Tuesday, September 29, 2015

AIDS | Dr. Crapo's copy of test results back claim for lying

I'm sure once Dr. Crapo and/or his lawyers gives a certain VMC staff member "the look," I'll bet all he'll be able to do is cringe, and then say, "I didn't know." I'm just guessing here, but it seems unlikely that any VMC staff member would tank another fellow staff member's defense in a pending civil case [see AIDS | Santa Clara County lawyers skirt Dr. Crapo complaint], which is tantamount to a criminal case for murder.

What didn't he know? Not to send me through the mail a copy of Dr. Crapo's copy of my results for a test which I contend that Dr. Crapo lied about in order to withhold essential prescription medication—testosterone—used to treat a serious, chronic medical condition known as hypogonadism, as described in AIDS | Dr. Crapo lies, gets caught in same. In that post, Dr. Crapo is shown on video claiming that my then-latest testosterone level test (8/18/2015) showed that my levels had only abated 300 points since the last test, which registered a level of over 1500—both physical impossibilities.
NOTE | A single dose of my particular prescription would never elevate my testosterone level above 1200; and, my level decreases much faster than just 300 in one week, as nearly six years of monthly tests will confirm. Also, the test showing a level of over 1500 was never conducted, a fact attested to by one of VMC's own staff members.
I doubt anyone thought it was a mistake on his part before, but, anyone who did will want to take a look at the test results that were available to Dr. Crapo at the time of my last visit:

As you can see, the levels on that day were not 1200, as he can be heard claiming on video; they are 299—low for my age range and reported symptoms. The test results shown above now makes the third piece of documentation evidence suggesting a lie, the other two being the videos and the test results posted by VMC to their patient-accessible website.

Coming up...
Details on three other serious problems with medical care at VMC, which tie in to the Dr. Crapo issue, will be posted shortly, namely:

  • the refusal of VMC to provide any care whatsoever for HIV/AIDS;
  • the suspect failure of Dr. Crapo's replacement, Dr. McClure, to run the complete series of tests for growth hormone deficiency—rather, only running the first test in the series—without which a proper diagnosis cannot be made; and,
  • the refusal of my Dr. Cambham, my primary care physician, to treat a now four-month-old bout of gastroenteritis [see Dr. Kambham denies request for second opinion]:
The answer to my requests for treatment always result in an order of more tests--never medication