Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Demon-people drama: "I think I'm finally getting to him"

It started with a bizarre lambasting of a video in a recent post, namely, VIDEO | Demon-exorcising power (finally) caught on camera, but really picked up steam when an ages-old plot to "get to [me]" revealed itself in an unintentionally made-public post by the lambaster himself. Here's the lambaste:

My advertisement of a post which contained the contentious video
I get criticized by demons and their people all at once, in that it was happening in my home, on the phone, etc., so I knew that the feedback I was getting on the quality of the video was not sincere concern, but rather a continuation of an ongoing effort at demon-led drama.

Now, I doubt that makes sense to anyone new to this problem, especially if going with just what you see here so far which isn't enough to make a connection between demons' continuous application of stress and a guy who appears to be simply rude, ignorant and lazy. For those people, then, let me proffer his timeline post to a friend of his, which, by the way, this person, apparently, did not intend for me to see:
It seems that I'm starting to get to him, followed by lots of laughs, sounds an awful lot like somebody had a plan, and that that person was satisfied with the implementation of his plan based on my response to his critique of my post.
NOTE | I was notified of the post to his friend's timeline by Facebook notification, although, later, when pressed for an explanation of what this man meant by "starting to get to [me]," I would be accused of doing something that I can't even picture happening: that is, "stalking [his] profile," and "dig[ging] through" his posts to find the above.
Jhudora Masayuki posted this to Bowen Garner's timeline after I attempted to ignore his jibe, and actually offer some useful tips for viewing difficult videos on my blog. Here are those tips, and my initial response to the lambaste, by the way:
In spite of over 700 posts of unerringly convincing proof of demonic activity—not that this is a blog about proof; it's a collection of my personal notes that I share—paranormal enthusiasts who are members of Facebook pages where I am the newcomer are difficult to persuade. 
That's not my goal; I'm just saying, is all. I mean, if you claim to want proof of paranormal and/or demonic activity, you have to be willing to make an effort to examine what's put in front of you. 
On my blog, hardly any effort is required. There is material in abundance, right at your fingertips. 
I think that, at first, people in these groups see themselves as beauty pageant judges of a kind, and nothing more—at least not anything like the kind of problem-solver that's needed to address the demonic plague. I say, give these people irrefutable evidence by dropping a demon right on their heads, and they'd find something to criticize ("Why, that's not a demon; that's an evil spirit! There's a difference, you know..."). Not one of them is actually ready to accept the very thing they purport to seek. Sort of like some Christians I know. And, not one of them actually sees themselves as handling a problem with paranormal aspects. They want to be entertained, and you better damn well put on a show. 
To that end, I have the following suggestions for persons with problems similar to the ones I just mentioned:
  • Don't just look at the preview pics and vids in a promo post to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, but, actually go to the post and watch the videos at the highest resolution available—never any less than HD quality:
Play videos at 720p HD, and no less
  • If an image is too small, click to enlarge it.
  • In each post, I build on what's been said in previous posts, so follow every link in every post.
On the actual Facebook page, I posted a similar set of guidelines, only to be further lambasted by his supporters:

As you can see, that came to a dead stop once I uncovered the perpetrators scheme. And, true to form, just as you see my grandmother doing in Voices Demons: "Your family will be arrestable", the question, when you confront a demon person with the truth, stops being the question, but, rather, a whole host of irrelevant issues become the question. In other words, he wasn't plotting or doing anything wrong, I was spying. And, he never let up on that for a second, even over a week later, instead, dodging the only question I ever posed: "Getting to me how?"

Oh, I'm the stalker now...
Demon peoples' evasion tactic #2 is to enlist others in their defense using the my-problem-is-our-problem method. Again, in public, for all to see, Jhudora Masayuki goes back to Bowen Garner's page and posts: It seems this James Bush guy is stalking us:
That's demon-people turnaround tactics at work, i.e., attempting to shift blame around in the most incomprehensibly illogical way possible. Unbelievably, it kept going, even after I called it out:
Why is this guy not seeing how things really happened? Why is he not answering the question that started the whole thing for him?

This morning, I got this comment from him to my post [see below] that described his plot to "get to [me]":
This is a plot explicitly stated and laid out years ago by people like him:
As you can see, I have little reason to believe this is anything but part-and-parcel to the above, considering all the circumstances over the past couple of years, and, even more so, based on the circumstances described in Voices Demons: "Your family will be arrestable".

Update on October 16th
I've had no further contact with person trying to "get to [me]" since posing the only two questions I've ever posed, specifically, why? and, I guess, how? Still, I'm being contacted by him, and with the usual name-calling and promise of an upcoming answer for the behavior of his that prompted my questions:
It's my blog; I write what I want. A paranoid, crazy, demon-obsessed bully is easy enough to avoid, if you don't try to get to him. Something dysfunctional about me? Maybe; but, is that really anyone's problem but mine? And, what does functional look like in a problem like this, really? I've never spent my days plotting to get to someone; that, to me, is dysfunctional. Actually, that, to me, is criminal.

I guess I'll wait for his answer, although I have no plans to do anything with it but hear it. This issue is the least of my concerns, least of my priorities, to put it mildly [see Jailhouse letter writer dies of apparent drug overdose, possibly suicide; see also Voices Demons: "Your family will be arrestable"].

How a demon person spins around his error
Tactics people in caught-with-their-pants-down positions—such as the above—often use to obfuscate their tracks or divert attention from their error are:
  • distortion of facts: Pissy? Really?! I don't see that in anything I wrote prior to uncovering someone's apparent plan to "get to [me]," and very little of it since. It keeps coming back to the fact that someone had an apparent plan to be a problem to me by criticizing me openly on some Facebook page. The criticism is welcome, really; the plotting and planning is not. Did I even have to point that out?
  • accusations: As I said, there were indications that a plot of some kind existed to bother me, and that the feedback wasn't constructive or objective; rather, it seemed pointed in order to get a reaction of frustration from me. How does that make me a stalker or a bully? Because I asked what this was all about in the same public forum in which someone tried "to get to [me]"? Of course not; silly question.
  • odd-man-out: This James Bush guy is stalking the both of us and most people in the group didn't buy your whole "demonic exorcism" video are two attempts to make me feel the odd-man-out. Quite frankly, I may be; but, that's not my concern. My concern, rather, would be what kind of odd-man-out I am. Is it in that no one liked the video? Or, is it that no one likes me, and is participating in the plan "to get to [me]?" One I can handle, the other I question.
  • blame-shifting: So, this all happened because I'm dysfunctional, right? And, I am paranoid and crazy and obsessed? To a demon person, somehow, someway, all of that explains a plot "to get to [me]." Logic would say, don't bother a person like that; but, to a demon person, it's their excuse and reason for behavior that society would never accept when leveraged against a sane,  reasoning and well-balanced individual.
None of those needed explaining; but, I simply wanted to point out the three most common spin tactics demon people use when caught in the act, and then, by way of explanation, match the current facts to the tactics.

Note that these tactics are found in every abusive relationship on earth. They are common to every abuser [see Studies conducted on the effects of demonic stalking and bullying].