Sunday, March 10, 2013

#525 - PREVIEW | PHOTOS | 36 hours in the life of a demoniac

This is a draft.

Demons. Spirits. Angels. Human souls. They are all glowing orbs of light (albeit in varying colors, sizes and brightness).

The physical manifestations, of course, vary wildly. There are at least as many such variations in humans as the size of Earth's population (i.e., 6.1 billion). That's even greater for the other three entities, there could be at least that many for each. That's because these entities can transform into any variation of any kind of entity, including human [Hebrews 13:2]; they can even transform into objects. Hence, all the strange-looking creatures you see in the following pics, which look like anything but demons.

Specifically, they show demons either running or hiding in someone's bedroom (remember: these demons are a town-wide problem—not just mine). They are made by panning a video camera from one point to another during periods of high demonic activity. It's how you catch on camera demons moving in a time flow that is accelerated to such a degree that the demons look like blurs to the human eye, and who reflect so little light they could not be seen very well, even if they weren't moving around.
NOTE | Not every pic shows demons; skip those for now.
Some of these photos will have something in them that you will recognize without guidance; but, the others show things you are familiar with, and which are readily apparent, too.

This is a draft post; I'll finish when I can.