Friday, January 18, 2013

#490 - Police report regarding attempted assault, injury and property damage obtained

The police report detailing the incident described in , on which, incidentally, I learned how Spectre-of-Death demons fly, was obtained today at the Santa Clara Police Department:

On that night, after Voices Demons' repeated threats of impending physical violence, a seemingly random encounter on the street resulted in an injury that still bears scars, and a dead laptop that has still not been recovered:
My hip, which still bears a scar from this injury
My knee
A scar was left on my hip from the injury incurred duringt the assault

The laptop had data on it vital to the fight against the demons now attacking the Northern Bay Area of California; now, however, it is completely useless as it awaits data recovery at Gilware, Inc., in Madison, Wisconsin:
At first, only the screen was broken; but, a slight bend in the casing eventually resulted in a laptop that won't start up
The results of filing this report have been unfruitful, as is always the case with any complaint filed with the aforementioned police agency [see ].

A lawsuit against the assailant is planned to recover the damages to the laptop.