Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CRIME | Tracking a Voices Demon

Initially, I intended to update this post every five minutes, as I wrote it; however, an appointment came up, and I make no $$$ otherwise.. (That was written two days ago; since then, I've been distracted, as I knew I would be, by various this's and that's. I'll get back to this when I can.

Basically, this post is going to suggest old-school tactics for tracking a criminal, but for finding demons and their human hosts/collaborators. It'll lay out the need to do so, the reason behind that need, the challenges in the face of any solutions that addresses the problem of demon-human crime, and will show a couple of examples of what that might actually look like in action (by and through a letter requesting assistance in tracking a demon's location to a society of bird-watchers, and a letter asking permission to disseminate published research on said demon, which may help others).

Following is a smattering of all that so far.

The reason for enforcing law across worlds
I laugh at the self-imposed title, "Ghost Hunter," which many who purport to find ghosts apply to their role. First of all, it goes the other way around—from the top (ghost), down (human). It is known by anyone who actually comes into contact with real ghosts that one can place a request for contact, but can't force an answer, and one can only take advantage of a ghostly quandary or phenomenon that forces the ghost to answer or otherwise make an appearance, but cannot actually create that quandry or phenomenon of their own accord. In short, the home field advantage always goes to the ghost.

With demons, not so. Demons can hide (or cloak or camouflage), but they can't run. And, with someone who might call themselves a demon hunter if they were cruel, but is, nevertheless, a door, that top-down restriction does not apply. Such a person (or door) can be opened that demons can't resist entering—and that not by weakness of resolve, but by nature of physics. An open door on their end is more akin to a whirlpool that drains into our end. If they're too close, they get sucked in; when the whirlpool stops, they wash back up where they came from. The stronger swimmers can stay here longer; the ones that can grapple onto something can stay here permanently (i.e., possession).

Because a door could conceivably funnel hundreds upon hundreds of species from as many different worlds, our end will (and has) seen all kinds: the good, the bad and the ugly. It is the ugly, and the obvious need to address the ugly, that this post intends to begin addressing.

Where ugly lives, why it's hard to fight
One of the hardest facts for a victim of demonic activity to stomach is that, where there is a demon, there is a human behind them. That means if a demon is hurting you, it is doing so by certain, required means provided it by a human. It's even harder when that human is a close friend or relative, which happens more often than not. All of the victims I've encountered that accept this fact, and that eventually make a connection between their demonic woes and someone close to them, tend to fail in taking appropriate, corrective action (the only action that makes sense to take when your life is being taken from you). My own mother? My lover? How can that be? At that point in their comprehension of the full depth of their problem, they stop listening to and applying any and all known survival tactics and defense strategies that work. They rationalize, invent their own (ineffective) means of dealing with the problem, wait for God to fix it (even though He saw it coming and allowed it, and had no intention of watching you wait afterwards), and otherwise suffer needlessly, while eventually reasoning that, like all other problems they've had with a relative or spouse, things will work out if they give it time or try really hard.

The Exclusion: the ugliest of all
Because the human-connection requirement renders a demon-led killing agenda such as The Exclusion highly vulnerable by the mortal and otherwise physical nature of a demon-allied person (or demon person), around-the-clock training and activity monitoring is meted on demon person and victim alike to ensure that the demon person stays out of harm's way, and that the victim remains unaware of the nature extent of the demon person's involvement or is distracted from or rendered unable to pursue remedy against the vulnerability (i.e., the demon person).

This task is assigned to Voices Demons. I have found in my fight against the Voices Demons that the difference between good and evil is as wide as the difference between bravery and cowardice. While Jesus would walk on water in a storm-tossed sea, these nameless, faceless and otherwise cloaked demons would likely climb into a submarine in a sprinkler.

The only readily detectable attribute of a Voices Demon is the sound of their voice, which you can hear when they speak (that also happens to be a channel of their power); otherwise, they are neither seen nor felt. They can move quickly, and can communicate telepathically with countless varieties of demons, in addition to humans. Not only that, but they can instantly connect and communicate telepathically with any other demon or human that is communicating telepathically, meaning that all such communication is open to them, and that nothing can be done clandestinally on that level.
NOTE | There is one possible exception, as described in An unidentifiable, Voices Demon-resistant entity discovered; but, even in that case, the Voices Demons were at least aware by merit of one side of the telepathic conversation intercepted. This is clearly a rare exception, as indicated by the fact that they were so bothered by their inability to identify the demon in question that they actually came to me for information and feedback. That reeks of desperation, and anger over a failure they are clearly not used to.
Needless to say, Voices Demons make fighting back extremely difficult (as they were meant to do), in that they can strategically position their demonic weapon-wielding human counterparts so that they have safe and effective access to victims by and through knowledge of the victims whereabouts (or intended whereabouts), their capabilities for fighting or fleeing (as provided by financial means or physicality) and the emotional state of the victim (whether the victim can be intimidated into inaction or whether the victim is angry enough to defend themselves by assault, overt or otherwise).

Consequently, that makes Voices Demons the number one target for victims who are not in a position to take action against demon-person perpetrators, and makes finding them the first objective.

How to ask for information
Ironically, one of the best ways to find a Voices Demon is to listen and talk to them. Traditionally, I have always advised against this first and foremost to victims of this kind of demonic activity. Unfortunately, the incessant chatter of Voices Demons means that, in reality, if you're a victim of their insidious means of torment and violence, you're eventually going to talk to them anyway. They will find a way to engage you in conversation, and will find a way to make it mentally impossible not to (by causing brain damage or inflicting pain).

Whenever that becomes the case, I advise victims to make good use of the fact that Voices Demons will talk about anything to fill a day with distraction, including personal things, like birds, for example. Here's what I did with information a Voices Demons imparted about a flock of birds it saw:
Dear James, 
Thank you for contacting The National Audubon Society with information on your bird pattern research. Audubon’s scientists rely on dedicated people like you to let us know how birds are faring. Citizen science projects such as Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count, Great Backyard Bird Count, and Hummingbirds at Home provide vital information that helps scientists understand how birds respond to both global threats like climate change and local threats like habitat loss. 
For more insight into the birds you are seeing, we recommend reaching out to your local Audubon chapter. They are the on-the-ground experts in local communities across the country and have a wealth of knowledge about the birds in your area. You can find chapters in your area on the Audubon website at: 
Audubon Near You | Audubon
Get outside with an Audubon chapter, nature center or sanctuary in your area.

If you need further assistance, please contact Member Services by phone at 1-844-428-3826 or by e-mail at customerservice@audubon.org. We are available to assist you between 9 am and 6 pm EST Monday through Friday.

Thank you for all you do for birds!

Member Services Department
National Audubon Society 
From: James Alan Bush
Email: theoknock@gmail.com
Category: Education
Subject: Identifying current location of a particular bird species at a given time within the season
I'm tracking a serial stalker, who commits aggravated mayhem (and, eventually, murder) against his victims, and I have only a few pieces of information to work with that lead to his hideout. One such piece is a comment overheard by a witness, in which the stalker described the particular species of birds he observed flying in flock on a specific date.
An example of aggravated mayhem perpetrated by Voices Demons. Damage-in-progress to my left eye—the first eye Voices Demons intend to blind, slowly—as revealed by an in-motion digital camera with the aperture set to a long exposure time; this technique is one means by which cloaked matter and otherwise invisible demonic activity and entities can be revealed in digital media during a period of high demonic activity (when chroma-causing EMF radiation leaves visible imprints on CCD sensors, though not on the human eye)
Knowing that birds fly in patterns based on the season, and knowing that birdwatchers and ornithologists track these patterns with an accuracy that impinges on the border of a near-psychotic obsession with detail, I think I can narrow down the location of the stalker's hideout to fewer geographic possibilities. 
The Audubon is undoubtedly deeply connected to this community, and, as a consequence, the best candidate for directing one to the proper resource for acquiring up-to-the-minute flock pattern data. 
If that is the case, will you please provide me with a list of possible resources, who can assist in this matter? If so, time is of the essence, as implied by the nature of the crimes committed. 
You may contact me by phone at (408) 685-4049 or by e-mail at theoknock@gmail.com. 
How to ask for permission
In this post, I intend to make references to passages in a book written by a writer from the Middle Ages(?), who took a similar approach to the demon problem as I; of course, instead of a blog, he wrote a book. Here's my e-mail to the custodian of that book:

I'm researching the legality of republishing a portion of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum in an upcoming post to my blog, The Life of a Demoniac, and am writing to make you aware of the nature and extent of the republication. 
The post describes ways to ascertain the location of carriers or associates of a particular type of demon (called Voices Demons), who purport to be a legion of Astaroth (although they pronounce it slightly differently). In the aforereferenced publication, this demon god is described in a manner that represents the shared characteristics of Voices Demons, as they pertain to not only their abilities, but their personal interests, as well. To the end that such a description would help readers identify locations of Voices Demons, as would the description define the nature and source and allegiance of any demon involving themselves in specific human activities, governance, and the like, I would like to republish that description. To-wit:
Astaroth is a great and a strong duke, comming foorth in the shape of a fowle angell, sitting upon an infernall dragon, and carrieng on his right hand a viper: he answereth trulie to matters present, past, and to come, and also of all secrets. He talketh willinglie of the creator of spirits, and of their fall, and how they sinned and fell: he saith he fell not of his owne accord. He maketh a man woonderfull learned in the liberall sciences, he ruleth fourtie legions. Let everie exorcist take heed, that he admit him not too neere him, bicause of his stinking breath [lit. "because of the intolerable stench which he exhales"]. And therefore let the conjuror hold neere to his face a magicall [silver] ring, and that shall defend him.
As a means of introducing the source of the text above (although unnecessary for the demon-tracking), and to highlight the uncannily and eerie similarities between the mission of my blog and the stated intent of the author in publishing his book, I would also like to also include the foreword. To-wit:
[Lest the monopoly of the Satanic faction remains hidden, I wanted to attach to the end of this book On the Illusions of Demons this "Pseudo-monarchy of the demons," taken from the archive of the Acharontic (i.e. hellish) vassals. My intent is not to present before all people blasphemies of the bewitched kind of men who are not ashamed to call themselves magi, their curiosities, deceptions, vanity, tricks, impostures, deliriums, deceiving the mind, and obvious lies, but rather that they may be unwilling, when they can be seen in the bright light of day, to let their minds run wild (hallucinari),1 in this most infamous age, where the kingdom of Christ is so attacked by the immense and unpunished tyranny of those who openly perform the sacraments of Belial, who will no doubt soon receive their just reward. To whom I willingly and gladly dedicate these wasted hours, if perhaps through the immeasurable mercy of God, they might be turned around and live: This I beg them with all my soul, that they may be happy and fortunate. But lest anyone who is mildly curious, may dare to rashly imitate this proof of folly; I have omitted passages from this study, in order to render the whole work unusable. Truly this is entitled by an unstable2 kind of person, The Offices of the Spirits, or The Book of the Offices of the Spirits, or, the book calledSolomon’s Apprentice,3 concerning the princes and kings of the demons, which may be coerced with divine and human virtues. But (now) to my so-called Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.]
If this impinges on your rights in any way, shape or form, please inform me at your earliest convenience. As soon as the post is ready for publication, I will forward a link. In the meantime, visit my LinkedIn homepage to learn more about me and The Life of a Demoniac blog.

Following is the custodian's response:

The custodian of an old manuscript about demons grants permission to use excerpts for my work