Monday, November 9, 2015

CHARITY | Tag flyer to substitute face-to-face solicitation

Instead of soliciting charity recipients face-to-face, who stand outside a San Jose courthouse, waiting for the county's legal self-help service that only offers assistance with one form of defense against eviction suits, I'll be posting this tag flyer just outside, hoping it'll be more effective at reaching out to people who need help staying indoors during this already harsh winter weather:

Read about my initial failed attempts to provide free legal services to the would-be homeless in CHARITY | Second campaign to save the would-be homeless launched.

Charity initiative serves dual purpose
While I'm back on the subject of charity, I'd like to point out something I glossed over in the other posts, which has to do with my charity initiative's complementary role in demon-fighting.

I can't stop fighting demons just to be a nice guy; that would turn nice guy into stupid guy. The problem persists, and I see no one standing behind me ready to pick up wherever I might leave off.

To that end: my new charity initiative might look like a nice gesture—and, it is; but, it's also a test run of an upcoming tactical maneuver against the demonic agenda, which will be designed to supplant county services that purport to help county citizens fight injustice perpetrated by other county agencies and services (VMC, Superior Court, County Counsel, etc.), but instead surreptitiously preclude any sort of justice at all by failing to aggressively (timely, and in full) all avenues of recourse for the victim.
NOTE | Overall anti-demonic strategy at work: go on the attack to minimize being under attack.
Specific examples of this at work abound, but, one can easily infer the veracity of my claim using two key facts: all legal self-help services feed from the same county coffers as do the county agencies that perpetrate wrong on county citizens, and not one testimonial or case study has been produced by any such service that proves their effectiveness at obtaining a favorable resolution for any of its clients.