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#409 - What it feels like when a demon possesses you

Following is a description of what it feels like when a demon possesses you initially—not what it feels like during or afterwards—which are topics too broad for this article's narrow focus on the sensation and experience of a demon invading your person.

Factors making possession and post-possession difficult to cover in a single post
Whereas the physical sensation of being first possessed is nearly universal, the "during" and "after" varies from person-to-person. The factors that cause such variance include, the duration and frequency in which one is (or has been) possessed, as well as the consequences that possession entails for them, particularly, where it impacts health and survival—as it does in my case; further variance includes such factors as a given victim's awareness and understanding of possession.

Awareness and priority are key differentiation factors from victim's standpoint
Finally, there's the priority a victim gives the matter (if any). Someone who is handling the problem with an appropriate sense of urgency will be unique among his peers, to say the least, in that he will act, see, hear and think differently in a myriad of ways, obviously.

Knowledge of possession by possessed and non-possessed determine coping ability

What will be the most unique among the possessed is the fruits their lives will bear, the quality of which is invariably determined by the level of understanding of possession and demons a given person has, in general. The more knowledgeable the possessed are about possession determines how effectively and creatively they can devise solutions to the problems possession brings. It's a given that such solutions will likely differentiate the possessed from those non-possessed; but, it may also differentiate the possessed among other possessed, in that each solution is likely to be as unique as the person devising them. On top of that is the equally unique problems demons add to the lives of the possessed—demons are not only adept at making things difficult or impossible for their victims the same things that are simple for everyone else, but do so with flair and creatively, custom tailoring difficult or impossible scenarios for their victims based on the particulars of that victim.

Lack of knowledge is an open door to the creative mind of a demon
Speaking of knowledge: the behavior, attitudes and actions of the non-possessed with respect to and towards the possessed will cause wide variances. More knowledge enables the non-possessed to approach the problem with more compassion (in the form of patience, mostly); it also reduces their stress as compared to the less educated, ignorant people being the Devil's plaything. Demons use people's ignorance to inflict pain on their victims, and, in some cases, extend their infliction of pain to those not possessed; the degree of knowledge between the possessed and non-possessed dictate the extent and effectiveness of that pain.

About my credibility
So, that's one reason why I'm sticking to just initial possession in this post, specifically, the physical sensations associated with the entry of a demon into your body; the other being that I'm reasonably confident that readers will find me more credible when I describe things they've also experienced, instead of tackling topics that they may or may not have. Even though common ground is sought by the limited treatment of demonic possession, I still only speak from my own, personal knowledge, having only one, real account of demon possession in-the-making, and that from a third-party witness:
A third-party witness to demonic possession describes the moment a demon entered the body of a co-worker

Before you feel it, you can sometimes see a demon enter your body, particularly, the ones that are only waist high.
A female imp demon approaches from behind, at the angle typical for possession
Those always run up on you from an angle behind that is just inside your peripheral vision—if you happen to have your head turned, that is—before slamming into your legs; you only catch a glimpse of the last three or four steps before you're possessed.
A still frame from a video, showing my reflection in a passing car's window, and showing a demon about to possess meA slightly brightened and sharpened enhancement of the original still frame (left), for a better view of a demon running into me from behind
The demon shown in the still frame, above, looks similar to the one shown in Spectre of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare and in 'Spectre Illuminated by Light Glare' resurfaces as matching drawer handles
Physical sensations and mental reactions associated with initial possession
While other scenarios are similar, this post describes the sensations associated with this specific kind of possession, which always include at least two of these three once you know what being possessed feels like:
  1. When you see the demon coming, startled and alarmed. Seeing something that doesn't look quite human running at your legs full throttle from behind is startling, to say the least; but, because it's over so quickly, there's no time to get over disbelieving eyes and develop any palpable sense of fear (even though, on a subsconscious level, you know you're headed in that direction). If it's not the first time you've seen this, though, it won't be a fear of the unknown, but that which you feel right before an unavoidable attack while in an indefensible position. Obviously, you don't feel this if you don't see the demon coming.
  2. When it slams into your legs, shocked, literally. Upon impact by the demon, there is an electric shock throughout your entire body; it is evenly distributed, with no emphasis on your legs. In fact, the sensation reaches the furthest points of your body so completely, you will instinctively search your body mentally for a source of the shock, even though you know you felt it at the moment in which the demon collided with your legs. The intensity varies, demon-to-demon, but is so unique that, even if you don't see any demon, you know what hit you.
  3. As it acquires a minimum, requisite possessory interest inside your body, dizziness and disorientation (and, sometimes, disassociation of awareness and/or loss of consciousness). At the same time the shock melts away, the spinning in your head increases until you zone out. Afterwards, short-term memory recall is temporarily impaired, in that you do not realize what just happened until you notice that you had just lost track of what you were doing or thinking, but don't remember why. If you didn't know you were just possessed, you'd eventually dismiss it, unless it was so persistent that it became worrisome or disruptive in some other way.
What happens afterwards is anyone's guess. Maybe nothing, maybe something. If it something significant, such as use you as its own body, and won't be conscious of it during

Running style, direction telegraphs demon's intent to possess, transport
I can't really describe the style of the demon run as a professional runner might; I usually only qualify a run as fast or slow, quick- or long-strided, and so on. But, I guess you could say that it's a run of purpose and intent, concentration and single-minded focus; and, like the low-to-the-ground, smooth but forceful strides of a cat running toward a mouse, aiming for the right moment and place to pounce, it says that the demon is not just in a hurry or that its on urgent business; it says clearly to anyone seeing it that the demon is about to do something significant and, by merit of its direction towards you, that this something involves you.

In short, it's a run that makes you feel like a mouse with no future.

The combination of characteristics particular to the demon run are so unique that you probably only need to see two different demons run like this a couple of times each to know that this style of running is ubiquitous among them, like popular dance.

That's beneficial for knowing whether someone else is a victim of possession (if you see a demon or spirit run into someone in this way).

Other demon runs mentioned in this blog
Before it was cut out of Demonic Intruders Attack by the Voices Demons, you could see the needle-clawed demon that grabbed me after I fell backwards, run off with me into a distant, unseen point on horizon (as if the room were a mile long), while carrying me through a hyperdimensional portal. The stretch of video that follows is nothing but blackness, whereas before, it showed a meeting with a red-hued demon that could pronounce English, and who pronounced his intention to use people's fears to cause problems in my life.

The hyperdimensional portal run looks similar to the possession run, but, since the demon isn't running towards you—but, instead, might actually being carrying you—it has a different sensation altogether.
NOTE | The chroma-skinned, nude demon of my childhood did not render me unconscious before transport, probably because I was small—and asleep. I would wake up, though, right at the point of being thrust into the air straight up from my bed (demons always arrive from the floor up; that's why people think Hell is down, so Heaven must be up). There is no gravity during transport, primarily, because there is no gravity in the fourth dimension; so, imagine the sensation of suddenly riding in the Vomit Comet airplane, in the middle of the night, without warning, on any number of occasions from the ages of 5 through 8, and that's what it feels like not to grow up on Leave it to Beaver.
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