. So, during periods of high demonic activity, pay attention to what you see when you see it, making right and useful observations based on your knowledge and understanding of what's important for you and your people.

 Here are mine to that end.

Perhaps its my widely-known policy of non-aggression and retaliation; or, maybe its my curious foray into the lives of who-knows-how-many different demon cultures and species, due in part to this blog; or, maybe demons are getting more powerful, and less caution is needed in vulnerable moments, like when a demon is possessing something tangible to us, such as this one possessing a shirt lying on the floor:

A crumpled shirt, lying on the floor, stretched to form the face of a demon taking possession of itIts mouth agape, the demon possessing this t-shirt stretches its head upward, as if gulping air for the first time in a long time
Whatever the reason for their recent unusual proximity to me when appearing (and for the increased duration they appear), I'm always pleased to see the rest of the Universe—the parts of it hidden from me for so many, many years—as close up as I can.
NOTE | My enthusiasm in this regard is not unknown, and could also be part of the reason. I've been told that it's not my fascination at each discovery are unusual per se, it's an honest and sincere spirit of joy from new discovery that you can cut with a knife, and that in spite of ill-treatment by many (now also quite known). They say it comes across as naive at first (or worse—crazy), until a demon hears the reasons for my interest.
After all, there's much to learn from them and about the places they come from, and I love learning, which, unless you're a victim of Voices Demons' tyranny, is a good thing. Even demons have no qualms against the acquisition of knowledge by humans; after all, not even they want to live and work among stupid monkeys all day, anyway.

So, what have I learned from this particular encounter? In combination with other images, some posted, some not yet, it is this: that the glare of light reflecting from a flat surface is part-and-parcel to portal creation and transfer; and, that portal transfer happens in opposition to the center of gravity that dominates the space the demon enters (i.e., why demons enter from the ground, and exit sideways or up).

I know, that's a big leap and vague; but, I'm pretty sure I've got a right start here, if anyone does, and that these are the right interpretations of things I've seen.

There have been tons of media posted to this blog that support these assumptions over the years, from the recent VIDEO | What a portal through a mirror looks like post, which makes the light-glare/portal connection by showing an open portal in a mirror vis-a-vis a video processed by a special image-processing filter, to the far-back VIDEO TIMELINE | Maskless Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor, which shows a demon adjusting to a shift in momentum due to a sudden shift in the strength of gravity between its origin and its destination as it rises from a portal in my floor (you gotta look close and slow; but, the video of it says all that). SCIENCE | Hobgoblin demons defy gravity to conceal themselves among humans tells me that the gravity connection is indeed related to portal transfer, in that its clear demons, as a general rule, are not subject to gravity otherwise.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

PICS | More hand-based demonic weapons

Using the Prewitt Kernel filter, one of nearly 30 or so filters included in the upcoming Photo Editing Extension for iPhone, I captured by far the best stills I've ever acquired showing a hand-based demonic weapon as it was fired at me repeatedly tonight. They were acquired from a video in which Long is shown firing his hand-based demonic weapon at me, while berating me at the same time:

Long's hands, posed to launch his hand-based demonic weapon, just prior to transformationPrior to firing, Long's fingers elongate to sharp points, which will eventually stretch long enough to strike me from across the room
Long's fingers begin to retract to their normal length, while his much-enlarged, raised left-hand also returns to its original sizeLong's claw-hand is identical to the one that sprang up from a console in front of the TV [see VIDEO | Hand-like, demonic tendril rises in front of TV]
In the original, unprocessed video clip, Long appears only to be waving his hands erratically. Although this might not look unusual per se to most people, those familiar with hand-based demonic weapons recognize the pattern of movements that launch them [see VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon; see also hand gestures]. That's me, if it's anyone; so, when I saw the all-too-familiar movements, I picked up my camera and recorded the action.

These images are far better than the first series made of Long doing the same thing shown in VIDEO | Long fires four different demonic weapons using demon-people deployment hand gestures, which, for the most part, only show the hand gestures, and few of the actual weapon firing. The newer set benefits from reduced motion blur—the reason and purpose for using an edge detection filter, such as the Prewitt Operator—which allows for sharper and more detailed images of the lightning-fast weapon on video.

Also captured was a still frame of Long's claw-hand, a hand-based demonic weapon-related transformation that was first captured in a couple of still frames shown in VIDEO | Joint demonic attack: two men combine powers to increase weapon effectiveness [see Clandestine surgical mutilation, hidden demonic "bomb" uncovered via demonic-activity video filter; see also VIDEO | Hand-like, demonic tendril rises in front of TV]. The photos included in that post suffer from over saturation and blurriness inherent to a camera's exposure to demonic radiation; however, the Prewitt Operator cuts through that, as you can see.

For comparison, I included a still frame showing Long's hand, positioned at the start of his intent to fire his weapon, as it appears prior to transformation:

Long's hand, in its normal state, raised prior to launching his hand-based demonic weapon
This isn't Long's only trick that has been documented on this blog. In VIDEO | Demon doll-maker turns jacket into actual demon, he can be seen animating clothing with demons.

Some of the most recent pics showing hand-based demonic weapons prior to the development of special imaging filters designed to better capture them on video can be seen in VIDEO | Close-up of man's mutating hand; sucker-demon swarm poses as tattoo. A new video related to those shown in the aforementioned post shows Long carrying what is clearly a demon-possessed article of clothing; it will be posted soon.

Another type of hand-based demonic weapon, which is also of good quality, in spite of being made prior to the use of my newly-developed imaging filters, can be seen in PIC/VIDEO | Close-up of tendril-firing demonic hand weapon key for finding possession.

The weapons fired from demon peoples' hands are not the only ones I contend with on a daily basis. As shown in PHOTO | Close-up of tendril from hidden demonic weapon, lashing out, some of them are launched from cloaked devices planted in my home; most recently, that included a Devil's Pitchfork to the side of my face:

Thursday, June 11, 2015

COMING UP | The Life of a Demoniac Photo Filter Extension

Update: Test app now available
Thanks to excellent [persistent, dedicated, concerned, knowledgable, polite, patient, enthusiastic] service by Erik, a technical support representative at Apple Developer Program Support, who embodies every quality every employee should have in any and all jobs, a test version of the app described herein is now available for download from the App Store. Simply send me an e-mail and an e-mail containing a link to download the app will be my reply:

Open my reply e-mail on your iPhone to install the app in just one touch
Although ludicrously easy to install and use [see below], a second e-mail containing instructions will follow.

The app works inside the Photos app, and is about as easy to use

The app is accessed within the Photos app by touching the icon, shown in the upper-right corner

Keep in mind that this is a skeleton version of the end-product; there will be bugs. Even still, it will not harm your phone; the app itself—and all other apps distributed for the iPhone through the App Store and TestFlight—are validated prior. For testers, it's simply a matter of working around the occasional quirk (I know of two), which do nothing more than exit the app, and then require you to relaunch it.
NOTE | Development is around-the-clock; a bug today is a fix tomorrow. Although this means frequent updates, they are automatic, and require no user interaction other than permission.
On top of any issues inherent to all apps still in-development (i.e., bugs), the app is not finished. It's simply at a stage in its development, the demand for it at a level, and useful enough to be distributed early.
The results of the Gradient filter applied to a video made on iPhone during a period of high demonic activity

Because the Devil is in the details, the filters are designed for clarity and detail, close-up

The app is (and will always be) free; feature requests will be implemented promptly.
How long it will be before I can actually say the app is done is hard to determine, especially with bizarre, inexplicable error messages like these that frequently occur when using Xcode:

What service?!What operation? Opening a file?!

The original post
Hopefully, by the end of today, The Life of a Demoniac Photo Filter Extension for iPhone will be made distributable via the App Store, ad hoc, to up to 1,000 testers:
The Apple app registration page for the upcoming The Life of a Demoniac Photo Filter Extension (coming tomorrow)
This release was planned for late last week, but was delayed due to the theft of my laptop charger—the third one, in fact—and, now, complications surrounding the use of deployment certificates used by Apple to validate an app for distribution through its App Store.

The software is not even what others would call "beta," but is simply a barebones collection of the filters themselves, so that people can start finding cloaked matter now without waiting for me to finish the other aspects of the software (GUI, etc.).

About the filters
There are nearly 40 filters included in the extension, all of which can be applied to photos and videos within the Photos app for iPhone. Although the output of each filter can standalone, you can also subtract and/or "difference" it from the original. The vast number of permutations allows for capturing about as many types of demonic activity:

The Prewitt Kernel Filter revealed a facial transformation from demon to human in a still frame [best viewed in a dark environment]The original image, made in the dark during a period of high demonic activity, suggested no transformation prior to processing
The same filter applied to three similar still frames, albeit with both subtract and difference compositing, also show demonic facial transformation midstage

The output of the Scharr convolution filter subtracted and differenced with the original reveals semi-cloaked demonic entities covering my face and neck; notice the heart shape on my neck (left) and the circle shape on my left cheek (right)
Try every filter and every permutation, even when you find demonic activity in an image; demons often overlap in images, and can revealed "layer-by-layer" by applying multiple filters...

Using morphological operators with other filters
Some filters may render an image in a way that makes it appear to be useless, such as the Local Contrast Filter, as shown below:

The original imageThe same image, processed by the Local Contrast Filter
In such a case, subtracting the distorted result from the original may help, which you can do by switching on the Unsharp switch, located at bottom of the stack of switches (shown below):

Subtracting the output of the Local Contrast Filter from the original (unprocessed) image revealed anemone-like entities on my trapezius and left pectoral, plus scars (or other entities) in the intercostal region
In addition to (or instead of) applying an unsharp mask to the original using the output of a filter as the mask, you can also apply morphological operators to the output, namely, dilate, erode, open and close. Although subtle, the small changes produced by using a morphological operator can (and often does) enhance the portions of the image showing cloaked entities (as shown below):

Dilating the output increased the brightness in the areas showing the entities, plus revealed new ones on my elbowsEroding the output created more contrast bordering the entities themselves
You can apply the Dilate and Erode operators together to create the Open operator; the top switch reverses the order of the Dilate and Erode operators, effectively creating the Close operator:
Applying Dilate and Erode together is identical to the Open morphological operator, which provides a different kind of detail enhancementThe topmost switch reverses the Dilate and Erode operations, effectively reproducing the Close morphological operator
Interpreting your results
This blog provides the best means of helping you interpret what you see in the images produced by the filters. For example, one of the posts containing images that match the anemone-like entity shown on my trapezius in the above image is GALLERY | Demon doorknob (and more...) [also search for anemone on this blog].