Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIGEST | (TECHNOLOGY) Tips and Techniques for Processing Demonic Digital Media to Save the World

For the past three years, this blog has provided cutting-edge tips and techniques for processing digital media showing demonic activity with Photoshop, After Effects, GIMP and the like, that you won't learn anywhere else. It has pushed the envelope of forensic and scientific imaging, allowing nearly two million readers to discover and uncover and explore a hidden world they never knew (or would have ever known) existed.
Unedited still frame, blurred by a moving camera and fast-walking subject (me), suggests the presence of another faceGIMP-enhanced still frame (right), revealing possession of my body by someone or something other than myself
It has produced one-of-a-kind images showing never-seen-before demonic activity from nothing less than the darkest and blurriest of videos and photos, from its collection of the world's first clear images of demons possessing humans to those making visible for the first time in history otherwise invisible demons.

From the acquisition of its extensive media library of a wide variety of sentient life, it has identified all special considerations for successfully acquiring digital images of demons and related activity, such as optimum light levels and the camera type and proximity relative to each and every species, variety and type of demon and demonic activity encountered to-date, and has led to the development of specific techniques to capture demons that move faster-than-time, those that camouflage or disguise themselves as common household objects, and those that lurk in total darkness.

With all the wonders and awe that exploration through the eyes of a digital camera have brought, it has also made known a formerly clandestine agenda of evil in our world by which humans are killing humans on behalf of and at the behest of demons—and that by torture and maiming in the most sinister and egregious manner known, as excruciatingly slow as possible, leveraging and applying millennia of experience to each victim towards the goal of crippling them mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and socially, using technology and equipment and abilities incomprehensible by the human mind. Without the ground-breaking discoveries and innovative methodologies credited to this blog, victims will never be found, never even be known as victims, and will never get their justice due, as solutions could never be set in motion without seeing and knowing their once-hidden plight.

To address the urgency created by the discovery of those in dire straits, this blog empowers its readers with the ability to quickly and easily capture demonic activity using common and readily available digital camera equipment and off-the-shelf software, and to automate the process of enhancing photos and videos via image-editing software scripts.
ECMAScript that applies a Photoshop Action designed to enhance the visibility of demonic activity to each frame of a video made during a period of high demonic activityPython script that automates a technique for enhancing the visibility of demonic activity in each frame of a video showing such in GIMP
It also describes how to use these for detecting demonic activity and weapons-fire, and for finding dangerous demons and their peopleand their weapons—in hiding, while lead to ways of building and maintaining safer homes and a safer environment.

This digest compiles a list of all relevant posts pertaining to acquiring and processing digital media showing (or suspected of showing) demons and demonic activity as described above, sorted by topic; these are posts that contain information essential to humanity's survival—not just so humans will live, but so humans will grow (the dual nature of survival).

[incomplete and unsorted list follows; check back for updates]

TECHNOLOGY | Detecting (real) demonic activity in digital media
Enhancing demon faces made anywhere, at anytime, from anything
TECHNOLOGY | Automating mapping of demons hidden in digital media
Comparing demonic activity in light and shadow
Enhancing nighttime outdoor images showing demonic activity with GIMP 2.8
Enhancing videos showing demonic attack using After Effects CC
Enhancing images showing demonic attack using Photoshop CC
TECHNOLOGY | Problems caused by demonic radiation to digital cameras also detects demonic weapons
PICS | Possessing demon revealed in man's eyes, hands
TECHNOLOGY | Capturing and revealing hard-to-see sucker demons in a digital photo
TECHNOLOGY | Photoshop action for revealing demons in the dark (or not)
TECHNOLOGY | Highlighting demons possessing a human as shown on video
PREVIEW | Unedited screen recordings show procedure for enhancing blue-light demon photo
TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like)
Video/Photo Editing Tip: Apply cross-hatch filter to images of demons and specters for contrast, depth