Thursday, March 28, 2013

#548 - SCIENCE | Eye spider demon's cloak and strength rely on solar power

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Eye spider demons invisible in light, visible in dark
Eye spider demons affect a near-perfect cloak in broad daylight, but are rendered visible in dim light. You would think that darkness would be a boon to this demon's effort to become invisible; however, a glass-paneled mirror, a towel draped over the lights, and a pinch-hold on any pitch-black, gooey-feeling object on your skin (which is how eye spider demons look and feel when cloaked) will instantly reveal a squirming, miniature dust mop on a string with short fur (which is what they look like when they are not cloaked).

You can feel them in the light, too, but you can't maintain a grip, and they feel much smaller than they really are; also, you can't see them in the light unless you are viewing them via material with a reflective surface on which the principles of diffraction (or refraction) apply, such as in the reflection from a dual-paned microwave door [see VIDEOS | What demons look like when they float (instead of walk)], or when revealed in digital media while cloaked, as shown in the following image [from VIDEO | The body-hair variety of sucker demons, decloaked; see also TECHNOLOGY | Capturing and revealing hard-to-see sucker demons in a digital photo]:
Swarms of cloaked (invisible) sucker demons and/or eye spider demons are revealed in this digital image by the blackened areas of the skin on my arms and legs
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One reason for greater visibility of a cloaked eye spider demon when in the dark is already established: by eliminating (or reducing) the light emitted by other sources, more of the scattered light particles transmitted from the cloaked demon can reach the eye unimpeded. That's true for any demon that affects a transparent (or white) cloak (versus a dark—or shadow—cloak); however, based on the multitude of times I've spent two to three days in a row pulling these demons off my back, crotch, butt, neck, face and scalp [read HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin; see also HOW-TO | Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom], I believe I've found another reason.

Diminished strength, intangibility in darkness infers cloak's dependency on light
Two new observations were made about eye spider demons in the dark that, when coupled with the aforestated fact, suggests that eye spider demons are easier to see in the dark because the cloak is weaker—not just because there is less interference from other light sources:
  1. An eye spider demon is much more tangible in the dark. In the light, your fingers tend to pinch all the way through the eye spider demon unless you grip it at the thickest part of its body; and, unless you twist their bodies several times first (which is a very difficult task), they tear, leaving a portion of their bodies still rooted in your skin.
  2. The eye spider demons' ability to adhere to the surface of your skin is almost completely diminished in the dark; in fact, by turning off the lights, you can easily pull them from your skin.  
In short, in the absence of daylight, eye spider demons seem to lose strength, and their cloak affords significantly less permeability (their ability to pass through other matter is reduced to a degree that allows for a solid grip on their bodies), both of which are characteristics of a reduced (or diminished) cloak.
NOTE | Whether an eye spider demon is actually weaker cannot yet be established for certain. If their strength is not powered by light, then they may appear weaker simply because you can get a better grip on them; a determination that light enhances their strength would allow for the unraveling of the mystery of their biological and physical makeup (when you consider what is already known about the electrical properties of this variety of demon).
Absence of tell-tale signs of radiation in digital media suggests absence of cloak
Another indicator of reduced cloaking strength is the lack of the glossy black-blue appearance of cloaked eye spider demons (or a cloaked sucker demon) seen in digital media; it is never present when made of them in the dark, meaning that the radiation that "burns" the optical sensors of digital cameras that causes such oversaturation is also not present. That radiation comes only from the cloak; sucker demons and eye spider demons do not adversely affect digital cameras when they are not cloaked.

Other demons' cloaks subject to same diminishing effects of darkness
In the past, I observed that other demons using the same type of cloak affected by eye spider demons—particularly, demons of the humanoid varieties (such as centurion demons)—reduce their cloak in the dark in order to see better; but, with this new information, I believe that there is a secondary reason their cloak is reduced, i.e., decreased light. Due to the much larger size and strength of a man-shaped and man-sized demon, I could not (and cannot) test whether their strength and protection in the dark is reduced without using fire from an acetylene torch. If such demons are less able to protect themselves against intense heat when applied to them in the dark than in the light, then that also means that light plays a role in powering their cloak.