Thursday, November 6, 2014

Demonic bombs, noggin' crunches and flying demonic snakes for breakfast

This is a post-in-progress. At first, I was only going to post the clip showing the two demonic bombs stabbing me in the back; but, as I skimmed the remainder of the video, I found over a dozen other points of interest, which I'm now processing.

At first glance, you may think Long isn't really about house-cleaning, judging by the clutter in his kitchen; but, then, you get hit with an array of demonic bombs when sit down at the dining table, and you know his mess has a reason for being:

A still frame showing the two snake-like demonic weapons that struck me in the backHeavy sharpening and color-contrasting reveals the details and markings of the weapons (click to enlarge)
This video shows two demonic bombs striking my back; the first one can be seen retreating from my back, while the second is advancing towards it. In an attempt to avoid camera detection, the first bomb snakes back to its source by following the groove between the refrigerator doors:

Throughout this blog, you will notice that most demons prefer to maneuver in our environment in this way, blending and camouflaging not only their presence, but their path, as well.

Flying demonic snakes
Yes, demons have snakes; and, yes, they come here sometimes [see VIDEO TIMELINE | Scratchen's Ear Turns Into Demonic Snake]:

Actually, I don't know if this is a demonic snake or not; it looks more like a flying red sucker demon—versus a white one—both of which you can see in SCIENCE | Sucker demons fly like some fish swim.

Pulling sucker demons from my temple
In the still frame shown at the top of this post, you'll notice that I'm picking at the side of my head. I'm doing that because the sucker demon embedded in my temple is bothering me, and I want it out. Here's what most sucker demons look like when they are embedded in your temple:

A sucker demon, originating from just above my ear (appearing yellow in color), and embedding itself into my temple (changing to gray) [click to enlarge]The same image (above), contrast and color-enhanced for better visibility [click to enlarge]
When the Voices Demons say, "Masturbate a noggin' crunch for our good friend, James B.," a demon person will touch their forefinger to their temple, and then, after sliding the finger down the side of their face (as if pushing hair away from it), they withdraw their finger, and a long, white worm-like entity somehow makes its way to my temple. The Asian woman seen in an unrelated video from Hobgoblin demon walks SF sidewalks in broad daylight, who looks like she's simply nursing a headache, is actually "masturbating a noggin crunch" at the behest of Voices Demons; although you cannot see the sucker demon attack in the video (the topic is a broad-daylight stroll by a hobgoblin demon in downtown SF), you are seeing the exact sucker demon-launching hand gesture demon people use to cause headaches and vision impairment in targets, right after the side of their heads are subjected to a sickening, painful crunching sound:

A demon person masturbates a noggin' crunch, i.e., summons a sucker demon to embed itself in my temple
A few blurry stills from the video above show what this worm—or sucker demon—looks like, and where it goes:

The white strand between my fingers, dangling into my palm, is a sucker demonWhen the camera is in faster motion, you can see the damage it does to my head and eye in the ether
The damage to my eye and temple is a little clearer in this still frame, especially after enhancements in GIMPMultiple sucker demons cause more damage; where there's one, there's probably another
Sucker demons embedded as noggin' crunches resist extracting by launching a ring of tendrils around your grip, simultaneously burning and weakening your fingertips. This still frame shows this nearly perfectly:

The anti-plucking stance of a sucker demon, initiated upon any attempt to extract it
Voices Demons also tally noggin' crunches like demerits for behaviour they deem "insubordinate." This is actually how they talk to me all day long, and how they have spoken to me for years and years.

All of the things you see in this post go on for days and days at a time, and cause considerable distress; and, it's happened countless times over the years.

Related video
I'm not sure why I thought this would be a good addition, other than the fact that this video, at one point, showed how sucker demons and the like tended to follow grooves when moving from one place to another.

Anyway, it's been on my to-do list to post it for some time, so here it is:

I believe this video is originally from VIDEO/PHOTOS | Fighting demons in my hand, in my shirt, and on my demon-deformed arm.