Saturday, December 29, 2012

#481 - Accused doll-maker admits to corn husk doll-making, connection to "voodoo"

At the risk of angering the Voices Demons again [see ], I'm going to post even more on the Oliver debacle, the demon-possessed man you can see writhing on my apartment floor, naked, at .

Accused doll-maker, Oliver, who can be seen animating a hand-made rag doll with a hobgoblin demon in VIDEO TIMELINE | Oliver Prepares Portal for Demonic Transit, admitted in a recent conversation that he had experience in making "corn husk dolls," while indirectly acknowledging his awareness of such activity to the demonic magical arts, namely, voodoo.
Oliver holds a hand-made rag doll over the hyperdimensional portal located underneath my dining table
In a December 18th, 2012, conversation between us via text messaging, I casually ask Oliver:
Do you know how to make hand-made dolls of any kind?
Oliver responded in the affirmative:
I tried the corn husks. 
In an attempt to bypass any kind of approach except a direct one, I said:
What else? What about rag dolls? 
Oliver denies what I witnessed and am reminded of in the above-referenced video; but, he does acknowledge that it's more than arts-and-crafts in his mind, specifically, that it is related to demonic magic:
No i never any such dolls. Is it for voo doo?
Encouraged by the association Oliver made above all others he could have made, I ask:
Good question. Is that what corn husks dolls are for?
After that, I didn't hear from again for two days; and, when I pressed for further elaboration, the only response I got was:
I wanna get high
Two days later, I attempt to reinitiate the conversation by saying:
I want to see your doll-making skills.
Oliver replies:
I only did it once. Your [sic] a dork. What is the fascination on [sic] doll-making?  enlighten me.
I explain:
It's complicated; but, if you don't know that much and it wouldn't be too hard to impart that knowledge, I'm teachable and eager. So what do you know about the voodoo aspect of doll-making? [Because], if someone had mentioned doll-making to me, I would not have made that connection. Not without having had some sort of experience beforehand, anyway.
Oliver stabs back:
I mentioned it cause of your passion for demons etc
I roll with it:
Oh. Passion is certainly the right word, too. In so many respects. There are three specific varieties of demons that people bring through, and then who animated rag or corn husk dolls with them. My theory is that these dolls aren't necessary, that they simply help the person bringing the demon through [to] focus on their intent to do so; and, that the dolls are no better than anything else to animate (or possess), but are the best starting point for a demon that conforms to that general shape to build on. (These three demon variets are the ones that mould blankets and pillows into the faces of such demons [see ]. Similarly, they mould the rag dolls into their eventual bodies, which can rise up to three feet tall.) Oftentimes, the doll-maker isn't aware of what they are doing. It is the demon possessing them that's calling the shots. [After all], no human, by himself, would intentionally rouse a sleeping bear from its cave than a demon from its hell-hole.
What is a hobgoblin demon?
If you don't know what a hobgoblin demon looks like, see  [see also ].

To learn about their deadly and torturous ways, search for hobgoblin demon on this site. You will find that they like to scare their victims before conducting "medical experiments" on them. In fact, they are found frequently at VMC hospital, as recently mentioned in .

Hyperdimensional portals serve as "demonic doors" into our realm
The hobgoblin demon was not the only demon Oliver brought through the doors that open in our realm from that of the demons [see ]; he also brought through a sucker demon through, which you can see slivering up and into his backpack in :
This same sucker demon was later seen slivering through my bedsheets right next to my head in :

NOTE | For more information about how demons enter our realm by and through human assistance, read ; for more about the apartment that is a nexus of hyperdimensional portal activity, read .
Floors are not the only doors
While it's generally true that floors are doors and walls are exits when it comes to demonic portal transfer, Oliver (inadvertently) showed that walls can also simply be "slid" open to allow demonic entrance and exit. You can actually see walls sliding open and watch people coming out of holes in the floor and into those wall openings a second later at VIDEO | Sliding walls (and the uninvited guests who go through them) [see also VIDEOS | Demons move walls to punish, control, frighten].